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Character list
Post your character sheets here for everyone to see

here is a blank sheet for everyone to use



Race: Shinigami










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name: Zander Roland

  Code Name: Zero

  Age: Classified

  Race: Shinigami

  Personality: Zero is a quiet person that enjoys sitting in high places, the occasional hollow hunt, Sparing, Reading, and sculpting(wood carving.) He is distant from others do to his squad.

  Squad: 2, Oni mitsu kido Member

  Appearance: Zero wheres a hood and mask to hide his face and hair. though his hood comes down you see short cut silver hair with green/silver eyes(depends on how his temperament is.) He has a black leather vest, with a black sleeveless shirt. Black hakama that run down into black foot wraps and sandals. He has a scar gowing down his right eye from a fight he got in as a child. He is mask covers only his lower face leaving his hair and eyes fully in view.(hence the black hood.)He wears his zanpakuto on his back hip and the chain coiled on his right side.

   Sealed State: He wields a single dagger with a chain on it that is maybe a 2 foot long length. The blade of the dagger is curved up slightly with the blunt side having serrations. the chain itself is black.

   Shikai: Displace them, Juryoku Chen(gravity chain): His Zanpakuto turns into a chain that extends up to 200 yards around him so 400 yards total. Anything that connects with the chains is instantly increased or decreased depending on Zeros decision, the gravity on the object which could cause the person to lose hold or make them even faster. Zero since hes holding the chain is always effected by this and could increase himself or decrease his gravity.

   Ablities: Juryoku Shirudo(Gravity Shield): Zero snaps his chain infront of him making a large chain wall. The wall blocks all physical and energy based attacks. The downside it only works in the direction he makes it so if your attack can alter its trajectory or move around it he can be hit.

   Chain Sphere: This ability is a passive one he uses, he spins his Zanpakuto around himself making a kind of shield zone that is roughly 6foot7inches wide. any attacks that hit it are blocked and if he is rotating it fast enough he can redirect attack kido. (this only works 1 time if he doesn't get some distance he will not beable to reapply this sphere.)

  Tactics: Zero is a melee fighter so he uses his chain for closing gaps in distance or ranged defense. He is very fast without his release active so once his release is activated watch out he can increase it to be as fast as/if not faster then Yoruichi.

  History: Classified.
Reuben P. Lovecraft
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Name: Reuben P. Lovecraft

Age: 79

Race: Shinigami

Personality: Perceptive and empathic, but terribly sulky. Rueben always tries to be helpful when he sees someone suffering, but most of the time when he attempts to console someone he ends up making things worse, as he always talks about the uncomfortable truths rather than reassuring lies. Unless he thinks he can help, he usually suffers in silence, taking notes in a small black notebook.

Squad: Squad 9, Assistant Editor of the Seireitei News Magazine and Author of the Ask a Poet Opinion article.

Appearance: Of an average weight and build, Rueben is not a particularly imposing figure in a crowd. He usually wears the standard uniform for Squad 9, and tries to keep himself as cleanly presented as possible. He has fairly long raven black hair which he keeps in a long pony tail behind him, except when the braid comes undone and it spills down around his face and shoulders. His face rests in a morose, sullen expression, and his smiles are rare and treasured by his close friends. Rueben’s eyes are black as well, though sprinkled with flecks of deep blue. In contrast to the rest of his appearance, his hands are usually stained black from the ink that he uses when writing in his notebook.

Zanpakuto: Kurai Shiko (Dark Thoughts)
Zanpakuto Element: Mind
Zanpakuto Spirit: Reuben’s zanpakuto takes the form of a raven with bottomless onyx eyes, which seem to move and undulate as in something crawls beneath their inky surface. Kurai Shiko has no tolerance for the weak, and wishes more than anything to meet those who have suffered through and survived great trauma. More vocal than most zanpakuto spirits, Kurai Shiko manifests himself through Rueben spirit energy constantly, even without his consent.
Sealed: An abnormally straight zanpakuto, the sealed form of Kurai Shiko more closely resembles a cane sword than a katana, and Rueben uses both the blade and the sheath to fight.

Shikai: “Engorge yourself, Kurai Shiko.” The short cane sword becomes completely black, and the sheath transforms into a black umbrella that seems to be composed of dark feathers around a rod of bone white stone.
Aku no Rengo (Evil Union): If Reuben pierces the heart or head of his opponent with Kurai Shiko’s black blade, then both he and his opponent fall into a catatonic state that lasts for a few seconds. During this time, Rueben is able to sift through all of the memories of his opponent that contain some level of pain or trauma. Kurai Shiko, not Reuben, then selects two of these memories from his opponent. The opponent suffers the injuries or mental trauma from the worse memory as if it had just happened again in real time, appearing to any bystanders as if a phantom force were inflicting damage to the opponent. Then the lesser memories injuries are inflicted on Reuben in the same way. The worse the past experiences of the opponent, the greater the injuries to both parties.
Omoide no ame (Rain of Memories): Reuben releases the umbrella into the air dispersing in a burst black, and the feathers scatter around the battlefield like a floating landfill of dark feathers tipped with white. While the spread is pervasive, it is by no means impenetrable, and can be avoided by anyone moving slow enough. The feathers are insubstantial, unaffected by physical and spiritual contact with anything except for a person or creature possessing memories, and therefore cannot be cleared except by the highest level of kido or by Reuben’s command. Whenever a person besides Reuben touches one of the feathers, a Kurai Shiko appears before them, scratching at their eyes. While this does no physical damage, the zanpakuto steals one of the victims memories at random, causing the opponent to permanently lose that memory, while Reuben lives the memory instantaneously. If a sufficient number of feathers are touched, the opponent will go from confused, to amnesiac, to catatonic, and finally, forgetting how to breath, will die.

