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Fri 8 Feb 2019
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RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum saw the lady in trouble in the distance, and he immediately sped off through the air toward her. She was a damsel in distress, and obviously a poor victim of those savage mean Dadans. It was only the right thing for him to save her.

Of course...he was smirking the entire time as he made his way through the air. Because he had his own trick to play as the hunter became the hunted.

"I'll save you!" he shouted as he made his way to the "victimized" woman.
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RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Two of the Dadan Sai Hu, their axes swinging out to cut you down -  but your illusion was as real as hers, and she was not alerted when your illusory self took a wound but slew the two adversaries without much trouble. Her eyes widened with shook at your white blood - evidence that you were of the highest breeding, somehow even higher than Palladia.

"NO, you fool! I was too selfish! Fly from here - leave me to my fate! I can stomach to die with a good man who would have lived if only he had known better discretion!"

Was that fear in her eyes for you, or for herself? Had she figured out that you had figured her out?
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Wed 13 Feb 2019
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RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
The illusionary version of Argentum winced a bit from the pain as his arm bled.

"No my lady! I will not leave you here alone! For I shall slay the evil monster!" the man said.

And suddenly, a silver sword emerged from the front of the woman's chest as she was stabbed from behind by some unseen assailant. She had come like a fly into the First Moon's Web as he did to her what she would have tried to otherwise do to him.

From behind, his real self whispered into her ear.

"Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. And of course I'm of higher breeding than Palladia. No mere Lunarian could compare to the original thing, little mon."

And then he ripped his blade out of her ruthlessly as he tried to end her and harvest her, but he wanted to make sure the mon realized before it died exactly what had happened.
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
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RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
It was done, and the look of true fear, surprise, and agony was a potent cocktail that would remain within your memory for savoring for some time. Her form collapsed into a small opal, no larger than a button, but subtle shifting colors underneath the moonlight. She was only a Tier 0 mon, but still, her soul could be used to imbue an ordinary weapon with the traits of deception and beauty.

+1 0-Opal - useful for distraction and deception.
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
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RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
OOC: So I cannot find any of the old rules about mythcrafting with mon gems and such, but I'd like to apply this to argentum's silver sword for now. How can I do that?
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Tue 19 Feb 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum Lunarian:
OOC: So I cannot find any of the old rules about mythcrafting with mon gems and such, but I'd like to apply this to argentum's silver sword for now. How can I do that?

Just press the opal to the sword with your intention in mind; simple as that. Keep in mind that a Tier 0 Silver soul is enough for the slightest magic effect; Dabbler level in Dust terms.

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Tue 19 Feb 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Something was better than nothing for now. And Argentum liked the idea of his sword taking on a beautiful yet deceitful aspect.

So he pressed the opal to it, and willed it to merge with his silver eversharp sword.
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Tue 26 Feb 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
The opal slid smoothly into sword, splashing over it and coating it in white. It gained a new abilty - whenever you swung the sword, it sometimes turned invisible, sometimes, created an illusion of itself that was at a slightly different angle, sometimes did both, and sometimes did neither. It was a little off-putting to wield, but would be far more hellish to defend against.
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Tue 26 Feb 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum swung his newly-imbued sword a bit, enjoying how its beautiful deception trait worked. It wasn't as potent as his own illusions, but he appreciated it none the less. And how he so relished hunting the hunter as well, and the look of fear on her face when she realized that there were things out in the world that could prey on even monsters.

Satisfied, he flicked the blood off his blade, sheathed it, and flew back to the city. He had a certain quartermoon noble to go fetch. It was time to organize a delegation for him to visit centers of power for each of the three factions - a chance to both further explore Luna but also see these different elements of his people. And if necessary, humble them with his hi-jinx.
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Fri 8 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum's vision flickered briefly, and he saw something else - and then it flickered again, a few seconds later. Whenever he blinked, for that moment, Luna looked different - not a lush, tropical world of water and life, but a wasteland of icy dust and crystalline structures.

There was another realm that laid over Luna. Anul, the 'dark side' of Luna. Argentum felt that he could 'travel' there at whim, and that there may indeed be other layers to Luna. The First Moon was a place of illusions and deception, after all. Nothing was at it first seemed . . .

Except maybe Quartermoon Nian, who was frowning while picking at a hearty breakfast of oats and berries when you arrived - along with a side of some kind of fried meat. She looked incredibly unhappy, and you soon found out why.

