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Setting Info and NPC Guide
Setting Information:

Ord - Ord is a nation of merchants and mercenaries. Quite literally surrounded by larger and more hostile nations, Ord has remained free during the wars of recent years. Indeed, some may say that Ord has prospered amidst the conflicts, thanks in no small part to the cunning leadership of its king, Baird II. Ord is not without its problems, however.

The nation is culturally divided, with the dominant Tordorans and minority Thurians battling for control of the kingdom. There are very few open conflicts relating to the long feuding, but politics and trade are most certainly weapons employed by both sides against one another.

Despite the wealth generated by the war between Khador and Cygnar, Ord's citizens are generally very poor. Merchant houses, particularly House Mateu, control most of the nation's wealth. This prolonged poverty has lead to a great number of mercenary companies having been founded in Ord.

Wythmoor Grav - The Wythmoor grav has garnered a great deal of attention in recent months. The grav's proximity to the embattled Thornwood and Cygnar's northern border make it a juicy target for both Khador and the "wild races" fleeing the forest. Recognizing the threat to its citizens, Ord's military has only just finished construction on a state-of-the-art fortress within the grav, Torre Wythmoor.

The city of Tarna is the grav's largest population center. A river port situated along a main tributary feeding the Dragon's Tongue river, Tarna has traditionally subsisted on the trade flowing in and out of its docks. With the fighting in the Thornwood, Tarna has seen a significant dip in both business and profits. The hooaga trade, however, has begun to pick up the river merchants' slack. Fields of hooaga now surround the city, with many of them being managed by gobbers lured out of the swamps decades ago by the textile mills that still dot Tarna's river banks.

The grav is lead by Moorgrave Caitlin Turlough, a young Thurian that has quickly gained a reputation for challenging the Tordoran majority. Turlough's seat of power is an old fortress known as Riverlord's Keep, which rests northeast of Tarna.

Drochmor - Drochmor is a tiny, uninteresting village situated along the Thornwood's western border with Ord. Made up mostly of peat farmers and loggers, Drochmor's population largely keeps to itself. The town subsists on fresh water fishing and trapping in the swamps that surround it. Where those efforts fail, citizens will make day- or even week-long expeditions to the mighty Dragon's Tongue river to the south.

Every year on the 20th of Rowen, Drochmor celebrates the Festival of Fires. For reasons unexplained, swamp gases light up the evening sky. Whether as a reaction to the gases or some instinct, fireflies in the area converge on the town in overwhelming numbers. Residents of Drochmor claim that during the festival, it's so light outside that Caen's three moon's hide in shame.

The Grim Work Society - Though this mercenary company has gained some respect and notoriety among the soggy citizens of Tarna, there was a time when it was a far more infamous gang of thieves and murderers. After years of serving the High Captains' enforcers on the streets of Five Fingers, the company's first captain, Feng Herde, decided he desired the freedom (and coin) of mercenary life. Herde relocated the more honest and trustworthy members of his gang to the city of Tarna where he opened up a humble office close to the sluggish waterways of the Molhado River. There, Herde sold his and his mates' skills as bodyguards, soldiers, and bounty hunters to those that could afford their services.

Still a relatively young man, it was a mystery to many when Herde was found dead for no apparent reason after a quiet and unassuming night. The more veteran members of the Society whispered of past debts and sore egos left behind by Herde in Five Fingers. Though far from the shady city's islands, one can never be far enough from its High Captains' memories, reaches and influence.

Herde was seceded by his first lieutenant, Stefano "The Stiletto" Mancini, whom leads the company to this day. Captain Mancini is an odd man, often appearing dour and eerily quiet, he can seemingly discard the mood like a mask when negotiating a contract or selling the Society's services to potential clients.

The Society typically hires on through the Four Star Syndicate, for they have open contracts throughout Ord and indeed, the whole of the Iron Kingdoms. Numbering no more than 200 strong, it's rare for the Society to enter into larger contracts without the backing of the bigger companies and charters. That being said, the Society is known for a willingness to take on almost any job, no matter how small, and sometimes, how sordid it may be.

Most recently, the Society's Grimworkers have participated in border skirmishes between Khador and Cygnar (fighting for both sides within the Thornwood), defended riverboats on the Dragon's Tongue, and entered into an agreement with the Moorgrave herself to assist the town of Drochmor as watchmen.

This last job is being overseen by Sergeant Bibiana Donati (see NPC entry below).

NPC Guide

Sergeant Bibiana Donati - It's rumored, though never in earshot of the Sergeant, that she was once Herde's lover, and before that, a prostitute on the streets of Five Fingers. Though it's true that Bibiana's best days are behind her, she is still a beautiful and powerful woman.

Donati is known for her long and elaborately braided hair. Though once infinitely black and lustrous, more and more of the woman's braids are riddled with fine white strands. Subtle crow's feet at the edges of her green eyes further betray her age.

Bibiana is an expert with pistols, her favorite among her collection (all cleverly hidden about her body) is a small holdout version she lovingly calls "Castrator." When commanding, the Sergeant is fair and thorough. She is a shrewd negotiator and has an amazing talent for perceiving problems before they become disasters.

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