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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
Moon: The Jade Serpent Moon
This Moon Orbits Vlivlyn

A combination of crystal seas, clouds, and jungle islands make this moon appear the color of Jade, and the spiraling of the atmosphere give it the wriggling mass appearance of the serpent. Here is the seed that will destroy the universe, and see it that it is beautiful. The Moon itself is made up of Island chains and in a salted Sea. Patches of heavy dense clouds cause rain to fall nearly every day at some point somewhere, but many tropical micro-climates appear due to the sharp peaks of volcanic mountains.

Under the waters is teeming with life, and land. Small creatures feed on the abundance of growth, larger life consumes them, and still monstrous life feeds upon all. Ancient ruins of past civilizations are under there. Aeons of Wardens before Ubtao's last failing. Deeper still in the deepest depths a portal to the far out. The distant space where no Star exists. Where the Jade Pillar stands... and Decthu Yogden is chained to it.

People: The Kiakanaka (The Sea People).
While these people were once human, their interbreeding with the Monsters of the Island and Sea have turned them into a fractured people, many small tribes who are all clearly Cannibals. All Kiakanaka are born looking almost entirely human, and until their early 30's this remains the case. That being said, all Kiakanaka are immortal to time instead of aging simple becoming more bestial as they age, though they still require sustenance and are not immune to the rare diseases. Often families will carry totems of their ancestor (often bones/teeth after eaten). They also often get tattoos of their "spiritual animals" which they will begin to develop features of after their prime years. Sharpening their teeth is sometimes done artificially, but often it's natural.

They deeply believe in freedom and anarchy reigns, any attempts to dominate another by force is considered personal blasphemy often leads to very swift murder and a good meal. It is at this point, that once can note that all these people would be considered quite mad in any normally organized society. Life is cheap since it is pointless after all, and thus a fear of death is often non extent, leading to both many heroic acts and many casual deaths. Their hedonistic life style also leads to an abundance of children to be born each year, which they jealously protect (and the taboo of killing of a child or pregnant mother is perhaps the only custom that might be considered a hard law).

They rejoice in their madness and this gives them all a very powerful reserve of magic. This magic manifests itself by their totems abilities (breath under water, poisonous skin, small bouts of flight, extreme stealth and dexterity, powerful strength in their bodies). They have mastered nature no in the civilization but as individually becoming strong as they are insane. Their honest shamen and priests of Dacthu often lead the villages in entire rituals of willing sacrifice and given them powers to tap into the voids of madness.
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon

As a nod to Rebirth tradition as I remember it, you may write your own introductory post, and we'll roll on from there :)

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Dacthu Yogden Kiakanaka
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Fri 21 Dec 2018
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
Why not begin at the end? After all every good story has one hell of an ending. This one is nothingness, the Void. Funny... that is also where it begins. Creation was an odd thing. As odd as the little bug which crawled up Dacthu's arm. He was a child alone, playing with the world. Death was a child once too. (And she had been a very pretty girl). Now she was a lovely woman. Dacthu wondered how Death had been, so he decided to check up, it was the sociable thing to do.

He lay down on the dirt... and died, accepting death over for a quick visit.
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Fri 21 Dec 2018
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
It was not death that answered your call, but the Void.

You felt an arm over your shoulder. At least, that's what the 'human' equivalent to this was - being in rapturous pleasure as you were consumed by a being with ten thousand hands, each a blade, each a mouth, didn't really translate.


sweet child

sweet, sweet child

sweet, sweet fool

little jester

dancing mad

breaking toys

as fast as you can make them

That was the voice of Asat, the Breath of the Void, The Song Between Stars.

Unspeech had peculiar grammar - observations were always questions. You understood them to be intrigued and pleased by what you were doing on Myriad. Hence the playful cannibalism.
Dacthu Yogden Kiakanaka
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Sat 22 Dec 2018
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
Dacthu's body consumed on the jungle floor, he smiled knowing that it was only the door.
What lay behind he wished was free, but the seals upon it were still twenty three.

"Not Death today, but Void incarnate.
Sweet home calls me, but not today.
I have some plans to administrate
before you can feast, I must runaway."

He smiled madly suddenly changing gears and prose.

"I ask your blessing.
This one's power is not great.
A boon you shall grant."

He knew full what blessing might be, blessing and curses meant nothing to the free. The illusions of power were misunderstood. The greatest man's mind could not comprehend, the fate a beggar when left to time. Should the gates were opened, both would be gone. Their fate's the same entwined on sting. When time meant nothing, it was not to survive. Still WORD was important, it was reality was. So before any answer he spoke one! A name, from the madness of a long past. The greatest of feats that this one may posses, a champion of the holy, in his hands profane. He asked for the title, and whispered it's name...

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Sat 22 Dec 2018
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
You called a word.

You felt - on some level - as if you had pulled a chain. A chain that stretched past the horizon of your perception, through story, fable, myth, through a hundred-dozen Paradox shifts.

A sword appeared in your hands, within the void. In broad letters, a name was engraved: Cvelant.

It held a strange fierceness, and untold destructive capability.