"Thanks for getting me home. I'd tell you I'm not usually such a . . . lush . . . but lying isn't my style," she said. "I got orders while you're away, from pretty high up. I guess your return was noticed, and since you've taken a personal interest in me, or something, the Azure Ruler has decided to gift this city to you, and I've been assigned the duty of being your personal shieldmaiden, and my troops have been placed nominally under your command. Given that your rank is equal to the Azure Ruler's, as there is no formal rank higher, and given that by the rules of purity you can only directly serve if you're the caste directly beneath the person you're serving, I've been specially 'promoted' to Gibbous."

She sighed. "Which is the WORST. It's a ceremonial rank usually reserved for consorts of royals."

"It means nobody can even fucking sit where I've sat, or step foot in this house unless they're at least Half-Moon or granted a formal audience, for fear of impugning my purity. So I'm basically untouchable, and I can't legally eat or drink anywhere in this entire city."

She flopped back on the bed, groaning. "I just wanted to be a soldier. Do you see now why I drink? At this point, the number of people I can legally fuck can be counted on one hand and I'd still have my thumb to spare. I'm going to die a virgin."

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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum considered.

"Hmmm...well first of all, little Azure-Chan ought to realize that pure as her bloodline might be, I am the literal source of the purity of your entire race. And she is certainly not my equal in essence. So that makes me more pure than her, ranks be damned. I am the first moon, after all, and pure as she may be her ancestors at the end of the day were merely cute bird-like animals I took a liking to and shared my radiance with long ago." he said with an absolutely mischievously unreadable smile.

"So with that said...my presence here is meant to be exasperating and intriguing in equal measure, not a life-sentence. So I am granting you special permission to eat and drink wherever you'd like until further notice. I'm also allowing you to have audiences with whomever you'd like, and am essentially naming you governor of the city which essentially is returning it back to you. I claim the entirety of Luna as my own, so why do I care about the delineations of cities and borders? Anyone who has issue with what I've just said can take it up with me personally. Depending on my mood, they may not have a good time of it." he added, a silver glimmer in his eyes shining a moment before fading.

"Now enough silly politics. I want to see more of my cute Lunarians...and maybe some cute raptorans along the way. My initial request stands - you will ready a small group of soldiers and will escort me on my Lunarian delegation tour of fabulousness. And we'll eat publicly in a tavern or something in town on the way out - I love to both flout and besmirch my purity in equal measure after all." he added with a grin, then clapped his hands.

"Now chop-chop my cute quartermoon gibbous whatever the hell you are now. We've got a trip to prepare for. And try to stay at least mostly sober for a while, ok? I'm not carrying you home next time you pass out. Instead, I'll draw moustaces and stuff on your face while you sleep it off."

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Wed 13 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
"You're . . . either extremely godlike or not very. I've never met . . . something like you . . . and it is very difficult to not want to do as you tell me to do. Despite it being insane, illegal, and possibly treason,"

She clucked her tongue. "But . .  law itself doesn't exist. It's just . .  the power of normalcy . .  the need to have rules so things feel like they matter. I've staked my life, again and again, to defend royalist ideals, not because I believed in them, but because I believed order brought peace, and peace brought prosperity,"

"But if you're around, then you're power. Not power for order, and maybe not for peace . . . but I do feel you're a force for good, somehow, and that maybe prosperity for the many has fallen aside, in favor of preserving it for the few."

She picked up her sword from her bedside, and knelt, offering it you. "I pledge my blade to you, Firstmoon, and by my blade I stake my soul. I will darken the nights of your enemies, and brighten yours."

If you wish, you may acknowledge Nian's oath and make it a true, and name her your Aegis, or retain her as a mortal knight.
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Wed 13 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum grinned at her then, a twinkle in his eye.

"Why...insanity and trespass ARE trademarks of the moon, are they not? So naturally I am inclined to trespass on boundaries and such." he said with a chuckle.

"I definitely don't claim to be power for peace nor necessarily good, although I didn't wake up to torment my favored children. For the most part, anyway." he said with a wink. "But I definitely intend to be a power. One that may eclipse suns and darken worlds one day...or not. I'm still deciding. Tarek for his presumption, Halley for being a useless twat who caved under pressure to make as much people happy as possible despite me being the sacrificial lamb of her ACT, and to an extent due to negligence even Myriad - the one being who could have interjected to Haley and Tarek's stupidity. If I will punish them or forgive...I haven't decided yet. My heart is...conflicted on many levels, and I need time to sort it out. And while I take time to sort my feelings, I intend to fully explore the world and beyond - I'm through moping and falling asleep in giant crystals and putting things off. I'm awake, and like you said - my power will follow."

He then looked at her seriously for a moment.

