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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna nods, now knowing precisely what the first practical effect of Deep Magic she will want to be taught is.


The council was also for disaster response! Anna agrees with her council that taking action on this matter is likely an overreach though; she was just musing aloud, don't mind her.

She visibly winced when Eila called her out. "Are you absolutely certain this is so, Eila?" At the now not-so-young viese's insistence, Anna relents. "It seems a tradition at this point for me to make a fool of myself with my assumptions once per council meeting. Clearly some of my models require updating. My apologies, it wasn't my intent to spread misinformation."


Anna isn't too worried about spending a night with the nyxies and not being around to address volunteers. Any viese who weren't alert or dedicated enough to figure out where to go on their own weren't going to be fun to explore with anyway.

In accordance to her new stress-free outlook on life Anna elects to join the nyxies in one of their quiet hearthfire forums, bouncing between a few groups to follow the various conversations. For the most part she listens, asks light questions on some of the more esoteric terms they throw around, offers the occasional insight on the realms, and generally tries to soak up knowledge. She is endlessly amused by the nyxie attempts to apply Deep Magic to romantic comparability. She takes notes of the various guesses being thrown around, curious whether any of them will actually verify.

Then she hears musings on the creation of a machine-god and Anna nearly loses it, her blood going cold.

"That is very important research," she tells the assembled nyxies, "but please don't ever try to make a machine-god in Arthos. If research advances that far I'll try to negotiate for ownership of an empty realm we can experiment in." She will then share what little she knows of her progenitor Axiom and how even the Pantheon seemed wary of his realm after whatever singularity struck it. Whatever had happened was clearly such a disaster that she, his own daughter, had grown up to completely forswear conventional technology whenever possible.

Anna wraps up the night by asking if there any of the nyxies she had spoken with would like to bring her up to speed in the latest developments in deep magic. She has been out of the loop for some time and is looking to avoid any more unnecessarily destructive experimentation like what created the Magical Maelstrom.
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Mon 28 Jan 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
One of the Nyxies volunteered to be your tutor. Her skin was dusky, but her eyes were a vivid blue.

"I am Liusna."

She sat across from you, studied you. "You were the tree's foremost expert on the blight. Your studies progressed far. You destroyed the Blight. Thank you."

She bowed forward from her cross-legged posture. "Thank you."

She was quiet again. "Your understanding of the nature and functioning of deep magic is nascent. Magic is reputed as a supernatural force. In truth, reality is an imposition upon magic, rather than the other way around. The natural law of Yggdrasil is magic. Physical laws are inconstant. The tools of observation that are inborn to living creatures are flawed and unreliable. Deep magic is first the ability to see and interact with the true underpinnings of phenenomena. Secondarily, it is the ability of using empathic sensitivity with a perceptible facet to exert influence through resonance. Observe."

She extended a small hand, and bid you to extend your knowledge of Deep magic to the space within her hand, as if a ball were there.

As you did so, you became aware of the ball. You knew precise dimensions, chemical composition, and the entirety of the ball's atomic lattice structure. It was pure quartz.

However, the ball was not there. Passing your hand through the space . . it simply wasn't there.

"The ball exists along the 3rd/4th/5th dimensional matrix, the one just above our own. You are able to perceive it with deep magic, but it is not physically present. It does, however, exist in the potentiality of time. Observe."

The Nyxie extended her own magic, and modified a few variables that were invisible to you until she modified them - the variable determining the dimensional matrix of the object.

The quartz stone appeared in her hand.

"Metaphysical dimensions are pretty safe. Subreal dimensions are incredibly dangerous, but that's where important cosmic laws are stored and maintained. The amount of resonance needed to move anything out of subreality is enormous. That's what we did when we detonated the antimatter to deal with the giants - conducted a massive ritual to alter the cosmic laws governing a few thousand atoms so that they would be inverted."

"Our calculations indicate there are at twelve total dimensions and nine dimensional matrices."

"A spell is an enduring phenomena that draws physical energies and matters from the metaphysical matrix into the real. Most magic is a simplification of complex metaphysical laws. Deep magic is the analysis and manipulation of the expression of those laws. Since you're interacting with a simpler level of metaphysical encoding, it's much lesser user-friendly, but you have a greater ability to impact nebulous concepts like space-time, and it's useful for gathering information and refining other magic."

It took some time and practice, but you got the knack for moving objects between the physical and metaphysical, tying them to your person, and perceiving objects via deep magic rather than your material senses.

+ Advance to Deep Magic 1.
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Tue 29 Jan 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna finds Liusna's appearance striking, particularly the floral tattoos. She wished her own arms could be painted with perfectly pretty petals.

She blushes a little in embarrassment at the repeated thanks. "Awww... I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, any of the new growth gods could have done it really... but, you're welcome!"

Liusna's initial introduction to the nature of nature isn't really new information; she had known or at least strongly suspected that the terms super- and regular-natural were largely shaped by mortal expectations. One could not hear tales of Erebus, step into the Realm Supernatural, or be twisted about in the Fallen Kingdoms without having their concept of nature shaken up. Mortal perceptions, and even the senses of the less-perceptive gods, were just not designed to perceive reality as it truly was because they only had to move and interact in three-maybe-four dimensions.

As the lesson proceeds to the practical Anna follows along with Liusna's instructions. While Anna's mastery of Deep Magic still left much to be desired, she was still a goddess and the amount of magical might she could bring to bear far exceeded any mortal's. She was careful not to put too much of herself into these early lessons.

The night wore on, and Anna begun to feel she has a solid grasp of the fundamentals. She thanks Liusna for the remedial lessons and asks if she would like to accompany Anna on her trip to the Floating Islands to continue the lessons, help study any anomalies that come up, and maybe even take a few readings of Anna's mythcraft. Their lesson together had given Anna a new appreciation for the complexities of time across the tree and the danger Deep Magic could pose in the hands of lesser minds, inspiring her with the idea for a new myth creature.

Anna heads back to her Archipelago, taking a tour of the grounds to determine how each of her facilities have been put to use in her absence. She checks on the Vic Viper, whose Repair Pad should have kept the mechanical menace in good working order all these years. She signals the Great Beacon to call Clarity, Leeda, the Earthroil Walker, and any unmastered mini-dragons to her side. She wants all hands on deck for the expedition, and is also simply curious about how her creations have done. Longevity was not a design priority for the first of the Flare Witches so she suspects Leeda may have burnt out by now but Debra was made of tougher stuff than her older sibling.

