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Player Records & Progression
Notes on advancement's relationship to currency:

- "Petal" (Ę) is the mundane currency of Myriad. Petals are pink rectangular bank notes of various denominations, formed from pressed petals of the sacred trees that dot the Valleys, which are marked with the personal rune of the Magistra de Commercio. They are alchemically treated to preserve the faint floral scent and sheen of a fresh petal, and glow softly in the dark. A lowercase "p"is placed after a number to indicate the currency. It should be noted that 1p has the buying power of an British penny in the 1680s - you could, like, buy a loaf of bread or something.

- Taeltresin's equivalent monetary unit is Pantheon gold, which is a small brass-jacketed godsteel coin worth 1/10th of a soul, created by the forgegod Skeles for the Pantheon. Taeltresin's Gods usually pay for significant things with the equivalent of personal cheques, though. Since souls are literally power, it's necessary to use a representative currency so people aren't trading the magical equivalent of live ammo at the marketplace.

- Souls ($) are motes of divine power generated by realms, and is any God's major resource.

- Holy Pearls (£) are larger motes of divine power naturally found in the streams and ponds of the Valley Divine or Valley of Banners. They can be used to accomplish Mythcrafting by mortals, but Gods can do something far more effective with them - they can combine 50 Holy Pearls to form a Sphere (○) of divine power, which can be used for advancement.

50,000Ę = 5,000$ = 500£ = 10○, which is enough for a mortal to buy godhood, if you can find a natural-born god willing to do a little legwork and take you in as a Vassal.

Advancement for Taeltresin

Paraphrased from Tales of the Lost. Thank you Nat and Talon.


A god begins as a fresh being full of potential and, as all things full of potential, you must first attain said potential.  A godís power is measured by several different means, all of which derive from his rank.  A godís rank improves with spheres.  There are several ways to improve your power, my children.  The easiest is to venture through the realms and gain the experience needed to ascend; as mentioned your endeavors are granted rewards in the end.  There are other ways which I shall mention at a later time, including Amaranth, and Legacy hunting, all of which are mentioned below.

Here are the ranks:

Lesser: You begin as this. All new gods must.
Neonate: You gain an aptitude for magic. If you possess one already, you make take a second magical aptitude or gain 40% towards advancing your current magic.
Ancillae: Your people become advanced at an aspect of their civilization of the gods choosing, a time of great blessing befalls your realm of the gods choosing. (Increased fertility, plentiful crops, calm weather, one blessing of your choosing.)
Luminante: You obtain a new major divine power.
Heirophant: A pilgrim-hero will definitely approach you. He comes bearing a gift.
Seigon: You become privy to a useful secret of the Tree.
Dante: You may create a new province for your realm. Burst of enlightenment, you obtain a new skill that starts at rank 2.
Baalkant: Your people become specialized in an aspect of their civilization of the gods choosing.
Lord: Here two gods up to rank of ancillae may become your vassals, getting your protection, and giving you their loyalty. If they become disloyal you may punish without repercussions.
Master: You are entitled to live in the Hills of Glory in the Valley of the Divine. You are now part of the High Council.
High Lord: You can now have a chance to climb the tree.
High Master: You lord over everyone. Your people are considered "Supreme" in whatever type civilization they are.

Lesser:........00 Spheres
Neonate:.......20 Spheres
Ancillae:......30 Spheres
Luminante:.....40 Spheres
Heirophant:....50 Spheres
Seigon:........60 Spheres
Dante:.........70 Spheres
Baalkant:......80 Spheres
Lord:..........90 Spheres
Master:.......100 Spheres
High Lord:....110 Spheres
High Master:..120 Spheres

Neonate:............+1 to one stat
Ancillae:...........+1 to one stat
Luminante:..........+1 to one stat(canít be same stat as Ancillae stat)
Heirophant:.........+1 to one stat
Seigon:.............+1 to two stats(canít be same stat as Heirophant stat)
Dante:..............+2 to one stat
Baalkant:...........+2 to one stat, +1 to one stat(canít be same stat as before)
Lord:...............+2 to one stat, +1 to one stat
Master:.............+2 to one stat, +1 to one stat(canít be same stat as before)
High Lord:..........+3 to one stat
High Master:........+3 to one stat(canít be same stat as before

Advancement for Myriad

Increasing any stat to the next degree costs a flat rate of 10 spheres, except for advancement to the fifth or sixth rank, both of which cost double.