"That is a powerful and serious oath, Nian, even for my reckoning. I like you - you seem different in a good and intriguing way from the rest of the Lunarian's I've witness so far, over the ages. I could grant you the power to truly make your oath real, but little Nian...are you willing to commit to a master as mercurial and multi-faceted as I? I will warn you - you'll gain great power but surely endure great hardships in exchange - I'll be honest with you about that much." he said.

"Remember. every moon has a bright side...but also a dark side. My emotions vacillate between cold and controlled and surging tumult. I'm both king and selfish, both self-critical and arrogant. And at my truest form, I am beautiful and terrible to behold. I am the balm that heals in the night but also the bane that drives men and monsters alike mad. Are you prepared to stake your soul on being my blade-angel in glimmering darkness, even knowing that at my core I am beautiful and terrible in equal measure? Knowing that I will utterly subsume all of your earthly attachments and filial connections?"
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Wed 13 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
"Well . . ." she said. "I wasn't really that certain, but after a speech that pretentious, somebody needs to take you down a peg." Faster than you expected from a mortal, she struck out like a snake and flicked your nose. "You need somebody around who accepts you for who you really are - an asshole and a miscreant - and keep your arrogance from growing into fatal hubris, especially now that you just mentioned the name of the fucking universe like it should have personally done you a solid and you resent it for leaving you out in the cold,"

She shook her head ruefully. "You're not a Moon without being tethered to something larger, something solid and enduring. I'll make sure you find that something."

"Better serving the fickle braggart who takes me home when I get plastered than serving the cold and senseless order that makes me drink," she said, "And I'm entirely over the entire concept of blood ties and blood caste and blood wars. 'Subsuming' all that sounds pretty relaxing."

"I'll say it again - I'll be the wolf that howls at your jokes, and the maiden that weeps on your deathbed. Or maybe I'll weep at your jokes and howl with laughter at your funeral. You'd be happy with either one, you crazy bastard," she said, grinning. "So, yeah, sign me up. I'll be the sword at your side, double edges and all."
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Wed 13 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum smiled at her, clearly amused more than offended or anything like that.

"I like your spirit, little Nian. You're also physically of superior genetics to most of your kind, purity or otherwise. But it takes more than radiance purity and more than mere genes to be fit to bear my power. To become my angel of the night. You need an abnormally strong spirit too. My power would consume a normal Lunarian." he said.

"But you...I can tell you have the capability to handle my power and become my silver angel. And you're doing it knowing what you're getting into, so...well here we go!" he said as he suddenly held his hands out toward her. She started rising into the air on her own, gripped in the gravity of his power, as silvery glittering tendrils of power sprang up from the ground and stretched up to envelop her in a cocoon on glowing power.

"Little Nian...you'll understand my perspective soon, after you become my Aegis. How I truly am the First Moon, and how I was denied my rightful place in the celestial sphere as I was pushed out by Tarek's sun. I came to Luna not because I was sightseeing, but because I was homeless and drifting and this world caught my eye. Then. I rested while I watched you all grow." he muttered aloud to himself.

After some amount of time passed,, the silver cocoon disintegrated into gossamer dust and Nian decended harmlessly to the ground, changed.

Argentum makes Nian into his Aegis.
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Her feet touched ground. She spread her fingers, then clenched them into a fist. "I don't feel that different. Did I mess up or something?"

She blinked, then again, slowly. Then her eyes fluttered, and she collapsed.

She groaned from the floor.

"What the hell . . . magic? . . . layers . . . provinces? Dragons . . . civil war . . . "

She mumbled on indistinctly, then sat up.

"I'm really feeling that hang over all of a sudden . . . so Luna is . . .  a Balanced Realm? And you're . . . a god. One god. There are others . . . not a lot, not like you . . . there's a valley?"

"Woah, woah. There are voices in my head. Forterra, Remad. Wait. I'm being welcomed?"

"My nightstand?"

She groaned again, as she crawled over to a two-drawer nightstand beside her bed, opened it and withdrew a small wooden box.

"Hey, moon-man. The women and . .  and one guy in my head say this is for you. A little weasel gave it to me awhile ago. I was drunk at the time, so I kinda discounted what I'd seen."

Inside the small wooden box was a rose-gold ring, and a small letter. An invitation to a party that you'd already missed, hosted by the avatar of the universe.
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Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum caught her with superhuman swiftness before she hit the ground unconscious, and he took her back to her bedroom once again to recover.

When she awoke, he chuckled at her.

