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Thu 5 Jan 2017
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The Alliance
After the end of the Twelfth Cycle, a dark age held for nearly a millenium across the Cluster.
Finally barbarism began to recede across a few worlds, star travel was rediscovered, and a tenuous Alliance was declared.

The only promise of light in endless darkness, the Alliance struggles against enemies within and without to rebuild civilization. Its agents are many and its needs various - they work surreptitiously on barbarian worlds to steer them toward membership, seek out treachery within, recruit fresh new talent, or hold the borders against military threats from beyond.

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The Alliance
Depending on character we can use a different system - since there's only one PC!

So you could be, as some ideas:
*a postapocalyptic character from a heavily-nuked world (Gamma World)
*from a planet where vampirism has appeared (Vampire)
*a cyborg of some kind (maybe from a Cyberpunk "syndicate" world)
* a religious nutjob from a desert planet (Dogs in the Vineyard)
* a space pilot using say Savage Worlds rules
*some sort of GURPS character
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Fri 6 Jan 2017
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The Alliance
Race Human
Name- Johnah Feddrix.
Age 28

Smarts d6
Agility d10
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

pace 6
parry 5
Toughness 5

Skills ( 12 points)
Fighting d6
streetwise d6
Knowledge (space lore- general space stuff maybe like big planets, big races etc??) d6
Notice d6
Shooting d8
Piloting d8
Repairs d6

Hinderances- Heroic! (Major)
Vow- Military Oath (Minor) ie must follow protocol must not disobey officer etc etc...
Loyalty (minor) to his friends and his organisation.

Ace +2 piloting skills and also can use beanies to soak ship damage
Connection Current organisation- Johnahs pa is in the organisation too and somewhere higher up, maybe not too much higher up but still....

laser pistol, 2 shoulder holsters
2 small flash bangs belt
Ship- something smallish and fastish maybe? backpocket
2000 credits in bank/chip whatever
drinking flask-filled with whiskey belt
bowie knife belt.
bubble gum back pocket
small comb and mirror back pocket
light combat armor

On ship
Enough food and drink for a long trip
basic medical bay (maybe?)
small cargo hold and room for a few passengers if needed.
small bar with collection from across the nearby plantery systems.
Whole bunch of extra uniforms.

Lean, not overly attractive but stylish hair and beard/goatee, dressed in crisp uniform and clean when possible.
Jonah has black hair, brown eyes and a bit of a tan, he often has a bit of a friendly smirk on his face.

always wanting to take after his pa, Jonah joined up as soon as he could and got trained for piloting. He was a loyal and hardworking rookie with some talent that was molded into skill. His father's subtle influence in the background probably helped a little too. So his son is now no longer a rank and file grunt, but more of a free agent working for the organisation where and how the organisation finds best.
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The Alliance
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The Alliance
and likewise!
Character looks good.

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