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Game Intro & RTJ Guidelines

You're a member of a not-so illustrious company of mercenaries called The Grim Work Society. Founded in the Ordic city of Five Fingers, the company began as a gang of thugs, murderers and thieves. In an effort to clean up the company's reputation, Feng Herde, the company's late leader, relocated the group to Tarna within the Wythmoor grav. After more than a decade, the Society has earned itself a bit of renown within the city and indeed, the whole of the grav.

In recent years, Herde's decision has proven to be fortuitous - war has come to the Thornwood. Cygnar and Khador battle within the impenetrable forest, all the while being harried and harassed by the Thornwood's more "savage" residents.

Now, the Grimworkers (as members of the company are known), have been contracted to serve as armed peacekeepers and watchmen in Drochmor, a small town situated on the western border of the mighty Thornwood and the nation of Ord. The annual Festival of Fires has drawn two members of Ordic high society, leaving the grav and city leadership short on watchmen to keep the peace.

Whatever your reasons, and whatever your background, you're in Drochmor now - a Grimworker with a reputation for taking on the worst jobs. This should't be one of 'em...


This game will use the Iron Kingdoms core rules and all expansion books (the most recent edition, not the d20 edition) published by Privateer Press. I would prefer not to allow Unleashed characters into this game (for now - this may change), as the bulk of this first adventure will take place in and around the Ordic town of Drochmor. Although familiarity with the Iron Kingdoms is not necessary, it is preferred.

Please submit characters with the following information within your request-to-join:

  1. Character race and gender
  2. Character archetype
  3. Character's starting two careers
  4. Brief description of character's personality, history, mannerisms and/or quirks - make sure to include a small bit about how the character came to work with the Grim Work Society

Upon acceptance, characters' should be completed (stats, gear, etc.) and available for my review within the game.

It is mandatory that characters know the "Ordic" language at the start and the language is available to all races, regardless of what is printed in the core rules.

All characters will begin this game with 4 XP and the starting currency of their two careers plus another 100 gc.

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