Bankai: As yet unknown, though Kurai Shiko insists that Reuben is close to it, he just needs to meet the right person, share the right memory…

Tactics: Reuben is most effectual as a defensive, static fighter, forcing his opponent to attack ineffectually until they provide an opening that Reuben can exploit. He uses his sealed state zanpakuto to constantly parry incoming attacks and dodge away until the perfect moment comes. In Kurai Shiko’s released state, Reuben creates his Omoide no ame to force his foe to be more careful in their movements, and then either lets them defeat themselves through sufficient contact with the feathers, or uses their distraction to land a perfect strike with his Aku no Rengo.
Fighting Stats:
Spiritual Power: 9/10 (Reuben has very little control over his spiritual power, which is often exploited by Kurai Shiko)
Swordsmanship: 4/10 (Weak offensive plows, mostly focused on parrying and evasion)
Hand-to-Hand combat: 2/10 (Refuses to engage in such base violence)
Defense: 8/10 (Excellent defenses, almost unbreakable guard in a normal swordfight, becomes even more slippery when allowed to unleash his Shikai)
Offense 4/10 (His ability to attack physically is a joke, so he must use alternative methods to defeat opponents.)
Kido: 6/10 (Slightly above average kido, leaning towards shields and basic healing spells)

Reuben was found at the front door of the Shinigami Academy as a teenage boy, bloody and on the brink of death. Next to him were two things, a bloody sword and a message written in blood. It read “Take care of this, until I can return for him.” Hisagi came to investigate the scene, but neither he nor any of the other squads could identify any clues at the scene, besides that the blood was not the boy’s. He was brought into the academy, and treated by the medical corps, but the weapon was confiscated.
Reuben slowly recovered, and the first person he saw was squad 9 captain Shuhei Hisagi, who wished to question him further about who he was. The boy could not answer, as he had no memory of his life before waking there. Reuben was treated for memory loss, but it only managed to spark one memory. That of a library of a size that would swallow several buildings. Within that library, were hundreds of ravens and a single silhouette of a woman with an enormous zanpakuto. During the memory the boy saw several covers of books, and though he could not discern anything else from the memory, he chose his name from several of the author’s names he had seen during the vision.
Hoping to spark additional memories, Reuben was guided through several of the barracks in the seireitei, in the hope that he would recognize the woman from his memory. But no one matches the image, and no further memories were sparked. Instead, Reuben made fast friends with several of the Shinigami within a number of the various squads. Reuben seemed naturally drawn to those squad members that were suffering with extreme loss or trauma, and though his interactions with them brought several of them to tears, he always seemed to manage to make them feel better in the long run. Noticing an improvement in morale within several of his own squad, Shuhei Hisagi decided that Reuben could grow into a valuable asset for the Shinigami, and nominated him for entrance into the academy.
During his time at the Academy, Reuben progressed through his studies with middling proficiency, never excelling at violence but growing quite effective at those that he grew close to. He became fast friends with many of his fellow students, particularly those that were undergoing great suffering, and one of his friends admitted that if not for Reuben, he likely would have left the Academy and committed suicide. During this time, Reuben also developed a craving for human literature, and would beg any Shinigami going to the human world to bring him back any books that they could sneak back. And so it went all throughout his education as a Shinigami, as the weapon he had been delivered with lay forgotten in an evidence locker.
On the day of his graduation, when he was to discover the name of the Zanpakuto that he had used throughout his training, the swords shattered into a thousand pieces, and a huge raven landed atop the splinters. It introduced itself to Reuben as Kurai Shiko, and told Reuben that he the young man’s true Zanpakuto. Confused, but not displeased, Reuben accepted Kurai Shiko and began his years as a young Shinigami working to further himself in the 13 Court Guard Squads.
With Kurai Shiko’s unique abilities to steal memories, Squad 2’s Soi Fon attempted to recruit him to the special ops, but Reuben could not stomach the violence and offensive duties of the group, and instead joined the squad of who he perceived was his savior, Squad 9’s Shuhei Hisagi. Within the domain of Squad 9’s membership, he quickly joined the publication team of Seireitei’s News magazine and focused much of the time that he was not working as part of the 13 Court Guard Squad’s Security Force on meeting unique individuals and writing articles for the magazine.
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name: Zanith Sparda

Age: unknown

Race: Shinigami

Personality: Zanith is your typical friendly fun loving kind of guy, always willing to help other people no matter how trivial the task.