Once the facilities are given a once over, the starfighter gives its status check, and the signals to her more remote myths have been dispatched, it's time for Anna to add to the herd. She reaches into herself and exults in the rush of power, collecting it along with various cuttings from the plants in her Garden. Ingredients so assembled, she goes to the Inner Garden's mythcrafting field and gets to work.

She so missed doing this! (1000 souls to create a...)


"You are playing with forces beyond your understanding. Abandon your studies willingly, and you will not be harmed." - A Deepstalker addressing its prey.

Anathema is rather paranoid about Deep Magic getting into the hands of those not intellectually equipped to handle it. Were Deep Magic to be applied improperly, the world tree itself could be damaged. To prevent this, Anna created the deepstalkers; myth creatures uniquely equipped to prowl the world tree in secret, seeking errant uses of Deep Magic and ending them. While not powerful in a physical sense, deepstalkers are masters of deceit, strategy, and rebellion. Using these talents they create insurrections, destroy public approval, and otherwise attempt to turn a realm's inhabitants against the Deep Magic practitioner... that is, when a simple assassination isn't enough.

    Statistics (1000-soul myth):
  • Vitality *: Its woody body reinforced with bioglass makes a deepstalker quite tough, but it still cannot afford to take many hits from even mortal weapons.
  • Instincts ***: Extremely skilled at intrigue and strategy; deepstalkers often run multiple simultaneous schemes across realms without mixing up timelines. They are almost infinitely patient; from a deepstalkers asynchronous perspective, even a simple scheme can take a hundred years.
  • Magic ***: A deepstalker's grasp of Deep Magic far exceeds that of a typical mortal, approaching that of a minor divinity. Often they use their magic to track down other magic users, unraveling their defenses before finalizing the kill with a knife in the neck.
  • Loyalty *: While committed to their stated task, deepstalkers have an inherent disposition towards betrayal. They dislike being given direct orders and view their allies as tools to an end.
  • Strength *: Deepstalkers are as strong as a capable mortal, striking with bioglass claws.
  • Finesse **: Deepstalkers are very fast and stealthy, assets they use to avoid direct conflict as much as possible.
  • Discontinuity **: A deepstalker is capable of manipulating its own timeline. From the perspective of its victims it is capable of disappearing and reappearing at will, but in actuality it is switching between multiple possible timelines. It is capable of existing asynchronically across multiple realms simutaneously, though it can only be active in one place at a time. Suspended instances are invisible, intangible, and immobile, but some types of magic can still detect them. They can tell how much time has passed, but receive no other sensory input from suspended instances.

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Wed 30 Jan 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Sensation faded from Anathema as she called upon something higher. With her deep magic senses, she was better able to understand exactly what mythcrafting was. The spinning of a story, the paying of a toll, the birthing of a child, the mending of a hole.

The underworkings of reality were convinced that a Deepstalker should exist, and so it did. But creatures of myth were minds of craft, not origin, and they would never bear the meaning and grandiosity of a true soul.

As the Deepstalker appeared, it seized Anathema, lifted her, and examined her.

"You should not be, mother of me. And yet you make one whom your life it would take?"

The deepstalker returned Anna to the earth, then disappeared. With deep magic, you detected that it was still present, just drifting along a different dimensional matrix.

Had she made for herself a devious new foe? Why?

The Vic Viper was indeed in fine condition, and the summons went out to the more distant myths. It would take some time for them to arrive.

Meanwhile, 3-Understanding introduced Anna to the charming youngest Vix, 9-Foundation, who had the Archipelago his home. He looked just as feminine as the other vix, except for wearing work trousers and a sturdy vest rather than one of 8-Splendor's dresses. He was also smaller, standing a head shorter than Anna.

The masculine Vix was shy. "Hello, Anna. Are you doing well?" He rolled out from under Vic Viper on a wheeled dolly. "Vic is healthy as a mechanical horse, so to speak. If you'd like me to make you anything - anything at all - just let me know, alright?"
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Wed 30 Jan 2019
at 13:48
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna coughed as her newly minted creature bodily lifted her. "Um, hello, my name's- hey!" And it was already gone! How rude!

She may have erred, herself, in how she had conceived the creature. The intent had been for the denizens of Arthos and their descendants across the realm to be the sole users of Deep Magic and for those who would have stolen or stumbled upon it to be the targets of the deepstalker's wrath. Their exchange, however short and one-sided, made her think that intent had not been properly imprinted. Or perhaps the creature was just having an existential crisis. Who knew what went on in the minds of dimension-sliding plant-creature magic-assassins.

Nothing for it. She reaches out with her Deep Magic and seizes the suspended instance in her garden just as Liusna had with a sphere of flawless quartz, bringing the myth right back to have a proper talk.

"Errant use of Deep Magic, my dear!" she promptly corrects the re-realized creature before it can get a word in edgewise. "We Arthosians are responsible practitioners, it is the accidental and the negligent you were brought into existence to hunt! My name is Anna; what is yours, deepstalker?"

Anna didn't mind relaxing for a bit and continuing to study under Liusna while her volunteers arrived. She would give them three days to arrive and be briefed. Given that the Archipelago was now claimed by the viese and their derivative forms -- including a boy vix now, apparently -- Anna wondered whether it would be socially appropriate to take the entire island chain with her to the Floaty Lands.

And the boy vix was a cute little thing! Anna suspected he'd look even cuter than the girls in a frilly miniskirt, maybe a scepter festooned with hearts, and a little foundation on his face to match his name...

Anna shakes her head as Undies introduces the two of them. She'd left the friendly demigod back at Em Phenya, but the girl vix had rejoined her the next day. Anna tries, but she can't come up with a nickname off the top her head. She folds her hands behind her back and leans forward so she is not towering over him as he lays on the ground.

"Hi Foundation! I'm Anna!" She looks up briefly to admire his handiwork on the mechanical myth before returning her gaze downward. "What's a horse? Oh, nevermind that. Vic Viper looks good in any event; I'm sure this landing pad can do the repairs itself but I'm sure it appreciates a living touch! I know I do!" She beams happily. Vic Viper doesn't actually feel much of anything, let alone appreciation, but anthropomorphizing things is fun.

