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The Keeper
Sat 2 Apr 2016
at 20:12
RTJ and Notes
Step 1

A very brief summary of your character's appearance, personality, professional life and private life. Dilettante, drifter, criminal, and soldier occupations are the most likely though any can be made to fit. Heavy intellect concepts will be just as effective as combat focused or charisma focused characters.

Also, what published call of Cthulhu games have you played through, read, or run? I am considering tossing in some published scenarios and even some of the longer campaigns (albeit modified to fit the pre-existing framework).

Once approved move to step 2.

Step 2

Create a character sheet. I would recommend using the byakhee character generator found at     http://jcfiala.net/content/bya...-character-generator   because you may have to generate subsequent characters quickly and byakhee is really fast and easy. If you are new to the system or don't own the book byakhee is also good.

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The Keeper
Tue 5 Apr 2016
at 22:16
Mortality and Sanity

This in mobsters vs. the mythos. Character death will happen. Due to the nature of the organization a new character can be tossed in almost immediately. A plot can even result from character death with mobsters trying to avenge their death or find out who or what killed them.

Insanity is also possible, in which case the PC will either be retired and put off to the side to offer cryptic advice from an asylum ward, dead, or end up a new adversary.

The key is just don't get too attached or take it personally. The fear of character death is a staple in CoC and one of it's main sources of horror and tension and to remove that is to take a lot away from the game.

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