Squad: 11 4th seat

Appearance: Zanith has short black spiked hair, dark green eyes, he is nearly 7ft 5inches tall, making him taller than his squad captain Kenpachi Zaraki, he wears the traditional shinigami lower half shihaksho but very similar to Ichigo he wears a long black coat except the coat has no sleeves, on his arms there are matching tribal skull and flame tattoo's, he also wears black armored boots instead of the traditional footwear

Zanpakuto: Tengen a long odachi worn on his back with a chain, after Sajin Komamura was transformed into a wolf, Tenken went in search of a new master and after years of searching he found Zanith
Shikai: Release call "Tengen!" or "Dangai Jou"

when this sword is released,which is not very often since Zanith is still learning how to properly control it, when released a giant armored arm holding an exact copy of the weapon appears, if released as Dangai Jou the armour disappears

Bankai: although he has not yet learned this Zanith's Bankai is called Kokujo Tengen Myo-oh/Dangai Jou

Abilities: Tenken has taught Zanith only one ability so far and that is Flame Strike, the ability allows Zanith to unleash a firey energy wave at his opponents

Tactics: Zanith is an expert in Zanjustsu (swordsmanship) he is well versed in kido aswell but typically dislikes to use it unless its an emergency

History: Once he was accepted into the Academy he quickly moved into the Advanced class, mostly because of how fast he was able to commune with and obtain the true name of his Zanpakuto, along the way he made many friends that ended up in different squads but they all make time in their day to meet up even if its for training purposes, Being so tall Zanith does stand out from most of the other Shinigami, making him a target for those who believe they can push him around

this is the final time i am going to change my character lol im firmly set with these changes now

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Suzume Torako
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Name: Suzume Torako

Age: appears 22

Race: Shinigami

Personality: A newly recognised shinigami, literally about a year ago. He still has to come to terms with the reality of the position. Other than that he is usually well balanced, apart from the small blind spot in thinking Nokako's spirit form is simply a large mouse. He has few friends in 4th division who feel that his shirking off duties occasionally reflects badly on the rest of them.  he does not hate 11th, though he does dislike bullies, and generally he tends to escalate any bullying into an all out scrap.  He relishes the opportunity to train and the scraps are a substitute for the combat training  he doesn't get as part of his division.  Usually on his free time he can be found trying to improve his skill.  He also likes picnics, animals, sake and long walks.

Squad: 4th

Appearance: He has black hair blue eyes and an athletes body.  He is left handed but has trained his right hand so he can still fight with it.  Both hands are scarred on the inside as a result of activating his shikai.

Zanpakuto: Nokako (Small Farmer)
A normal zanpakuto. It gained a branch pattern around the edge of the guard when it chose Suzume. The haft of the zanpakuto is as sharp as the blade, and if Suzume holds the grip a certain way, the haft engages and cuts his fingers. Holding the grip in this manner is a condition of activating Shikai.

Shikai: "Tonyu shimasu nokako" (populate).
A bronze coloured basket hilt rapier, with grains or seeds patterned on the hilt.

Every time Nokako strikes, or is struck, grains scatter randomly. These grains can be used afterwards to grow actual wheat (or pretty much anything Suzume wants to), or be formulated into medicines, or bread, or poison. Offensively, if Suzume is close enough to touch them, the seeds can grow into additional swords while the one he was using shrinks into a grain. At the moment he can only have one active at a time.

Additionally, when Nokako strikes, it decays anything that can. Metal rusts, plant matter rots.  Those items and beings that are infused with reiatsu can last a very long time (for example: shinigami, zanpakuto). Injuries that are dealt by Nokako are no more severe than a zanpakuto of it's type, but they do seem to take a longer time than normal to heal.

Bankai: (Unknown) "kono-ka no sai ni nayama" (plague upon this house)
Nokako becomes a warscythe with a twisted, knotty, mossy haft which weeps sap. Patterns on the wood resemble faces in torment.  The curved blade resembles a rodents incisor, yellowed with age and sticky to the touch.

Miasma: In this form, Nokako's healing abilities are nonexistant, but it's draining and decaying power increase dramatically. As soon as it's released it starts a low level of reiatsu drain and when used to strike, it will drain some reiatsu from the opponent, even if blocked. Plants die simply by being in proximity. The closer you are to Nokako the higher the drain becomes.

Being in normal striking range of Nokako also exposes the opponent to airborne toxins and diseases with all the symptoms that entails.

Injuries from Nokako, even minor ones are painful and are often infected, with long periods of rest and care required to fully heal.

Nokako's striking power is high in this form able to tear through even reinforced defences.

Tactics: Suzume tends to an active hit and run style with lots of motion.  This is to scatter as many seeds as widely as possible.  Sometimes he regrets this attack pattern when he has to sweep up afterwards, but thinks it's how Nokako would like him to fight.

History: He lived in District 40 of South Rukongai and had a relatively happy life.  Until recently, with so much upheaval and destruction in the wake of Aizen, the Arrancar, and the Wandenreich he decided to apply to Shino Academy.  While there, he excelled in Kaido and the preparation of Reiatsu medicines, which was what prompted his selection into 4th squad.

He performs the other menial duties of 4th squad efficiently if with little grace since he chafes at always being protected by someone else, he wanted to do the protecting.
Keiden Dalven
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Name: Keiden Dalven

Age: 17

Race: Shinigami

Personality: Keiden’s personality is that of someone who is quiet, and seems more introverted. Well, perhaps not introverted, but more of a person who prefers to be left to his own devices. When he does speak though, he seems to be very soft-spoken. Unfortunately, as kind as it may sound. For his words, despite being soft-spoken, only strike fear. Why is it fearful? Why it’s more “what” he talks about. The context of his words and how it deals with such disturbing topics, that usually relates to the person he speaks to, and possibly spine shaking facts. Other than that, he seems to have a quite sadistic, psychotic, curious and free personality that may lead to many different prospects…. depending on his mood or situation. All in all…he’s a crazy A$$ Mother Flipper.

