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House Rules
Athletics Skill

The Climb, Jump, and Swim Skills will all be covered under one skill: Athletics.

Bonuses or re-rolls for Climb, Jump, and Swim still only apply to those particular uses of the Athletics Skill.  Athletics is a Class Skill for Jedi, Scoundrels, Scouts, and Soldiers.

Background Destiny

Choosing a Background instead of a Destiny grants you one additional Trained Skill from the list of Relevant Skills.  This is in addition to the one or two skills from the list of Relevant Skills that is added to your Class Skill List that is normally the benefit.

Occupation Backgrounds give you a +2 Competence Bonus for the three skills in their Relevant Skill List regardless of being trained or untrained in those skills.

Characters who choose a Background instead of a Destiny can still earn Destiny Points.  Helping another Player Character to achieve one of their Destiny Goals will grant a Player Character with a Background one

Critical Hits

When you roll a Natural 20, you score a Critical Hit.  By spending a Destiny Point, a Critical Hit made against a player can be turned into a normal hit.  By spending a second Destiny Point, that normal hit can then be turned into a miss.

A Critical Hit does double the normal damage.  This means that you roll double the normal number of dice, and double the damage bonuses.  So for example, you score a Critical Hit using a modified Heavy Blaster Pistol.  Normally you would do 3d8 damage, +1 for the modification, +1 for Point-Blank Shot Feat, and +2 for being 4th level Heroic character.  With the Critical Hit doubling your damage, you would thus end up doing 6d8+8 damage.

Critical Hits using ship's weapons do their normal damage multiplier on top of everything else.  So the same character dealing a critical hit with a Y-Wing's laser cannons at medium range would deal (8d10+4)x2 damage.

Stun Attacks

Due to advancements in weapons through the Clone Wars, weapons have gained more powerful stun settings.  In the Old Republic when you wanted to shoot someone into unconsciousness without risking killing them, you needed to use a sonic weapon.  The stun setting on Blasters back then was either not there or less effective than just plain shooting to kill.  Ion weapons have stun settings however that stun is only effective on Droids.

Weapons Set to Stun
- Blaster weapons set for stun have a maximum range of 6 squares.  All other types of weapons do
  not have their maximum range effected.

- Roll the same Damage Dice for Stun Damage as their regular Damage Dice.  Exceptions being when
  the printed Stun Damage is higher or lower than regular damage.  Core Rulebook Blasters are
  all considered Old Republic Era.  Modern versions of the same weapons do the same Stun Damage
  as Regular Damage.

- For every 5 points above the target's Fortitude Defense the attack roll hits by, roll one
  additional die of Stun Damage.

- If the Damage dealt exceeds the target's Damage Threshold then the target moves -2 steps on
  the Condition Track for each multiple of the Damage Threshold.

- Half the Damage dealt is subtracted from the target's Hit Points.  If this reduces the
  target's current Hit Points to 0 or less, the target moves -5 steps on the Condition Track
  and is knocked unconscious.  Damage from a Stun Attack is considered Subdual Damage.  Subdual
  Damage does not count toward killing a target even when a Coup-de-Grace is performed on the
  unconscious target.  Subdual Damage only counts toward knocking a character unconscious.  Use
  of the Treat Injury (First Aid) skill will heal all Subdual Damage if successful, and will
  bring that person back up by +2 steps.

- A Critical Hit automatically knocks the target down by -2 steps on the Condition Track.  This
  is in addition to what is done by the damage, with the additional damage dice for overcoming
  their Fortitude Defense with the high attack roll.

Proficiency with Heavy Weapons

There are Feats and Talents that grant proficiency in Heavy Weapons other than the Weapon Proficiency Feat.  However, these proficiencies are conditional.

Vehicular Combat only grants proficiency in weapons that are "pilot-operated".  Thus these are weapons that are mounted facing forward, which must be aimed by pointing the ship in the right direction.

Gunnery Specialist and Spacehound grant proficiency in weapons that are "vehicle mounted".  Thus you are proficient in weapons that are pilot-operated as well as mounted in a turret, copula, or pintle on a vehicle.

Weapon Focus Feat requires that you be "proficient".  Mind you, when your proficiency doesn't come from the Weapon Proficiency Feat, then your proficiency is conditional.  Thus the Weapon Focus Feat only applies under the right condition.  If you try to use an E-Web, a man-portable missile launcher, or a tower-mounted cannon when all you have is the Vehicular Combat Feat, for example, then your Weapon Focus doesn't count.  The only way to be proficient in all Heavy Weapons in all circumstances is to take the Heavy Weapon Proficiency.

