Rules.   Posted by Promethian.Group: 0
 GM, 7 posts
Fri 27 May 2016
at 20:50
1.) Standard Eclipse Phase rules apply to game mechanics, except where they interfere with Rule Zero.

2) If you're going to be performing maneuvers that adjust your target number, you must post these first or within the description in the Dice Roller prior to rolling.

3) Please differentiate speaking voice from mesh comms from any other types of comms. We can discuss exactly how and reach an agreement. My preference is "colored" text for speaking and "Italic" text in a different color for mesh comms.

4) OOC is in Orange, and is placed at the bottom of a post. No other communications in in-game threads may be Orange.

5) Please avoid posting OOC messages in in-game threads where they aren't needed for that particular post. That is what the OOC thread is for.
 GM, 34 posts
Thu 2 Jun 2016
at 21:07
New Rule. Don't argue with the Game Master. Discussion and disagreement are fine, but defiance is unacceptable. Obviously.