Squad: Squad 12, Seat 4

Appearance: Keiden’s appearance is that of a regular Shinigami Uniform, but with the main difference being that he wears a lab coat. No, not the official one given to the researchers within the soul society. He has an “actual” lab coat that he wears. Much to many people’s displeasure, due to how he seems to do what he likes. The lab coat is completely white, except for the cuffs of his coat, which seems to have blood on them. Is it Shinigami blood? Hollow Blood? His own Blood?!! No one knows…and everyone is too afraid to ask. Finally, the last thing about him is that he wears clear framed glasses and he looks like a very young boy with black hair and golden eyes. Don’t forget a “wicked” smile.

Zanpakuto: The Zanpakuto that Keiden has is simple….not. Keiden’s weapon is shorter than most Zanpakuto, not short enough to be called a Naoto, but not long enough to be called a Katana. In fact, it would be proper to call it a Wakizashi. Blade types aside, the blade is more curious since the Zanpakuto is wrapped, from hilt to sheath, with a white bandage tightly. For those who could see the blade itself, they would see that the blade edge of the Zanpakuto is stained with dried blood, though his blade is almost never taken out, making it interesting on who’s blood specifically it is.


- Bukkyou Toorima (Mad Slasher)
Apperance: Bukkyou Toorima is a strange looking blade…because it’s not a blade at all. In fact what it is “IS” a machete. The weapon does truly resemble one that a psycho killer would have. The weapon is a deep black color, with sawing ridges on the back of the machete. The Shikai, also seems to have a cross guard as well. The blade is durable and sharp to the touch, and seems to have a type of “malice” coming from the blade.

Release Chant: Disect…

Abilities: Classified

Bankai: Classified

Abilities: Classified

Tactics: Keiden’s tactics are…chaotic. To others it seems that he has no rhyme or reason to the way he fights or attacks. Though in actuality, Keiden fights with deception and misdirection. Fooling his opponent and scaring the loving poop out of them…mostly by speaking dissection threats. He also seems to be watching and gathering information on such things as well

History: Not much is known at all about Keiden at all. Even the members of Squad 12 (captain and lieutenant aside) have no true knowledge of Keiden or his past. Rumors have spread about Keiden and his origins. Some say that Keiden is a demon taking a human form, others say that he is just like Nemu, and is a created soul, constructed by Mayuri. Some even say that Keiden may be Mayuri’s “actual” child. The “Most” Interesting rumor though, would be that Keiden is secretly a Visored, and is Mayuri’s “personal Visored test subject”. Though no one dares to ask him or Mayuri.
Levi Jakazure
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Fri 20 May 2016
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Name: Levi Jakazure

Age: 14 (Apparent)

Race: Shinigami

Personality: Levi is an easy going, confident young woman, customarily declaring herself as a ninja and displaying her skills. Rarely does Levi become agitated or nervous, typically acting casually in most situations. She is even able to remain calm and function normally even while at a disadvantage. Although, there have been times where she gets uneasy and even embarrassed. She is also quite kind and friendly, usually getting along with almost everybody. Even those who act hostile to her, she will still act cordially regardless of their actions, although she has a habit of giving people nicknames. Additionally, Levi can be quite playful and flirty, sometimes acting perverted to tease or trick her friends which amuses her greatly. Furthermore, she also enjoys observing them and watching them react in different situations. Overall, Levi appreciates her friends and cares deeply for their well being, supporting and watching over them.

Despite her mischievous behaviors, Levi has a serious side, especially when the people she cares about are in danger. During those times, she is very reliable, willing to fight and protect others when they are unable to battle.  However, she does possess a cold-blooded mentality, having no problem with killing enemies or friends if she has to, though she does not like the latter. Levi never becomes jealous of others.

Squad: 2, Assassination

Appearance: Levi has a short and slender build, with long brown hair which she commonly wears in a high pony tail held together with a shuriken-shaped hair ornament. Additionally, her bangs are usually parted to one side, mostly covering her left eye.

Her normal attire consists mainly of a modern school uniform, with some unique differences, and her signature long white scarf with tassels that she always wears. Levi instead wears a vest version over a white long sleeve shirt with a plaid bow tie in a butterfly knot. On her lower half, she wears a plaid mini-skirt, brown loafers, a black sock that covers her right calve, and a black leg warmer that conceals above her left knee. She also has two leg bands, with the right band worn higher than the left, which is put over the leg warmer and around her knee. Occasionally, Levi will carry her katana behind her waist.

Zanpakuto: The sealed state of Levi's zanpakuto is a rather small wakizashi katana due to her size, and left unadorned.

Shikai: "Let's show them how a ninja does things, Hebi Urayamashidesu."
Levi's release state is unusual in that in it, Levi dons a white skirt, a sleeveless shirt under a tail vest wrapped around by a black cloth. She also wears a pair black finger-less arm length gloves covered with white bands, white thigh socks with cuffs, and dark knee high boots. Additionally, Levi now sports a mask that covers the lower half of her face and wields twin machetes.  She also appears to have a new black scarf. Her blade turns into two short knives. While transformed, she is able to travel through and manipulate shadows to an extent, perfect for assassinations. However, she cannot do it in pitch-blackness or if it is too bright, and it drains her immensely and she cannot keep it up that long.

Bankai: Not found yet, I was thinking of something involving a snake demon.

