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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 01:37
Please use decent grammar, spelling, and write in third person.

Please fill out a bio form for each character (here: link to a message in this game ) New players may have up to three characters. After they have become established in the game they may create more characters. There is no limit to how many characters an active player may have, but please do not take on more characters than you can handle.

No controlling other players' characters without permission. This not only includes maiming, killing or making the character 'move', but also assuming that the other players' characters will speak or react a certain way (example: assuming another player's character went to bed with yours the night before when starting a new day- the other player might not be okay with this).

Please try to post at least a couple times a week.
If you know you aren't going to be able to play please let us know ahead of time so we can either have your character(s) get out of the way or temporarily have a GM (Or other player your trust) take over your character(s) so we do not get held up.
If a player vanishes without warning and their character(s) are holding up a storyline, after a week or so (and if the player can't be reached by PMs, rMail or other contact info provided) a GM will take over until the player returns. If the player does not return, depending on how essential the character is to the plot, the character may be written out, killed off, or reassigned.

This game is rated mature but it is not an adult game.
While things can get serious please do not get overly graphic- fade to black. Do not resume scenes in private messages. GMs get alerts for every PM- even if it's between players- and it gets rather annoying. If you want to play these scenes out please exchange email/messenger info and take it there.

No excessive foul language.

If you have any issues please contact the GM (GM LW) via PM. I want everyone to have fun here and don't want anyone being unhappy or uncomfortable.

More rules may be added in the future. When they are the players will be notified of the changes. I don't want anyone getting in trouble for not wearing pink on Wednesday just because they did not know about the new rule.

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