"I told you becoming my aegis was no light or laughing matter. And that - while full of myself for sure on some level - I was not throwing some random petty tantrum before. My anger is all too real and all too justified. But I...haven't decided what to do about that yet, so won't discuss it much more for now. But I didn't expect you to fully get it then. Not as a mortal, anyway. You're now no longer mortal for as long as I wish you to remain my aegis. And you'll start to perceive and know things on a higher level than mere Lunarians are usually privy to. You're now much stronger than normal Lunarians too. But you're no longer a mere normal Lunaraian Little Nian, are you?" he said with a smile.

He looked at her curiously as she took the envelope out from the nightstand and handed it to him. An invitation long overdue.

"Oh curious." he said as he opened the letter and read it and took the ring from within.

"Hmmm...so Myriad made an avatar eh? I wonder if that avatar will be as ineffectual as the real thing? Couldn't do squat without her pet comet, who herself has the imagination and agency of a rock. I'm a far better celestial object than a dumb comet that can only barely think for herself. Maybe. But enough on that...I should see what it says and stop being bitchy. Moons can be that way sometimes you know. Even ones as manly as dignified as myself." he said with a soft sigh as he read the letter and inspected the ring to determine its properties.
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Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
She shook her head in your arms, then became violent, convulsing. "No! No. I won't. I won't be your Aegis. I want my mortality. I want normalcy. I don't want you. I don't want this. No!"

"You're so pretentious! So weak. Ignorant. Foolish . . ."

Those weren't the words of Nian at the end; that wasn't her vocabulary or her voice.

She was unconscious again, but with much shaking, she came to.

"I need . . . a drink . . ." she coughed. "Luna . . . doesn't like you. Hates you. Doesn't want anything to do with you." she coughed again. "You're an empty syllogism. Myriad . . .  Myriad is a Moon, too. There was never a need for a first moon . . . there's another Tree."

"Taeltresin . . ." she murmured. She was growing weaker again, her eyes dimming as her mortal body was unable to sustain being an Aegis.

Quartermoon Nian, Created Aegis of the False Moon: 0/2. Dying.

You did this to her.

 You cannot save her.

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Mon 18 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
"Wait...what!?!" Argentum exclaimed in genuine surprise. Myriad was a moon? He knew many things with divine limited omniscience, but THAT was something that he didn't know. He remembered bits of Geogenesis. Watched as the Comet bore the trees power and spread it across the divine valley like she were a herald of Galactus. Made the valley. Especially when together they made the realm lower, the valley's ashen mirror, and also declared the first sun and moon to spring into being. For HIM to spring into being. And then, to his deepest horror, for them both to take it back and let the sun be made in Tarek's design...which was moonless!

But Myriad was supposed to be a tree, not "merely" a moon to some other tree. Then how could he be the moon to a moon? Perhaps when the comet uttered Myriad's core into being with myriad and for myriad, he was already an illusion for the short time he was the First Moon of the Valley.

Was he a living illusion? A sentient dream that flitted between the stars of a syllogism that could never sustain his existence? Perhaps that was the source of his mastery of illusion. He was the First Moon, but also the First Illusion! Yet...he tasted too much of Myriad's power and became real nonetheless. A living dream.

Taltresin! What role did that other tree play in all this?

Then she started convulsing more violently, and he didn't know why it was happening. His snapped out of his reverie, and was genuinely concerned.

"Oh no no no no! Little Nian this isn't supposed to be happening. I knew it would work my divine senses confirmed it so why....Nian hold on. Just stay with me, ok Nian! I will not let you die!" he said to her frantically.

Argentum reached out with his aura and attempted to dismiss Nian as his Aegis. To withdraw his power back to himself, and thus let her become mortal again. If it saved her life it would be worth her not being his Aegis. As he did so, he sent out tendrils of his influence to commune with whatever other underlying force was working through her.

"Who or what are you? I am rescinding her Aegis-hood, so she will be saved. But before I break the connection entirely, tell me...why do you try to sabotage my efforts?"
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum reached out to the force behind what was happening, and made contact.

an aegis defends the defenseless
I was an aegis for she who was made a blade
this one was too
born of resilience and refusal -
to become that tool of greater things -
but now an innocent
dying for your hubris

Nian died. Her pulse was gone, her eyes dull, her spirit departed.

she is one of mine
the void called for her as you
accepted her call
I intercede
to grant her wish
to stand apart
she too will be

Nian spirit was slammed back into her bird, and black tears spilled from her eyes, evaporating into dream-figments as they dripped from her high cheeks.

The Dreaming Dark was at play here -

- the mark of cosmos, a webbed constellation of lines and marks - in the shape of a world tree.

A world within a world within a world. The Nightmare within the Dream, the Dream within the Real.