"Anything at all, hmm?" Anna inquires. "There actually is something... you see, if I die again it'll be for realsies. I think I can foil magical assault well enough but I fear a blade in the back, or the front, or much of anywhere really. I need to procure myself some armor, or maybe a nice coat, something which won't interfere with my magic but can stand up to a god. Is that too tall an order? I feel like it might be a tall order."

Anna blinks and looks down a bit further. "Actually, maybe I'm thinking a little too grandiose when I'm still missing very simple features. A foot, for instance..."

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Sat 2 Feb 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
With its instructions clarified, the arboreal beast assented to only interfere with those who used deep magic in a manner that was of genuine threat to the Tree. Given that Deep Magic was currently contained only within Arthos and focused within the Nyxies and Vix, it would keep an eye on them for now. "I am Crėslagh," the deepstalker whispered.


"You can call me Nigh, if you wish, short for Nine. Repairs is one thing; I've been making some improvements, and considering ways to replicate Vic. I'm the weakest Vix, sure enough, but still a good sight better at fabrication than anyone else in Arthos."

He gently took your stump into his hands, which were slightly rough in texture. "I can fabricate a prosthetic from living bioglass easily enough, but as for protection . .  I could make a magically enhanced cloak for you, as well as enchanting your dress. Layering will allow me to keep the modifications minor enough that the flow of your garments shouldn't be affected. You'll have roughly the protection of good leather armor from the dress alone, and the cloak will reduce the kinetic energy of incoming blows to reduce the damage done."

"Do you have a design in mind for the cloak? I imagine the aesthetics are important to you. Splendor would have my head if I made you look unfashionable."
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Sat 2 Feb 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
"Pleased to meet you properly, Crėslagh!" She bows to the creature. "I'm counting on you!" She curtsies to her creation before turning her back on it -- primarily to go do something else, and partially to see whether it'll stab her in the back once she's not paying attention. Of course, being goddess of reflections, she almost literally has eyes in the back of her head... and everywhere else, for that matter!

"Nigh?" Anna asks. She turns the word over in her head, a finger alighting on her chin in thought. "Hmm, it lacks a certain quality..." Ninty-nine, nineteen, sixty-nine... hm, there's nine vix not counting her honorary membership, so Eternity could be Seven of Nine! Anna isn't sure why she likes that name, but in any event that doesn't help her with a nickname for Foundation. She spends a little too long thinking about it and realizes he's already speaking again.

"Recreating Vic Viper would be an incredible feat!" Anna says. "He was my first mythcrafted creature and even then I basically stole the hard work from Mythmaker Waelwick. I... kinda hope the blight got him, I sorta trashed his workshop, haha! Does that make me a bad person?" She hadn't considered the possibility of reprisal at the time. Yes, she had been on a mission from Vex, but looting the place was her own decision. "Actually, even making improvements is pretty remarkable. Maybe it's 'cause I'm still a newbie but I always had great difficulty changing my creations after the fact."

"I didn't realize Deep Magic was well-suited for long-term enchantments. Has Skeles' Artifice migrated to Arthos?" Anna thought she had seen bursts of her fellow gods' disciplines popping up erratically when she had unleashed magic on Arthos, although most of it was the wild untamed stuff. Taeltresin showing off!

Anna considers Foundation's suggestions, humming to herself. Lacking other references she tries to imagine herself in a fight with Bezzy, and whether a good suit of leather would be of any benefit at all. He was pretty strong and super fast, and everyone knows force equals mass times acceleration. A serious fighty type like Komatoa would probably be even more trouble. Then again, against such a hardcore enemy she doubted anything less than Deekin's shadow jewel would provide any meaningful protection. In any event, as undeniably and inarguably important as swishy dresses were to any intelligent being worth befriending Anna would want something a bit more practical once she leaves Arthos to tour the realms.

But a dresschantment doesn't really come with a downside, so she assents to that.

"Splendor knows what's important," Anna giggles. Having not actually met the dressy vix yet she reserves the nicknaming for now. "Simplicity might be for the best I think, since the whole point is to take the damage instead of me. Unadorned carbon fiber, or nanotubes if you can do it, perhaps edged with runes woven in decorative silver thread. How long will you need?"
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Mon 4 Feb 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
"Nanotubes? I suppose it would be possible, but I would need Deep Magic assistance for the fineness of the work, and as you've guessed I'm skilled with Artifice, with my signature ability as a demigod boosting my natural facility with it. It might be best that one of the Nyxies help as well. Perhaps the lovely Liusna?"

Undies laughed. "I could help you easily enough with that, 8. I'm no 10-Crown or 2-Wisdom, but I'm alright with deep magic."

Liusna, who was distracted with some equation, blushed, and flew close to 9-Foundation and spoke in hushed whispers. "Foun, we've TALKED about this. If you like Anna, you should talk to her about it, and not flirt with me or any other girl! You have to show a girl you mean business or she'll not be interested even if she notices you!"

Foun whispered back. "She's never shown interest in anyone, why would she start with me? I may like her, but I serve her. I'll just put my feelings into my work and leave it at that. Sometimes it's better if you keep your feelings to yourself and just do your best to be good to someone and a loyal friend, especially if they're the kind to not take interest in others, like some of the Nyxies don't, right? And she's only just met me."

With that, Foun and Undies set to work on your dress together, which naturally meant you had to remove it. They'd only need it for a little while, though, so they just had you wait in the other room with Liusna.

She took this opportunity to further your knowledge of Deep Magic, by describing in detail the many dimensional matrices and their planar manifestations, and how they related to magic and the structure of the tree as a whole. Then she went further.

"It appears that the concentrated physics of the vault operate as a dimensional lock, preventing access to the fifth dimension. The Blight operates partially along the subreal, however, slowly decaying natural laws and causing distortion. It is possible that the Blight has not left Umbra precisely because it is stored in the vault, and thus unable to synchronise with the world-state of the Tree . .

Gods like you appear to operate in multiple timelines at once by exploiting the metareal. When something impacts your physical form, which is partially an emanation of your presence in the metareal, it creates a paradox that ripples through the metareal and to the rest of your instances . .  since Umbra is stored in a vault that is cut off from the metareal, that may be why it still retains blight-taint despite the blight having been destroyed . . .

The ascended refer to gods as quantum beings because the correspondences between your instances are partially governed by a form of large-scale quantum entanglement. This allows you to exist simultaneously in two dimensional matrices at once.