Degrees 1-4: 10 spheres each.
Degrees 5-6: 20 spheres each. You may only have one stat at 6 prior to Ascension.

You cannot advance to Master in Divine Rank until you reach the 4th degree in either Social Standing and Realm and either Sorcerous Power or Battle Skill.

Once you are a Master, you may attempt to Ascend. Ascension unlocks degrees 7-11.

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Player Records & Progression
Rank: Hierophant.
Next: 0/60
Cash: $12,400
Titles: The Introspector, Sevenfold Ill-Fortuned

Full Name: Gray Purjopiarre Argentum the First of the Balanced Cascading Falls of Luna, Stark Conjurer of Moon
Spare Degrees: 0
Degree Progress: 0%
Cash: $10,000
Titles: Troubled But Cute

Rank: Seigon.
Next: 0/70
Cash: $14,650
Titles: Bad Dad, Can't Stop Won't Stop

Rank: Seigon.
Next: 0/70
Cash: $16,000
Titles: Steamfrost, Spurner of Raathumalah

Ulfur K. $10,000.

Ulfur T.
Rank: Neonate.
Next: 0/30
Cash: $5,000
Titles: The Immolator

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Arthos Log I

heavyHead: Hey wizzy, you there?

NeoAthena: I'm here. How's the weather on top of the world?

heavyHead: Foggy. Like usual. I'm still surprised that this was enough

heavyHead: to drive the little one mad.

NeoAthena: Temporarily. She got better. Besides.

NeoAthena: Getting in over her head and coming out on top is her strong suit. You know that.

heavyHead: I wouldn't say on top. She's . . .  so fragile. Though I see a dream blooming

heavyHead: within her. She'll find rebirth. She's really just a ghost, clinging on.

NeoAthena: yeah. I guess. I would say she's misguided, but I don't think she'd even guided.

NeoAthena: She's saying her goodbyes, though she thinks they're greetings.

heavyHead: She's done a sight better than Logos ever did. The Viese are beautiful, and so is

heavyHead: the rest of this land.

NeoAthena: I'm not sure we belong here. Not us, specifically. The Vex, the Nyxies. I feel

NeoAthena: like we're polluting Arthos, taking away something that was pure about it. 

heavyHead: Are you suggesting we should leave?

NeoAthena: Leave Arthos? yes. But not the solar system. Arthos is just one part of this whole

NeoAthena: . . .  this whole space. We could live somewhere else.

heavyHead: . . .  That makes a lot of sense. The Nyxies, they're void-touched, they could

heavyHead: survive in nullspace.

NeoAthena: We could too. 

heavyHead: We'd just need a way of getting around efficiently.

NeoAthena: Foundation's working on it. That little aeroplane, the one the old Mythcrafter

NeoAthena: came up with. We could Mythcraft our own, for getting about in the near null. With

NeoAthena: Anna's help, hopefully.

Realm Summary - As of Act II

Arthos is a world defined by harsh terrain cloaked by aesthetic beauty. It is populated by the Viese, of which several sub-species exist, and to the north there are jungles inhabited by humans.

The viese are a highly intellectual race of winged humanoids that are naturally gifted with astronomy. They have a shamanic culture, and are shy about artificiality and fear the ways that technology could harm their traditional way of life.

Arthos is scarred by the memory of its previous God, Logos, who developed an adaptive artificial race. The Viese seek knowledge, but do not seek power, and neither does their Goddess.

Notable Arthosians

Kings: Rulers and Rivals

10-Crown: Archangel. Leader of Humanity/Giants to the north and firstborn of the Vix, 10-Crown spends his time in seclusion. He was created by Arthos to be Anathema's consort, and banished himself to avoid interfering with Anathema's free will, and to seek a purpose of his own. Rational, thoughtful, and spiritual. Respects Anna for her intellect and measured compassion, but dislikes her intemperance. The giants venerate him as an interlocutor between the Gods above and the Fairies to the south, and adore him for his role in halting a warpath against the Viese. Indirectly, through 2-Wisdom, he has has taught the giants how to read, write, practice agriculture, and work with clay.

Queens: Companions and Consorts

Bishops: Teachers and Tacticians

Knights: Soldiers and Seekers

Rooks: Rascals and Renegades

Pawns: The Nameless

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