Asat released you, and you fell - gently, slowly - back into your body.

The sword was still with you. It sang gently.

Then your vision went white, your eardrums shattered, permanently deafening you.

And before you - prefectly circular, and a meter in span - a was a tunnel in the brush, extending perhaps a mile out. Everything between you and the horizon within that circle was just . . gone.

Then, if you were not already deaf, you were blown backwards as air collapsed into the bare vaccum.

Around you, dead birds splattered bloodily against the ground, struck dead by the boom.

Cvelant burbled happily, then morphed in a flash of light into a tiny furred creature. It chittered at you, then ran up your arm and rested around your shoulders.

"Soes, where's we goin'?"

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Dacthu Yogden Kiakanaka
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Sun 23 Dec 2018
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
Dacthu's eyes widened in joy, surprises were always welcome, especially the loud sudden violent type. He didn't hear the Merit's question. He would have to get new ears, since now all he could hear was his soul's own gnashing. He could still talk though.

He raised his arm bringing the creature to his face. He smiled warm and gently. He booped it's nose with his own, looking deep into the creatures eyes baring his own soul and all it entails. Soul for soul, I see your's and you see mine." He didn't think it would be anything impressive, but Cvelant, and it's soul deserved to know who he was, partnerships were build on trust and truth and Truth after all was the MOST maddening thing of all, even when it was just a whisper.

"Madness and Love is all I seek. The Sea's strangeness and beauty." He looked around the jungle. "After all, I'm just an old deaf man lost in the jungle, wanting something to eat." And as his mannerism's changed, he used his eyes only and played his games. He let the sword play, and run around him as it might. He let it nibble on any flesh it wished, or animals near by. He walked to the Sea and the tribe near by and he looked and smiled. He just wanted to see how these, his, people still lived, with the horror of existence and pain.
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
What you saw the eyes of the little creature was . . not what you expected.

You saw betrayal after betrayal - rejection - the wholesale slaughter and enslavement of his species - his homeland, a blasted, airless moonscape of madness and entropy -

This creature was Madness, of a virulent and parasitic sort. A thing that was the supernatural equivalent of a malevolent omnicidal A.I. with the nuclear launch codes at its fingertips.

Its name was Rih-Zoon. And it was bound to you and this place -

- no -

- no -

There was a man beside you. No animal, but he did have the head of a mongoose, and carried a spear.

The critter was gone. You had arrived at the village - which was razed to the ground, burnt corpses and strange pearlescent crystal shard abounded. The man signed to you with his hands. "There are few that remain of this tribe, Madking. You have been gone for an age. The ancestor-trees have marched from the south, and their antlered wyrms lay waste," "They do not die - their souls are taken. Made into crystal. I slew many, for they know to fear one such as I. Many fled, and their corpses delayed my pursuit. "

This was - something of a kind with the critter you had seen, but stranger. Madness glowed in the eyes of this one, and emanated from a sigil burned into his chest - an equilateral triangle with a dot in the center, circumscribed by a circle. From his aura, he was a strong supernatural creature - and one of your people.
Dacthu Yogden Kiakanaka
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Thu 17 Jan 2019
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
Dacthu's toothy grin split wide or did it frown upside down? This Rih-Zoon was a nice thing, be it no animal or man, but a thought of neither. He was a blade of reality, sunder of things wronged.

With the sword stowed on his side, he smelt his way to the village, cooking meat. But alas someone had eaten his fill alread there.

Dacthu spoke back to the man who signed. "Are men not free to peruse their desires? There is but few customs followed, that would allow them to struggle. True Madness may-haps be a cage yet. Are you a slave to it? Do you need it like a drug to be free or can you do so of your own will and struggle? No Gods or Kings, I set you free. If you would call yourself mine, you do so at your own will. I demand nothing."
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Sat 19 Jan 2019
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RP DACTHU: The Jade Serpent Moon
"Selflessness is onerous, Madking. It is the beating heart of desire that drives all. Those who want nothing, who demand nothing, are nothing."

The mongoose-man directed his spear at you. "What is a king who does not rule? What is madness that does seek to spread?"

He sighed. "Listen, I'm going to follow and kill these folk because that's what I want to do. Then I'll raise them as Daemons and begin my own conquest of your lands. And you won't stop me? Because you demand nothing? Not even loyalty? Being Mad is one thing, being stupid and weak is another."

He took the trail, examining the ruins, then pointing east. "They're heading towards another tribe, the - I don't know their name, or really care, but I'm going to slaughter their attackers. 'Cause I'm a good girl."

You blinked, and the triangle of the mongoose's chest had inverted, becoming a female triangle. And it was now a mongoose-woman; she smelled fragrant, like cinnamon, even among the smoke and scent of death that permeated the place.

She began walking east.

The river passed by the ruined village, slowly, slowly.

A broken chair floated by in the river, and upstream - west - at the edge of your sight - was a farmstead of some kind.

Lightning flashed, the sky crashed, and the perpetually cloudy sky of the Jade Serpent Moon broke into another thunderstorm over you, the rain muddling the blood and char of the village, and chilling your bones.

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