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The Dojo: Combat Rules
Sometimes in the corpse of mutant events you have to kill some fool. Here is a quick primer on combat.

Intative: Supposing you DON'T get the drop on your foe you'll need to determine initative. Roll a D20 and add any initative modifiers, if you don't take your turn
 Within a couple of days then we will move to the next in the order to keep combat flowing.

Attack: Next, roll a D20 to attack, adding any strike bonuses. If you roll over a 5 you do damage. It your enemy has armor you must roll over his armor rating first. If you roll a natural 20 your attack automatically does double the max damage

Damage: Roll the damage on your weapon. First you destroy the enemie's SDC and then his hit points. When hit points are damaged there is a chance for serious injury. When the Hit Points are depleted the enemy dies (unless you declare the attack non-lethal before you attack)

Defence: The best defence is a good Defence. Roll a D20 to defend against a strike you must roll higher than your attackers strike roll or you are damaged. Defending also takes an action. Unarmed defenders cannot use bonuses to parry. If you cannot parry then you can attempt to dodge, however, this costs an action.

          Advanced Combat:
Death Blow: This move takes 2 actions but a roll of 18 or higher does double damage to the enemy hit points bypassing SDC killing them in 1-2 hits. Must be done unarmed

Stealth Attack: a successful stealth attack cannot be defended against and does double damage.

Leap Attack: You awesomely leap in the air and attack two fools at once using a single attack roll for both targets. This can only be used once per battle as the enemy will not fall for it again. A successful strike is an automatic critical hit. Uses all of your actions and therefore must be done at the beginning of your turn.

Disarm: you can use a succsessful attack action to disarm you opponent. It takes an action to retrieve the weapon.

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