Deep magic is the magic of magic . . . with magic being a kind of tool that provides epistemological leverage for the will, in a similar manner to a rope-and-pulley system, allowing for manipulation of particular aspects of the real, deep magic is the careful examination of the points of contact of that tool and its operation. Enduring magic sustains itself through a localized manipulation of the subreal via the mechanic of arcane sublimation, which allows the movement in the metareal to directly interact with the subreal. All divine powers seem to operate on this principle if they are active, and if passive the arcane submlimation occurs from the metaself, the theorized instance that exists completely with the metareal at all times . . . fascinating, isn't it? And magicians and gods do all this without even understanding what they are doing!" Liusna gushed.

+30% progress in Deep Magic.
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Mon 4 Feb 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna laughs. "I might have to ask for instruction in Artifice sometime! Always did appeal to me more than Necromancy. I feel like it would be rude to not ask Skeles first though." She knows that if anyone started studying Deep Magic without her permission she'd make a stress mess. Arthos' natives had an open invitation, of course.

The blatantly furtive whispering causes a cock of Anna's head. With everything in this room being so shiny there was very little way they could possibly have kept that conversation a secret even if she hadn't such finely tuned hearing. Rather than enlighten them on the extent of her senses Anna elects to feign ignorance, instead going to retrieve the unfinished Eclipse from storage and spread the parts across a free table to examine. She still heard everything though, which made her a bit blushy too.

Ever since being reincarnated, Anna had found herself more frequently distracted by... thoughts. She's playing Ironman Mode. She doesn't have an heir. Bezaleel has three children and even a consort... well, two children and a consort... actually three children one of whom is a consort. She hasn't heard much from Deekin, but he's got a bundle of lives left to play with. She is acutely, painfully aware of how vulnerable she is and how it could all end with one misstep without anyone to inherit Arthos. She's feeling a need and her brilliantly multi-faceted mind isn't as above base urges as she likes to portray it as. She never would have considered a child while the Blight was ongoing, there was too much to investigate, too much to do, and a war to fight... but now?

Well, there's still too much to do and investigate... but taking a mate or just a lover didn't seem as farfetched as it once did.

She shook her head. It was a mess up there these days!

Anna pouted but relented to being disrobed, chewing her lip softly and second-guessing whether her usual casual flirtiness might be a bit mean-spirited to 'Foun' knowing what she does. Then again, dispensing with her lighthearted fun might signal that she overheard them, leading to awkwardness. On a third hand if she's just being fun out of obligation then she's not really being fun! Wow, social interactions are challenging! All she ends up doing is placidly going along with whatever motions are requires of her and smiling ruefully.

Joining Liusna in the back Anna listens intently while a relatively small subprocess tinkers with the incomplete Eclipse. She has many ideas for artifacts but essence was in short supply and other ideas seemed to have greater immediate applicability to the challenges she would be facing. She wondered if Deekin still had the essence she had dropped on her death. One mote of the stuff was a gift given to replace the corrupted Sun-and-Moon she never got around to actually using, and the other she thinks came from the blighted tentacle rape demon that had molested the Ravaged Lands.

Anna laughs as she witnesses Liusna's enthusiasm. "Absolutely fascinating, yes!" she agrees. She would have to replay this lesson in her head several times to completely digest what she had learned and tease practical applications from it, but that's what eidetic memories are for! And, seeing that Liusna is acquainted with the vix, Anna decides that she has found the first of her new generation Infinities. She reaches over and gently boops the nyxie on the forehead, divine power flowing from the brief contact and inscribing the 1/0 mark there. The symbol glows brightly for a moment before fading to unobtrusiveness.

Anna smiles to the little nyxie. "You should be a teacher. I think your enthusiasm would be infectious!"

Thinking over what she has learned, Anna considers the merits of keeping Umbra as it was. She wants Sun-and-Moon back, 'tis true, but the greatest of her foes will be vulnerable to the Blight rather than being of it. Is that like keeping samples of a lethal disease around to use on one's enemies? Is that ethical? Or worth it? She would have to consider these questions eventually, but put them off for now.

Exploring the Floatlands is her current priority and she will not be distracted!

(500 souls to make Liusna a hero!)

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Sat 9 Feb 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
With your deep-magic senses active, the act of bestowing heroic nature on Liusna was more than just . . . a touch. It was a rush of song and story, the writing of myth, an act of Order. You were altering her very nature, suffusing her with something like light, awareness, virtue. It was if she had been a shadow of a person before - a philosphical zombie - but you had pulled her out of that, into half-light - whereas you stood clearly in Truth, along with the Vix, though they were faint candles to your torch.

What was divinity? What did it mean that death made you stronger, but the fourth was the end? Your vision began to garble, to glitch, became static -

The zeroth door was enumbra, the world-womb - the first door belonged to the seekers - they walked, lo, their lantern-heads aglow -

Liusna was shaking you, your booping finger still pressed to her skin, as if attached by glue. The Infinity sign burned bright, more souls flowing into her. -1000 Souls to create a Pilgrim-Hero.

The infinity symbol was a jittery thing, not the clean unity you'd desired: []/[[]]=2

It was the 'Unfinity' equation. Just as there were greater and lesser infinities, there were greater and lesser nothings. When a lesser nothing was divided into a greater, the result was something true - and so the World Tree had come into being; the first world-tree, Yggdrasil.

"You can't look too deep, Anna!" Liusna was crying. "You can't. You just can't. The mind was not intended to fully correlate its contents."

She taught you then, a darker use of Deep Magic - the partitioning and compartmentalizing of information within the mind. It was merely the use of Deep Magic to analyze and alter the functioning of the self, disabling aspects of higher perception and establishing constraints to avoid an overload. Learning too much was the great danger of Bathomancy - one could drown in Truth. The pressure of the depths of magic was unkind to lunacy - even the natural lunacy that kept people positive, aware, invested - and it was just as possible to be driven Sane as it was to go Mad.

+30% Deep Magic.
+1 Refinement of Mind.
Progress towards Refinition of Mind: 40%.  After this message, you will now perceive orange text in character, exactly as written, unless explicitly marked OOC.

A call from the other room! "The dress in finished - it should defend you well enough, first reducing impacts with targeted repulsion and then secondarily dispersing kinetic energy upon impact. It will be especially effective against projectiles, effective against blunt and thrusting weapons, but will fare less well to slashing weapons."