Abilities: Levi has a variety of speed and stealth techniques meant to help with assassination, and is a very skilled trap master, leaving wires, ropes, caltrops, poison, whatever to make the fight easier for her. Levi is a kido user, though requires ninja scrolls to use her wind-based kido spells. In addition, she has a series of ninja inspired abilities. Levi is fast, but her offense and defense are low, and thus she needs to avoid getting hit or into a straight fight.

Tactics: Levi does not attempt to fight fair, leveraging the fight anyway she can with traps, misdirection, sneak attacks. As her physical traits tend to be lower due to her size and age, Levi avoids fighting directly as well, and will do so from a distance, only closing the gap if she is certain she won't be hit.

History: Levi Jakazure was born in Karakura Town fifty years ago, a problem for someone with a high level of spiritual awareness. Her family was very traditional, eschewing many of the modern advances that had come, causing her to be bullied as a child. In order to escape, she started to learn ninja arts as a child. Levi was attacked by a hollow at the age of nine, and managed to fight it valiantly, despite gaining a mortal wound.

Sui-Feng noticed her potential, and had her picked up immediately upon reaching the after-life. She has trained as soul reaper for fifty years, aging only the equivalent to five in that time. Although she  has been stuck on courier duty for most of the time. Levi is a rather decent assassin, and although she doesn't have the highest individual success rate, she has a good one, as her tactics allow her several tries against opponents with minimal harm to herself.
Kouen Kurokami
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 8th Division
Fri 20 May 2016
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Name: Kouen Kurokami

Age: 333 (appears to be late 20s - early 30s)

Race: Shinigami

Kouen is a honest, brave and self confident person, who values his comrades very highly. He is pretty optimistic and usually tries to see the good site in everything; When he has a bad day, he is convinced that the next will be better. When he meets a person after countless hours of training and discovers that they are still stronger than him, he is amazed and motivated to improve himself even further. He is very diligent in that regard and is very rarely seen not training or learning in some way when he has the time to do so.

He is also a sucker for zappy stories and would never ignore someone in need. Kouen doesn't consider himself to be competitive or battle crazy, but does try to constantly improve his abilities in every way possible and wouldn't hesitate to join a fight or use violence when needed. His ultimate goal is to become the strongest shinigami, not only able to protect everyone, but also do those things everyone else deems as impossible, essentially working miracles. This does not mean he strives to become captain commander, as he thinks he is not experienced enough to be a leader, but instead aims to become a hero everyone feels save around and can rely on.

Position: Captain of Squad 8

Squad Eight:

After having taken over the squad, Kouen reformed it to become a training facility for shinigami, who want to further improve their abilities. It was created to help every shinigami prepare themselves against powerful hollow, Ryoka attacks or other powerful individuals like Aizen. The members of this squad regularly change, since some only join to get some extra training while others leave, because it becomes to much for them to handle.

Once a month a internal tournament is being held to see how much everyone has grown and to redistribute the rank of each member. Due to the combat heavy training, Squad Eleven members, including their captain, come over regularly, looking for a good fight. Therefor the two squads are on pretty good terms with each other.

Kouen is a 6'4'' tall, muscular man with gray, unkempt hair and lightly tanned skin. Coupled with his red eyes, these traits give him a rather wild appearance overall. Kouen usually wears a sleeveless shihakusho with a sleeveless captain haori on top of it and carries his long zanpakuto on his waist.

Zanpakuto: Seiryu (lit. Azure Dragon)
Element: Fire
In his sealed form, Seiryu posses the shape of a daito (japanese long sword) with a square shaped cross guard. It's grip is azure colored and the sheath is dark blue. Kouen gets along well with his zanpakuto spirit and usually describes him as a good guy with his heart on the right place. Though, the shinigami also thinks that he can be pretty brash and doesn't know how to hold back, making releasing his true power a “hassle”.

Shikai: Harisakeru (Burst), Seiryu!
Upon release, Kouen's Zanpakuto begins to glow, before the light bursts outward, revealing a big, double-edged sword. It's size rivals the one of it's owner and the sword's blade is at least as wide as it's cross guard. While the center of the blade is pitch black with almost invisible engravings on it, the sword's edges are ice-blue.

Shikai Special Ability:
Seiryu has the ability to instantly freeze anything it touches (beside Kouen, who is not effected), including flames and even reiryoku based techniques like kido. While the ice can be broken or cut into pieces, it is impossible to melt and will never disappear, even if Seiryu is resealed. The only way it can be removed is by the user, who can turn the ice into reiryoku and absorb it. (The ice is not effected by reiryoku absorbing abilities as it is ice until turned to reiryoku)


True Shikai: Moeagaru (Burst into flames), Seiryu!
Upon calling the command engraved on the blade, the words on the sword begin to glow in a blue light, before the edge of the sword turns into a massive amount of blue flames, which completely covers the sword. Not only does activating the true form of his shikai release a extreme amount of flames, it is also accompanied by a equal amount of spiritual pressure as a huge amount of reiryoku from the user is released to be used as fuel for the flames. Beneath the blue flames, the zanpakuto retains the shape and length of a black, double-edged sword, but the blade is much thinner as the ice-blue edge has turned into flames.

True Shikai Ability:
Similiar to the previous form, the blue flames are capable of inflicting ice burns and freezing anything they come in contact with, the difference being that the flames spread and therefor freeze in a much wider range. (In a sense, the flames turn everything to ice instead of ash.) While the flames behave as normal flames would, the extremely cold temperature make the flames immune to water as it is instantly frozen. The blue flames can move or turn to ice and vice versa on command as well, though they have to be connected to the zanpakuto in some way for this ability to function. Also, the blue flames, like the ice, never disappear unless reabsorbed by the blade.