Lightsaber Deflection

I don't like how a Jedi/Sith has to use a Talent to be able to deflect Blaster shots.  That's something all Jedi/Sith are supposed to be able to do.  Granted, some are better than others, and some Jedi learn Techniques that make them really good at deflecting Blasters.  But all are supposed to be able to basically do it.

Hence, all Jedi can use Deflect without the Talent for it.  If you don't have the Talent though then you're doing it untrained so you have a -5 penalty to your Use The Force check.

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Bonus Talent Table
In order to make the Saga Edition classes feel more like the old Revised D20 Core Rules classes, the classes are being modified so that they gain extra, predetermined Talents by levels.  This is also to encourage players to remain a single class rather than multi-classing or taking a prestige class.  You just choose which subclass of your class you are when you create the character to determine which special Talents your character earns as it gains levels.  These Talents come in addition to the Talents and Feats your character would normally earn under the Core Rules.  Those Talents and Feats can be chosen from any book, while the Bonus Talents remain as listed.  The Talents listed here can be taken sooner using your odd-level Talents, however (unless that Talent can be taken multiple times) it is forfeited when you reach the even-level to gain it.  Notice that these bonus Talents only go up to level 10.  That's because certainly by 11th level you would have chosen a Prestige Class.  Prestige Classes do not get bonus Talents.

Jedi(Swashbuckler)       - or - (Telekineticist)          - or - (Seer)
2nd - Lightsaber Defense         2nd - Telekinetic Savant         2nd - Force Perception
4th - Deflect                    4th - Telekinetic Power          4th - Foresight
6th - Redirect Shot              6th - Disciplined Strike         6th - Lightsaber Defense
8th - Precise Redirect           8th - Throw Lightsaber           8th - Deflect
9th - Block                      9th - Kinetic Combat             9th - Gauge Force Potential
10th - Lightsaber Defense        10th - Lightsaber Defense        10th - Visions

Noble(Leader)            - or - (Dillitante)              - or- (Diplomat)
2nd - Inspire Confidence         2nd - Connections               2nd - Presence
4th - Coordinate                 4th - Influential Friends       4th - Weaken Resolve
6th - Connections                6th - Inspire Confidence        6th - Demand Surrender
8th - Born Leader                8th - Coordinate                8th - Coordinate
9th - Coordinate                 9th - Powerful Friends          9th - Improved Weaken Resolve
10th - Fearless Leader           10th - Coordinate               10th - Intimidating Defense

Scoundrel(Rogue)         - or - (Tech Specialist)         - or - (Revolutionary)
2nd - Illicit Dealings           2nd - Trace                      2nd - Revolutionary Rhetoric
4th - Fool's Luck                4th - Personalized Mods          4th - Bomb Thrower
6th - Knack                      6th - Illicit Dealings           6th - Make an Example
8th - Lucky Shot                 8th - Quick Fix                  8th - For the Cause
9th - Uncanny Luck               9th - Fast Repairs               9th - Retribution
10th - Unlikely Shot             10th - Gimmick                   10th - Vindication

Scout(Survivalist)       - or - (Fringer)                 - or - (Hunter)
2nd - Surefooted                 2nd - Barter                     2nd - Acute Senses
4th - Evasion                    4th - Jury-Rigger                4th - Expert Tracker
6th - Extreme Effort             6th - Acute Senses               6th - Improved Initiative
8th - Acute Senses               8th - Fringe Savant              8th - Uncanny Dodge I
9th - Improved Initiative        9th - Improved Initiative        9th - Uncanny Dodge II
10th - Uncanny Dodge I           10th - Uncanny Dodge I           10th - Keen Shot

Soldier(Armored Trooper) - or - (Martial Artist)          - or - (Weaponmaster)
2nd - Armored Defense            2nd - Expert Grappler            2nd - Melee Smash
4th - Imp. Armored Defense       4th - Melee Smash                4th - Gun Club
6th - Juggernaut                 6th - Unbalance Opponent         6th - Penetrating Attack
8th - Second Skin                8th - Stunning Strike            8th - Devastating Attack
9th - Armor Mastery              9th - Cantina Brawler            9th - Unrelenting Assault
10th - Shield Expert             10th - Counterpunch              10th - Weapon Specialization

Special Note on Soldiers: A Soldier can trade any Talent for a Feat.

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