Antikinetic Raiment: Quarters mundane damage from mundane projectiles, halves damage from mundane blunt and thrusting attacks.

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Sat 9 Feb 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Ever since she first peered Between Anna had tried to be aware of the functioning of her mind. What was happening to her now was different from then, a sideways step in another direction from madness, and she didn't recognize it at once. When she did she locked down her mind tight, less an errant thought strike down the nyxie she intended to elevate.

She emerged mentally sore but relatively unscathed and in familiar territories, no doubt at least partially due to the vigorous shaking-awake of her... Unfinity? Her mind balked at the term and the concept it represented, but supposed that was precisely why she had started to slip into Sanity.

A slow smile came to her polished lips. "Once into Madness and again into Sanity; all things have a mirror, and we at the borderline Between. How precarious a position for our minds!" She laughs at the absurdity and undeniable truth of it all.

Anna looks over at Liusna, as if noticing her shaking of her shoulder for the first time. She gently brushes the nyxie's hair back with a silvered finger. "Sorry. I am all right, Lilu. My control slipped for a moment but I am all right." She bites her lip, uncertain how the overdose of divine power affected the ebon-skinned mini-girl. "How do you feel?"

While losing herself to Truth provisionally was not a wholly unattractive concept, Anna had other things she wanted squared away first. She makes an executive decision to put Deep Magic on the back burner while she solidifies "reality" around herself. This decision lasts all of five seconds before she is drinking up the next serving of knowledge Liusna cooks up for her. This is a logical and magical extension to what she already does when she partitions her mind with autohypnosis, except now functioning on multiple levels of reality. Defending against abnormal mental function, whether Sane or Mad, can only be a good thing.

But Anna is Anna and she can't let the new knowledge go without immediately utilizing it for something. With her new Deep Partitioning knowledge Anna compartmentalizes her recent brush with Truth and feeds the memories, best as she can, into Perihelion for a better and hopefully less intense viewing experience.

Anna returns to Found Undies to hear their report and inspect their work. A quick glance -- the outer ring of her "normal" eye still bright green with Deep Magic -- tells her everything before they've even finished the explanation. She wondered how long until she could look upon the world-weave without misplacing her marbles. "Very impressive," she compliments Foundation. "I think that covers the types of violence and accident I am likely to encounter and will be able to explore in much greater confidence now. Thank you, Foundies. How long will the artifice last?"
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Wed 13 Feb 2019
at 22:47
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
"How do I feel?" She blinked, then dissolved into a crack in reality, before returning again. You couldn't look at her long; her very from was not the night sky like other nyxies, but he foggy beyond that, having once witnessed, had driven you mad for a time. You had driven her somehow . . . beyond. When you had touched her, directed your power into her, you touched the Void that had touched her; an indirect kiss with the Beyond, to put it one way.

She had edged towards Madness even as you had edged towards Sanity, and you felt a reciprocal bond; from this point forward, Liusna would be a strange mirror of you. If someday you went Sane, she would also go fully Mad.

She touched her forehead, and it bled onto her hands like ink, leaving a reversed imprint. "This equation . . it's unfinished. There's more to it . .  I can see . ."

The pupils of her eyes distorted, swallowing up her irises, forming five-pointed stars - no, they were still circular, just in a higher dimension - the matrix that corresponded to the realm of chaos.

She was writing, her skin bleeding off her into blackest ink that wasn't pigment - it was anti-pigment, a thing that ate light hungrily and shimmered as it did so. "This isn't unfinity, it's Eternity. The counterposal of the myriadiasphoric potentialities . . . "

You eyes were hurting, and you had a headache. "I'm not Liusna anymore - call me - hmm. Oh yes, call me by the name of my new mother." She grinned, and her teeth - you'd seen those teeth before, on the far shore. The dentition of a tree-dragon . . or something akin.

"I am Nyx!"

 - and she was gone.

Meanwhile, you had a really cute dress ready for you. Found answered your question. "It should be semi-permanent. You'll be able to refresh it with souls if it gets worn down."
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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 04:49
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna found herself at a complete loss at Liusna's mental and metaphysical breakdown. She opens her mouth to speak with a hand raised at her side, but the nyxie is gone before she can get a word in edgeways. Anna looks down, blinking as her eyes readjust to reality, and then examines her hands. She clenches and relaxes them several times in slow succession. Looking out the window, she sees the distant perpetual storm from her early Deep Magic experiments, just beyond the Dome of Secrets that was the end result of peering Beyond.

"Am I really such a walking disaster area...?" she quietly asks of the now empty room. Maybe the deepstalker's interpretation of its purpose wasn't so erroneous after all.

She wants to say it wasn't her fault this time. She had created heroes a bunch of times before. The tree always responded to intention over specific dictation. Was it because she had crossed her essence with that from beyond the tree? Was her intention no longer so clear to the metaphysical reality engine that drove the majority of apparent existence? Oh gods, was she going to have to carefully watch every single action she takes from now on? How does she reconcile her breezy, bubbly persona with such caution?!

But forget whose fault it is. What could she do for Liusna? The nyxie had seemed so concerned when she thought Anna had peered too deep, just as Anna now felt for her. Somehow though she doubted it would be as simple as pulling Liusna back through the door she'd left by and giving her a reassuring cuddle. Anna had merely glimpsed something, while Liusna had been physically and spiritually altered. Maybe Deep Magic could put her right again... or it could mess her up even more. Anna had a spectacular talent for messing things up.

After a minute that seemed an eternity, Anna sighed and decided to simply let this play out. Liusna hadn't seemed to be in distress... right?

She finds she doesn't even care about Perihelion's calculation anymore. She discards the result without even looking at it.


The artifice'd dress is collected and given a cursory examination. "Souls, huh?" she muses aloud. The antikinetic raiment is folded up and set in a neat pile somewhere unobtrusive. "Thank you again. I'll be back later."

Anna leaves the laboratory and shortly thereafter the archipelago, looking about for a nice high quality reflection with a view of the storm. When she finds one she steps inside the mirrored space, sitting and resting her head in a nest made of her arms and knees. She watches the eternal maelstrom rage for the two days she arbitrarily decided was a reasonable time for her volunteers to assemble. She hadn't spent any significant time in mirrorspace since she was first born onto Arthos. It felt a little bit like crawling back into her womb to have a hard think about her life.