Kyokaen (lit. Flame Mirror):
Kouen uses his blue flames to block a incoming reiryoku based attack. As a result the blocked attack is turned to ice, before being turned to additional flames, which are then used to counter attack.

Hinote Arashi:
Kouen shoots a blue fire tornado at his enemies to freeze and shred them into pieces. If the fire tornado remains in contact with Seiryu, it is capable of turning the shredded enemies into additional flames to grow bigger and stronger.

Bankai: Karyuujin, Seiryu (Azure Fire Dragon God)
By releasing his Bankai, Kouen essentially fuses with his zanpakuto. His hair and eyes become azure blue and he gains azure scale armor around his arms and legs. His shihakusho retains it's appearance, but is coated in blue flames.

Bankai Ability:
In this form Kouen himself gains all the abilities his shikai possessed, which are also enhanced even further. The temperature of himself and his flames drop to absolute zero temperature, making his mere presence enough to start gradually freezing everything in the vicinity. The ice can also be turned to blue flames and vice versa and unlike his shikai form, he has full reign over them, regardless of their location. The scales on his body are extremely hard, allowing him to fight in close combat without the need of a actual weapon. While the highest density of flames can be found on his coated shihakusho, any part of his body can produce them.

However, using his bankai puts a incredible strain on his body on itself, making him unable to activate it, if injured sufficiently prior. Furthermore, the power it grants is just as dangerous as it is difficult to control, since the low temperature it emits on its own could accidentally freeze and destroy what he is trying to protect. According to Kouen he has yet to fully master his still immature bankai and has only revealed it once during the past 300 years.



Zanjutsu Master:
Kouen is a masterful swordsman, having focused on his swordmanship, since his early years as he views it as the most important skill to have as a shinigami. His mastery is evident through his ability to utilize a number of techniques, which require quick and precise slashes and he is overall skilled enough to hold his own against the likes of Zaraki Kenpachi.


Hakuda Master:
Knowing that he can not only rely solely on his zanpakuto, Kouen is aware of the importance of being able to fight with his bare hands and has practiced it accordingly, having mastered the techniques that he was taught and even came up with his own techniques to make the most of his monstrous strength.


Houou Expert:
Kouen is able to use his flash steps quite well, efficiently using it to dodge, travel, reposition himself or in conjunction with other abilities to perform techniques. While he has yet to reach the master level of being able to create clones or travel vast distances with a single step, he makes up for it by using small, instantaneous flash steps with pinpoint timing to outmaneuver his opponents.


Kido Expert:
The fourth principle of shinigami combat being just as important as the others on his path to become the most powerful shinigami, Kouen has trained  his kido skills as well. Though, not as impressive as certain other captain class shinigami, he is still able to skip the incantation of several high level kido ( rank ~60) and unleash them at a power that is worth of a captain.


Immense Spiritual Power:
Kouen posses a massive amount of reiryoku, which's spiritual pressure alone can cause everyone around him to feel cold and make the air feel dry, while weaker opponents are completely paralyzed or even crushed by the mere pressure. The massive amount of spiritual energy he posses is also what allows him to create a considerable amount of flames he is able to produce and control effectively with his shikai.

Immense Strength:
Kouen's most prominent fighting power comes from his pure strength, which he utilizes to make incredibly fast and strong slashes with his zanpakuto or to blow his opponents away with his bare fists.

Enhanced Speed:
Even without the use of flash step, Kouen is very quick on his feet and possess the ability to pass and cut his enemies, before they even realize it.

Enhanced Endurance and Durability:
Thanks to the sheer force of his reiatsu, attacks from weaker opponents are rendered almost completely ineffective while his sheer willpower allows him to keep fighting even after receiving many injuries. After all, there is no such thing like a “hero, who gives up, simply because he reached his limit”.

Instead of coming up with elaborate plans, Kouen relies on his various techniques along with his sharpened combat sense to take out his opponents quickly. When required, his fighting tactics usually unfold as he watches his opponents during battle with the aim of creating a decisive opening for him to finish the fight.


320 years ago, Kouen graduated from the shinigami academy and was taken as a student by Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, his power and morals being formed under the elder's watch. Decades later, his power had reached captain-level, resulting in him being promoted to squad eight's captain and allowing him to reform it to a training facility for other shinigami.

Long Version:

About 330 years prior to the events of this story, two boys were born in a place called Naruki City. Unfortunately for them their mother Shizuka died during their birth and leaving their Shinigami father Kazuma, who had left service several years ago to be able to stay with his beloved, to take care of the two on his own. Even without their mother, the three of them shared a deep family bond and were living happily together. Ten years later, a event caused by no one other than Aizen himself, caused their lives to change forever.

On their way home from school the two boys stumbled upon a murder scene of a hollow-shinigami hybrid named White killing the residential shinigami in charge of the city. Fearing for their lives the two ran away as quick as they could, but were no match for the hollow's speed. Just before they met their end their father clashed with the unknown being. However, having spend the previous years to adjust to the human world and becoming a proper father had made his blade dull and he was unable to defeat the captain-level opponent. With no way to run and one left to protect them one of the boys fell to ground unable to move while the other stood protectively in front of his brother, shaking and with tears running down his face. A single strike, which pierced both their beating chests, ended their lives as humans.

