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Character Classes
Specializing in unarmed combat, a Brawler hits hard and fast, but lacks the reach and defense of the weapon wielding classes.

A warrior specializing in the use of various types of swords, the Blademaster class covers several different styles of fighting, coming second only to the Magic users in the number of class subtypes.

Swordmaster - Subtype
Wielding a single handed sword, the Swordmaster class is faster than the Heavy Blade, but deals less damage per hit.

Heavy Blade - Subtype
Specializing in the use of a massive two handed sword, the Heavy Blade is one of the most powerful classes in terms of sheer damage dealt and can wear some of the strongest armour, but they are also slow and severely lacking in agility.

Shield Warrior/Shield Maiden - Subtype
These sword and shield wielding warriors sacrifice some speed, agility and attack power, in exchange for the added defense of the shield.

Double Blade:
Wielding two short blades, or long knives, the Double Blade is one of the more balanced classes in the game, to the point of being the proverbial 'jack of all trades, master of none'.

Specializing in the use of bladed staff type weapons, such as spears and glaives, the LongArm class has a high attack and a long reach, but don't do well with close combat and can't wear heavy armor.

Trading low physical attack and the strength to wear anything heavier than light armour for the ability to cast spells, a Mage might be squishy in direct combat, but give a skilled player even a little bit of distance and they are one of the most dangerous classes. Crest choice is particularly important to mages, as it directly effects the power of certain spells.

Light Mage - Subtype
Light Mages specialise in healing and buff spells. What they lack in damage dealing, they more than make up for with their usefulness in a party situation.

Dark Mage - Subtype
Dark Mages are in many ways the opposite of Light Mages. Specialising in debilitating debuffs, the Dark Mage is a terrifying prospect to face on the opposite side of a battlefield.

Elemental Mage - Subtype
Elemental mages specialise in control of the elemental types present in the Digital world. Though their spells are powerful, they are also dangerous, to the Mage's allies as well as their enemies.

Magus - Subtype
The Magus is a generalist Mage. They pick and choose spells from many categories, but as a result rarely get far enough in any particular skill tree to gain access to the high power spells.

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