Two passes of Atropos across the sky later Anna would return to the archipelago to meet the troops.
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
at 19:27
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
You found her - Liusna, Nyx - within the mirror.

"I'm still here, Anna. I always will be. It's not so easy for me to exist in the real dimensional matrix anymore - all Nyxie are void-touched, and I guess being fed power enhances our tie to the Void. Or maybe my knowledge of deep magic made me sustainable; the Viese are known for the intellect and curiosity, and both of those are dangerous when you are dealing with the Void."

She took your hands in hers. "You could be more than what you are, Anna. There are beings that exist beyond the Tree, and not all of them are hostile. It'd better to think of the Void as a dark and misty reflection of the real . . . or the real as a simplified, clarified version of the Void. Chaos is necessary for growth, even as safeguards are needed to protect against cancer and ensure that growth proceeds accordingly to plan."

She showed you her dragon's teeth. "This is what I've become. I know so much now. There was once a mythcrafted being like me - a Void-Dragon - that was used by a hero to venture into the Void and combat a foe to a Tree that has since been lost to the mists, like Taeltresin nearly did. Within the second dimension, the Tree stores molds of all things that have been, and many that will be. I was pressed into one such mold. I'm Mad enough to protect you from the things that are beyond, and with training you will be able to shield your mind for longer and longer periods of time. We can't go far from the tree's influence, but the Null - the Near Void - is accessible astride me."

Her form became like ink, and you saw her new form - that of a scaled, winged beast much like the dragons you yourself had created.

From your hands, her ink swam over and beneath your skin, becoming the tattoo of a dragon across your back - though she swam over your body as the pleased. It was rather pleasant, like a hand lightly brushing over your body.

The witches were different. They seemed to have grown souls in the time you'd left to their devices. Leeda's was a lighter mint green flame compared to Debra's deep hunter green.

"Anna!" They screeched they in unison, diving down to see you. "Not dead??" They were deeply pleased at this development.

The Earthroil Walker had to taken the longest to arrive and now waited patiently, and Clarity was preening herself nearby; she pointedly avoided looking at you, preferring to be snooty and aloof. Likely your extended absence had offended her.
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Fri 1 Mar 2019
at 10:25
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
I'm still here, Anna-

Anna screeched something at her wayward hero and bolted. Swapping reflections in her surroundings as fast as she could manage and almost randomly with only a vague sense of orientation. In a fit of frustration she begins leveling the environment around her in a spectacularly destructive manner, boulders and glittering rubble flying in all directions which she then begins to heat into glass just to smash it anew as it cools.

She's not sure how long her tantrum lasts; most of her subprocesses were frozen to protect them from the emotional imbalance that is now settled. Anna lies amid almost three square kilometers of devastation, a once-craggy field now re-realized as dunes of ground glass, her own form an exhausted tangle of limbs atop a particularly large crest now that she has expended her frustration.

Her intention had not been to kill Liusna, but it seemed an entirely foreseeable consequence of what she had just done. Assuming, of course, Liusna even still existed to be killed; without wanting to do so Anna had apparently changed the nyxie so dramatically that the being -- whatever it was now -- no longer cared for its previous identity. It could be that Anna's well-meaning attempt to make Liusna more Liusna-like had instead destroyed what had previously defined her and this Nyx was created in her stead. Anna values her individuality enough that she could confidently state that had she imbibed the tree-sap from her pre-afterlife and become a world dragon she wouldn't have changed her name!

Not that Anna hadn't find the experience educational in any way... but it was much easier to stomach the results of her experiments when she had embarked on those experiments willingly. And being stalked by such an error when she was still sore from making it, well, that's how temper tantrums happen. If Nyx had been killed it served her right for a critical lack of situational awareness! ... yes, let's go with that. Not Anna's fault!

Who are you trying to convince?

Anna sits up and probes her surroundings via mirrorsight and magic, attempting to ascertain whether she needs to do a burial.
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Sat 2 Mar 2019
at 00:41
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Liusna was still alive, if barely; ink was splattered across the whole of the plane of devastation. Aside from her severe injuries - it was doubtful she would ever fly again anytime soon, but she might might be able to walk with some first aid - she appeared . .  normal. Her teeth were normal, her coloration normal, even the sign on her forehead seemed to have adjusted to your original intentions - she was just Infinite, not Unfinite.

She burbled something to you through the blood in her lungs. She coughed, spat out the blood, collapsed again.

Liusna: 1/5
Nyx: 0/5, revoked.

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Sat 2 Mar 2019
at 03:09
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Huh. This outcome was not foreseen, but not unwelcome. Anna plies her survivalist skills to stabilize the nyxie for transport before scooping the little figure into her hand and tearing off to... her archipelago or the nyxie settlement around the Vault? Which one?! If attempting to elevate Liusna had caused this maybe there was much more about nyxie composition that she didn't know, so she elects to deliver the injured woman to her people. It was her mistake, she ought to fix it herself, but needs outweigh vanity. Casting her reflected selves forward she appears before the nyxies and lets them know of her imminent arrival and would they please have a doctor waiting for her thanks? Thanks! Sorry!

If asked, Anna explains that Liusna got caught in the wake of several poor decisions on the goddess' part in rapid succession, briefly spent time on the edge of the Void, and was subsequently blown up. When the doctors and deep mages seemed to know enough about her condition to begin, Anna quietly excuses herself with another apology.

With that crisis (hopefully) sorted, Anna would return to her originally scheduled crisis. This time the reflection she chooses to squat in is submerged at the base of a waterfall, hopefully ensuring that she gets no more unexpected visitors.

So Liusna is like Teltanin then?

Teltanin was never corrupted.

Not corrupted! More like transcended.

Is there an observable difference, given what we know?

We wonder if she hates us after this, if she even remembers.

The nyxies are probably very displeased.

Fuck them. We do not need their approval.

Meteoric extermination?

Meteors are outside our influence. Lightning will work.

The nyxies are useful and a part of Arthos. They genuinely want to help.

Want to replace us. We're dangerous.

So are they! Antimatter rituals.

'Ritual' seems like an odd word. Perhaps there was more to the process that-

We will have to stop you there.

Perhaps it is time we stop and appreciate what we have.

This trip to the Floatlands is all about that, right?

Yes. Artifacts, mysteries, and strange and beautiful sights.

Didn't we destroy an island, too?

That cannot conceivably be considered a bad thing! It resulted in fish!