One of them cursed himself for his lack of strength and his inability to protect what was dear to him. The other was overwhelmed by the intense feelings of fear and rage against the creature, whoever created it and the cruelty of the world itself. The name of the boy, whose permanent regret would forge the future ahead of him, was Kouen.

After reaching Rukongai as a soul, Kouen immediately made his way to the Shinigami Academy, having heard of it from his father and hoping that his brother would do the same, considering it was nigh impossible to find each other in the vast area of Runkongai. With his shinigami blood he managed to pass the entrance exam without a problem and spend the next years training there. His regret made him constantly push himself to his limits and beyond while the nightmares of his death kept him going until the latest hours of the night. Since he spend all of his time training and improving himself, he didn't really bond with any other shinigami, but in exchange managed to ace all his classes and graduated in only three years instead of the regular six.

After graduation, Kouen joined the first division, hoping to be able to learn from the best. Seeing the determination and the possible self-destruction, if the boy was left alone, he made him his disciple and adopted him to his family. The wise shinigami not only made him stronger, but also taught him how to cope with death, showing him that it would be better to do his best to improve the future, instead of fearing a repetition of the past. This allowed Kouen to become the man he is today, even after experiencing the loss of his master.

Some time after the war against the quincy, Kouen was promoted to captain of the eighth division for his feats in the battle and since the previous captain had become captain-commander. Upon arrival he reformed the place to a training facility for shinigami, who want to further improve their abilities, and has taken charge of it ever since.

**Techniques are updated during the course of the story

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Gin Kuromizu


87 (Apparent Age 25)




Gin is a bitterly proud person, with a deep seated sense of honor and justice. He isn't one to mix with frivolities, but has been known to lecture and scold those who outrank him. As a member of the Soul Society he does not tolerate any amount of disrespect, or deviance from the laws set forth. He is commonly referred to as a "hard ass", and "no fun". He is a tad too honest, as he will often mention bluntly when members are dishonoring themselves and the 13 Court Guard. It isn't totally out of place for Gin to yell at seated members and lieutenants for not representing the 13 Court Guard well. He sees their action/inaction as a reflection of the 13 Court Guard which reflects on himself.

Gin is polite, as he was raised and trained to be and will not challenge the authority of the Captains, or the Lieutenants he scolds for that matter. That being said, if they were to abuse their authority Gin will not hesitate to bring it to light. He carries himself with a heavy amount of pride, almost as if he were one of the Nobles from the Four Houses.

With his staunchness for the rules, and intolerance for injustice he has found himself with the respect of a few soul reapers. Where Gin does not hesitate to take part of whatever people need from him, or if they want to share a cup of tea off duty. He often finds himself with the check most of the time, but doesn't mind as long as order is maintained and the people are happy.


1st, unseated.

Cadre of the Cadet Corp.


Gin is of Japanese descent, with soft colors in his skin and a face with round homely features. His hair is medium length, and is a raven black color often dangling in front of his eyes from time to time. His eyes are a deep golden color, which reflects his regal demeanor and warm personality. He wears the standard shinigami uniform with no deviation, as it is a dishonor to sully the uniform with petty personal traits. However, he is seen very often smoking his cigarette almost everywhere he goes. It becomes a rarer occurrence to see him without his habit, than it is for him to have it. His Gigai is dressed sharply in a three piece suit, sporting a pin in his purple tie. The three piece is a charcoal grey, with a wingtip set of shoes to go with it. The shirt is white, with amethyst cuff links to hold it together.


Gin's Zanpaktou is a standard Katana, about 2 historical shaku's long (26 inches) in length. One feature of it which makes it regarded as incredibly rare is the fact that it is a black blade. It is unknown how many black Zanpaktou exist, but it is known that they are a mark of unrivaled sharpness and hardness as far as Zanpaktou come. Gin's own sword is a mix of black with orange Damascus streaks running along the edge. The wrapping for the blade is a deep royal purple, wrapped in a standard diamond shape along the hilt. The Tsuba mirrors a tumultous dragon storm, clouds and pieces of a dragon scattered throughout it. The pommel has an imprint of a dragon claw in it, with a silver jewel at the end. The sheath is a standard black, with a purple wrapping to tie it to Gin's uniform.


Immense Spiritual Pressure

Gin's signature mark is his incredibly dense and heavy spiritual pressure. It is suppressive, and to a point gravitational grinding weak hollows to a sparse dust. It is unlike a Captain's heavy spiritual pressure, covering a vast area with their enormous energy. But a very condensed form which sits in a smaller area, giving Gin a sort of "Area of Danger" effect. He normally keeps this in check by creating a bubble around him, and not inadvertently throwing off other Shinigami in combat. Weak and unsuspecting Shinigami can be rendered defenseless in the face of this, as higher level/stronger Shinigami will have their battle flow interrupted without paying attention.

Reiatsu Augmentation

More of a resultant of having such a strong spiritual pressure, his strikes and speed are strengthened by the Reiatsu. It is notches above the standard soul reaper, but as it isn't a trained aspect it isn't of a more refined variety. He often doesn't fully flood his body with this energy, but if he were to do so it would not leave him the reserves to use his specially created fighting styles. So he keeps it to a lower level to make use of this, and use his combat arts.

