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Thu 23 Jun 2016
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Aboard the Verdant
You are all gathered in an amphitheater aboard the Republic frigate Verdant, A Nebulon-B Frigate that has served the Republic Fleet since the earliest days of the Rebellion, and in recent years has garnered prestige for its involvement in the Bakura campaign, where it garnered many kills against a variety of Ssi-ruuvi vessels.

There are many seats, all in a multi-rowed ring around a vast holoprojector. You have each been told, individually, that you would receive your briefing for a new mission here. There are a few technicians and security personnel around, but otherwise nobody of real note.

What Do You Do?

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Thu 23 Jun 2016
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Aboard the Verdant
Lynni sat and waited patiently. Well, half-patiently. Between looking back and forth between the rest of the group present, she sucked lazily on what remained of a deathstick, which had almost fully burned out. She reminded herself to pick up a new pack later, but for now she had to make do.

She checked the jacket she had beside her in the other seat, going through the pockets just to make sure. Sadly, no treasures were found, and she puts the jacket back on in defeat.
Avax Zzikq
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Thu 23 Jun 2016
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Aboard the Verdant
Avax walked around to the left hand side of the amphitheatre when he arrived, he found a seat but never really looked comfortable. A few minutes later the Verpine got up and moved to the right side of the briefing room and found a seat there. Arranging his heavy grey coat around him, he appeared to be staring into space. To anyone paying to closer attention, it was soon apparent Avax was counting the chairs.
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Thu 23 Jun 2016
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Aboard the Verdant
As was the common sentiment around the galaxy: put two beings and a Droid in the same room, and they'd both swear there were only two people present.  Droids were invaluable assets in keeping some thing like the frigate running smoothly but they went almost entirely ignored by everyone - shuffling and wheeling astromechs were as good as invisible on any busy deck.  Certainly nobody gave even a second glance to the BB-unit as it idled beside the holoprojector, sat quietly in place without instruction or care.  Likely just one of the technician drones waiting to assist with the debriefing.  Must have been an older model though as it looked a bit heftier and battered than the standard BB, easily standing half again as tall as the more commonly found model on the market.

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Pypha Nugb
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Fri 24 Jun 2016
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Aboard the Verdant
In the middle of a grouping of empty seats sits a lone sullustan with his feet resting on the back of the chair in front of him.  His boots were probably fashionable a few decades ago, but the clamorous colors of his floral print shirt definitely never were.  Giggling to himself selfishly at a holo-vid on his datapad, he lends his voice to the ambient bustle of the amphitheatre.


"Vapin' womp rats!"

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