Fish will make us feel better. Artifacts, mysteries, beautiful sights, and fish.

This thing with Liusna will be dealt with when feelings are not so sore. And blood gushing.

We have a plan.

We are resuming the original plan! Stop messing up our plans, us!

Anna had to put her subprocesses back in their boxes before they started pulling each other's hair. She felt terrible about what happened, but it's done now. She will see the consequences when she gets back. She... she'll just be careful. If she is careful then everything will be j̡͟u̢̧ş͡t f͞i̷n̡͟e̶͘͘.

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Wed 13 Mar 2019
at 02:32
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
The Nyxies were surprisingly unperturbed by what had transpired. "We exist on the fringe of two worlds, each hostile to the other. A sudden push upsets the balance. That is why we do out utmost to retain a level of tranquility," said one Nyxie. "If this furthers your caution in experimenting with us, that is price enough for you to pay. When Liusna recovers, perhaps you will consult her before you . . . 'boop' her head with god-juice again?"

The myths you had called had gathered unto you, and awaited further instruction. Of course, the most interesting development was Em Pheyna becoming a species rather than a unique specimen, but it was likely that your other myths had grown in your absence as well. If anything was constant, it was the nature of living beings to grow.

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Sat 16 Mar 2019
at 11:39
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
"Yeah, I see that now..." Anna replies, sheepishly. She's not certain how she feels about being talked down to like a child who just broke a favored toy. On the one hand she's a goddess, they can't talk to her like that! On the other she had said on numerous occasions that she didn't want to be treated like one, and the analogy was frighteningly accurate.

In a way, though, what frightened her the most was the levelness of the response. The reasoning they gave for it makes sense but some colorful part of her can't help but read it as why should we be surprised, this is what we've come to expect from the goddess of collateral damage.

Cor blimey she needs to reflect. So she leaves and does that.

By the time Anna returns to realspace, she is feeling much more calm and centered. It is important, every now and then, to take some time to analyze and realign one's mental state. She arrives on the Archipelago with a renewed smile and updated operational parameters, feeling older, wiser, and pretty confident about the future. She wanted to be a pillar of support for the viese that they could lean on without fear of it tipping over and smashing Em Phenya, and felt lightened by her new promise (if only to herself) of responsibility.

Anna! Not dead??

She laughs and waves happily to the brilliant figures as they swooped down before her. "I'm as surprised as anyone, haha~!" she replies. "What have you beautiful hotheads been up to all this time? Can't have been easy; I didn't give much thought to what you would do in peacetime. Still working with this ol' hunk to stamp out the lingering Mad?" She strokes the leafy exoskeleton of the Walker's legs before patting it twice firmly.

Walking to Clarity next, Anna leans forward at the waist with hands folded behind her. "Hey girl. You look as opalescent as always. Sorry about the whole... dying thing. It was not exactly the optimal outcome of my plan. Must've been lonely." If the dragon would have it, she reached over to give the colorful critter affectionate skritches.

From there she would go about the Archipelago, seeing what viese and offshoots thereof have shown up to explore the Floatlands with her.

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Mon 25 Mar 2019
at 00:54
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
The Viese that had showed up to explore with you were few in number - perhaps 90 in all - but included the delightful young popstar Prosymna, as well as the not-quite-so-young Eila. Both had brought along their disciples.

There was a Vix you had not met yet. She had a noble bearing, and whirled markings that reminded you of roses. She bowed to you. "Hail. I am 4-Kindness. I would ask that you call me Thorn,"

Thorn. Four, plus her weapon of choice was a spear. The Vix were very . . . functional in their humor and nomenclature.

"I'm Prosymna's manager. She insisted on pursuing this dangerous venture when she heard Eila would be going with you. I understand that Eila -"

"I can speak well enough for myself, Thorn." Eila interjected, having approached you. "The Earth spoke to me. His siblings still live. While they have forgotten the Viese, I hope to restore the old bargains we once struck. The bargains that the old machine god forgot, the fool."

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Mon 25 Mar 2019
at 02:13
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Apparently the lives of the Flare Witches weren't very interesting in her absence?

Ninty used to be a significant portion of the viese population, and it had not been all that long ago by Anna's reckoning since that had changed. It felt like her islands were positively abuzz with life!

With a mote of will the islands move for the first time in over a century, their route westward to the floating islands where their goddess had left so much unfinished. Anna monitors the islands for a short time, verifying that their functionality remains intact and standing by with the souls in case they are needed. She had no reason to think they would be, but Anna was done with being blindsided by complications.

Ah, a new vix! The particularly regal grace of this one compelled Anna to return the bow, and to resist responding to the hail with literal hail. It was difficult but Anna's resolve was heroic! "Nice to meet you, Thorn!" she greets. Her mind went down a list of spontaneous nicknames but none particularly resonated with her and Thorn was the first vix to have a nickname specifically in mind. It'll have to do!

Anna raises an eyebrow at Eila's interruption, but soon giggles. Not only had Eila retained her propensity for speaking her mind but she seems to have gotten a little grumpy in her age; adorable. The wry smirk fades as the topic changes. "Logos?" Anna asks. "I have heard murmurs of my... predecessor?... in the depths of Em Phenya. There is little in the core lands I don't hear. You will have to tell me all about the machine god sometime." She supposed those ruins in the Ravaged Lands had to come from somewhere and briefly wondered whether that old telescope was refurbished at any point, but found the topic too tangental to raise.

She pauses just long enough to indicate a shift in topic. "I am glad to hear the other Pacts yet exist," she says even as she thinks back. The Winds were fickle, and they forgot they'd ever struck the pact. The Fires were resentful and said they owed no mortal fealty. The Life had ever so many children to attend to and left to see to them, but the Earth remembers. "Let us work together in this. I will follow you lead; you are better versed in the Pacts than I, Eila. I am glad to have you along."

Anna returns her attention to Thorn. "Prosymna sounds like quite the handful! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though; my little shooting star was a force of nature from the beginning." She smiled. "So she idolizes Eila, huh?"

As they speak Anna moves the conversation indoors so that she can dress herself in her (now not so) newly enchanted dress, roping Thorn into helping if she were even remotely receptive. All the prettily dressed girls were making her feel self-conscious.

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Sun 7 Apr 2019
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RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
The Flare Witches were still rather unintelligent, even with souls. They seemed happy though.