Reiatsu Kendo (霊圧剣道)

Gin uses his massive spiritual pressure to create an incredibly dense bubble around his body. He then coats the edge and tip of his Zanpaktou with an even more dense Reiatsu, so he can cut through the heavy bubble. When he cuts through the bubble, using the law of pressure equalization , the pressure violently equalizes from that point by releasing the Spiritual Pressure in that direction. [IE: Gin is in the bubble, and he slashes towards his enemy. He cuts a sliver in this dense bubble in the direction of his enemy, the difference in pressure creates a violent equalization bursting the Spiritual Pressure in that direction.] What seems to be a clean slice is in fact spiritual pressure lurching forward.

- Spiritual Pressure Slash (霊圧)

A slash of the bubble to create a pressure difference, which slices forward.

- Spiritual Pressure Stab (霊圧)

A stab of the bubble to create a pressure different, which pierces forward.

- Spiritual Pressure Whirl (霊圧)

A complete slash around the bubble, meant to work as a crowd control technique. It makes a full diameter slash around to cleanly slice everything around Gin.

- Finishing Technique: Divine Wind (扇:神風)

If all else fails, Gin's final technique is using all of his spiritual pressure and stores it all in a small bubble at the tip of his sword. He holds the sword up, and parallel to his shoulders and creates another bubble at the pommel of the katana. He bursts the pommel bubble and bursts forward, and when the tip bubble comes in to contact with the enemy it explodes with a stream of spiritual pressure going along either sides of the blade. But because of Gin's hilt it diverts the deadly pressure from exploding him as well. After this attack, Gin is only left with a tiny reserve to move his body. Unable to use his Spiritual Pressure Bubble or any types of Kido.

Reiatsu Hakuda (霊圧)

Gin's reiatsu bubble is not at all limited to using kendo or his Zanpaktou to achieve similar results. In fact, he incorporates it in to his Hakuda making it deadly at close range, and an effective medium range weapon. Much like the kendo he covers his arms and legs with the dense reiatsu to pierce through the bubble to send projectiles out in order to attack his enemies. He mentioned once that he wanted to learn the legendary Hakuda style of Genryuusai Yamamoto who could disintegrate powerful enemies with his skill. Needless to say it isn't nearly as refined as his kendo. It is used more so as a stalling tactic until he retrieves his sword, rather than it being a fully developed style. As such he doesn't have techniques for this style, outside of; jabs, kicks, and palm attacks.

Reiatsu Step (霊圧)

Not being an expert in Shunpo, he uses his raw strength to increase his own Hoho abilities to pace many of his peers with ease. This form of Flash Step requires more energy, as it is a forced technique instead of an incorporated part of his form. In a foot race he can pace a practitioner of Shunpo with relative ease, while being out-sped with less effort by an expert of the craft.

Kidō (鬼道)

- Bakudō (縛道)

When Gin was still in the Academy he excelled in Bakudo as it complimented his original fighting style best. When doing Reiatsu Hakuda his Kido abilities shine forth, as he can gather reishi for his attacks without worrying about inadvertently bursting the Reiatsu Bubble. Gin is an expert in the uses of Bakudo, and can perform Eishohaki up to Bakudo 61: Rikujokoro. Rumor has it he is attempting to perfect Bakudo 81: Danku.

- Hadō (破道)

As a result of studying Bakudo to such a degree, Hado comes as the natural counterpart to this form of practice. Again the use of Kido is generally better when Gin is using Reiatsu Hakuda. His practice of Hado isn't nearly as expert as his practice in Bakudo, but he can perform effective Eishohaki up to Hado 54: Haien, with his highest usage being Hado 63: Raikoho. Like most Hado practitioners he is working towards Hado 90: Kurohitsugi.

- Kaidō (回道)

As a requirement of graduation all Shinigami must have a basic knowledge of the healing arts. Gin does not excel, but his large reserves of spiritual energy more than makes up for that lack in skill. As he directly converts Spiritual Energy to Healing.

His General Battle Stats:

Offense - 70

Defense - 60

Kido/Reiatsu - 100

Mobility - 70

Intelligence - 80

Physical Strength - 60


Gin's a heavy tactician, leveraging any advantage possible in whatever window he is afforded. He does as much as possible in order to exploit his opponents weaknesses during a battle in order to level their strength. Once he properly figures out the strength of his opponents he does one of two things.

If he comes to the conclusion he is dealing with an opponent that does not reach half of his currently accessible power; he uses his spiritual pressure to end the fight. For Hollows he purifies them, if he does not crush them in to dust. For Rogue Spirits he uses Kido or Spirit Cuffs to apprehend them.

If he comes to the conclusion his opponents exceed half of his strength, he uses his arsenal of fighting techniques to attack his opponent. Creating his Reiatsu Bubble, as well as preparing whatever Kido he can use at first glance.


Abstract: Gin begun his journey as a young man who was killed in a plane crash, and wandered until he came in to contact with a Hollow of which he was defended by a Shinigami. After Konso was performed he was sent to the Soul Society and made it his mission to be such a defender. Entering the Academy he spent about a decade, with his consistent failure being his conversation with his Asauchi. As such he spent much more time refining then other Shinigami who quickly entered and graduated. He was forced to graduate, but was deemed much to powerful to not be a seated member but too junior to be one. As such he was put as an unseated member of the revered First Division. He has generally given up on communicating with his Zanpaktou, and plans to become the first Captain in over 300 years to be promoted through Trial by Combat.

Updates will be made as necessary, and will be marked both here and in the character description.