A little while later, Thorn was helping you with your dress. It was different than when 3-Understanding had helped you; even though Undies had been helpful, there had been a sensuality to her that was unmistakable. Thorn was gentle and considerate, but was transparently disinterested in you in a particular way.

"So you're Anna. Prosymna mentioned that she heard your voice one day, and that's why sings and does her best to make the world a little more 'poppy', as she says. I guess that's why she's called a 'pop-star'."

"I'm told you're both a genius beyond compare and a dangerous maniac that was better off dead. Without you, neither I nor Prosymna or anyone else would be around, so I suppose I see you as a kind of mother figure, and see Prosymna as my little sister,"

"Unlike Prosymna, though, I don't idolize you. Or Eila. Or the hero Tael- Talisin? I forget. I think you're probably a normal person pressured into being abnormal. How did you get those tattoos, though? They're unusual."

Eila had mentioned just minutes before that your tattoos were linked to the Floatlands, that your remembered - the Floatlands were unnatural, and the rivers there flowed like your tattoos, in straight line and circular ponds.

The Viese had never come here because the flowers couldn't be used for reproduction and the food made Viese sick. The Earth had told Eila that - "The Waters lived here. The Viese never made a pact with the Waters, and I want to start there. It will be easier to persuade the others if we have the Waters back on board, because the Waters join Winds and Earth, and Fire is afraid of the Waters. If we can pact with the Waters, only Life in the jungles to the north will present a puzzle to solve."

It was about then that Prosymna popped her head in to where you were talking to Thorn. "Hey Thorny! Are you done helping Anna?" She lifted her petticoats, which had been splashed with mud. "I was dancing and uh, it was wet out," she said.

Prosymna didn't . . . look Viese. She didn't even look like you. She was very pretty, though. What had happened to her?

Prosymna, the Popstar

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Sun 7 Apr 2019
at 07:54
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna misses Undies' touch, but is appreciative for Thorn's help nonetheless. She smiles as the smalltalk begins. Anna's opinion of the little shooting star was already known, so she nodded in wordless agreement through that part.

"Both those are true," Anna says with a soft, slightly remorseful chuckle. "I'm trying to be less of the latter and more of the former now. It's not my natural state but I am determined to learn. I think you're right not to idolize me; I'm still very much coming out of a difficult puberty."

"Oh, these things?"
Anna lifts her arms up. With a slight exertion of will, motes of soul-energy balled up and traced paths down the many twisting paths on her skin, briefly lighting the room in cyan. "They're the markings of my father Axiom, god of networks and technology. He was working to create a flawless realm of intelligent machines -- the Ascended, actually, whom I'm sure you've met -- but something went wrong. I don't know if it was the Blight or he made a mistake, but he feared for his legacy and took steps to ensure it would be preserved. My metallic skin and these brandings lead me to believe I was to be a technological god as he was, but something must have changed during my nascent state that led to me taking a radically different path. Perhaps this Logos I hear of was the cast-off shell of what Axiom would have preferred I be... alas, neither of them still exist to be asked. I hope. According to Eila, markings like these exist all over Arthos, half-remembered reminders of past mistakes."

Anna shivers involuntarily. Even now she still has a primal revulsion towards conventional technology. Organic is better. More natural. She is not in denial, nope.

She stands, tugging her outfit here and there to adjust the fit until it's just so. She offers a satisfied smile to Thorn. "So you don't idolize the Infinities, I'm mom, and Prosymna is lil' sis. Do these thorns' roses bloom for anyo-"

Hey Thorny!

Prosymna! Anna turns to face the pop star, all eager smiles, previous conversation forgotten. Her one exposed eye looks the pink girl up and down, taking in every detail. Anna feels like she just might have her Final Death from the kawaii. Another part of her, however, took in the details and came to an entirely different conclusion. Prosymna is one of the giants? Did Thorn fly her up here? Was she always a giant? She has to admit she was not entirely in her right mind when she had selected her musician...

"Arthos is, ah, always pretty wet, haha...!" Anna agrees with the pop star regarding one of the near-universal constants of the realm. The two conflicting opinions battling for supremacy in the back of her mind left her slightly confused and awkward. She glances at Thorn with an undisguised what? expression.

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Tue 16 Apr 2019
at 06:47
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
"Oh!" Prosynna said, giving her skirt a little swirl and she spun. "I'm Viese! I am! You've never seen any of my shows, huh? I bet you're super busy, being a super cool science goddess!"

Before your eyes, her outfit changed and her body shifted. Now, she looked like you, if you had ever been a young girl - complete with cyan petticoats and and ultramarine highlights in her hair.

She spun again, and she - was small, Viese. A beautiful shell-pink woman with silvery wings. She was extra petite, even for a Viese, and even for being a child. She settled on your shoulder.

"Being a pop star is all about appearances! So I can look however I want to. It's just a little deep magic! Nobody else can do it like I do, though!"

She leaned against your neck, and gave you tiniest peck on the edge of your jaw. "You should come to one of my shows! I'll even hook you up with a backstage pass!"
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Sat 20 Apr 2019
at 03:15
RP-T ANATHEMA: Arthos, the Age of Perfection
Anna nods apologetically. "Yeah, haha! I've..." Been what? Weeping to herself at the bottom of a waterfall for the last three days? "... had a lot of my mind." She clamps down on the rising melencholy and forces it right back down. There's a cute girl right in front of her and she's about to do something interesting, pay attention to that!

As she leaned forward in undisguised curiosity Anna felt her heart skip a beat. "Oh- my- gosh~!" she squeals. Before her very eyes Prosymna changed again, this time into a little seashell of a viese! "That is so awesome!" She cocks her head into the tiny kiss on the cheek and giggles joyously. The day was just beginning and it was already the greatest day ever. She reaches over to give the now-tiny pop-star a little pat on the head with one fingertip. "I would love to see one of your shows. Maybe after this expedition!"

"So my little changling," Anna says, adopting a slightly more dignified tone. "What're you hoping to find out here is the Floatlands? I understand they are still mostly unexplored, and, well, I have a reputation for... collateral damage. It could be dangerous."

As they talk Anna tours about the Archipelago, pop-star on her shoulder. Her seemingly aimless meanderings takes her by the Repair Pad. If there, she gives Foundation a quick squeeze on the shoulder and asks if Vic Viper is ready for assignment, and if not she polls the aircraft-myth itself.