You saw there, among the many Moons - Myriad's name for independent Realms, you knew from your invitation - there was Luna.

And Luna was attached to the Lower Ash, gnawed on by the Dragon Tarek.

a thin line - hair-thin - joined Luna to the Realm Nocturne as well.

As the Moon of Moons, Luna was a crossroads of waxing and waning influences. For now, it was aligned with the Dark.

Nian, Darkmoon Dragon: 10/10 HP
Fidelity: 2 / Lair: 1 / Majesty: 1 / Battle: 2 / Sorcery: 2

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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
As Argentum finally began to see the truth beneath the truth, he made a "tch" sound as he sneered.

"Of course. Of fucking course Luna has to be connected to the Lower Ash, of all places. The Dreaming Dark I can handle. I can see that connection. But yet again Tarek and Myriad would deny me my space...even here, in the middle of nowhere, on Luna. To think...I thought I purposefully drifted all the way out here in the void, but the tuth is I probably washed up here from the Lower Ash. Didn't get as far away from my origins as I thought, huh?" he said, his eyes taking on a sort of manic fierceness that switched between ludicrous joy and anger. Like how sometimes, when things just suck you can't help but laugh at it all.

He maintained the connection to the Dreaming Dark. His power of madness, ironically, making her sane and calm enough to really truly converse.

Or perhaps that was all wishful thinking, and the truth is that Argentum was kin to the Dreaming Dark in a sort of way. And given both their backgrounds, in a way he was. They were both hyper lucid and crazy on a totally different level from everyone else save Mad gods themselves. And even then, they had their own barbs about them.

"Dreaming Dark...I never thought you'd speak to me directly. Even if you're not the usual public face of the tree, you're still a facet. I saw that much, before I was cast from the heavens as an illusion that wasn't needed. I don't even know what to make of you - especially what to make of your main self. How do you describe a feeling of love and hate and gratitude and rage all at once without canceling out, mixed in with equal parts self-pride and self-loathing? Although then again...Dreaming Dark, you of all people would probably understand my emotions, huh? Because like me, you're Dark but not black."

"Well...at least this is the first time you actually as myriad are paying any attention to my existence. Facet or no, I thought you'd never figure out who I was until I acted out so terribly it forced your attention. As much as a real yet fake first moon can act out, I suppose."
he said.

His eyes stopped looking manic and became somber.

"Look Dreaming Dark...I'm not sure why my Aegis-transformation didn't work like it should have on her. I don't know if you fucked with me, or if you're here only because of my own stand-alone mistake. But that young woman wanted to be my aegis despite everything I told her about me. Please don't let my weird real-yet-dreamlike divinity cause her to lose her life over this."
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Fri 29 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
The Dreaming Dark - what little you knew of it - was a deaf entity. Whether was the Dark itself, or merely an agent of it, you did not know.

What you did know was that Nian was awake. There were faint silver traceries of scales over her features, and when she spoke you could tell her teeth were different - catlike - but otherwise she seemed normal.

Her aura was pure gibberish though. She was reading as mortal, and as something similar but not as broad in scope as an aegis.

She coughed. "I'm pretty sure I just died a virgin," she said. "You really should have accepted me as a sacrifice. Not sure why I'm still around." She breathed in deeply, the coughed again - and a curl of metallic smoke blew out of her nostrils. "Whaa?"

Then, of course, she bit her tongue with her new teeth. She spat a bit of white blood - white like yours. "Fuck. Hell of an std." she paused. "Wait, I died a virgin . . .  so sacrificially transferred disease?"

She moved her jaw around, which clicked softly. She rolled out of your arms, and spread her weings - which flapped against the walls, as they'd doubled in wingspan. "Holy shit?" she said.

She drew her wings back into her - and they disappeared completely. Even her natural wings, were gone. Then she unfolded again, and they appeared like a flash of flowing moonlight taking shape. She retracted them again. "I'm something different, alright. Feels really, really good though. Like . . .  I don't know . .  you gave a really big and direct dose of the stuff that made us in Lunarians in the first place," she said. "It's like, is this our final form? Because if so, I gotta say, you are a badass creator god," she said.

Darkmoon Nian
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Fri 29 Mar 2019
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum sighed with relief when Nian began talking again, and also seemed coherent as well. And very alive. That was important too.

"I told you that you'd be far greater than any other Lunarian, and your pure blood is proof of that. You're not a god, but you are an enlightened being now and I've made you essentially demi-divine. If I'm a god, then you're like an angel now. Normal Lunarians will probably never evolve quiote as much as you did, but I will let you in on a secret and say that I'm not done with the Lunarians' evolution by far. We're only in the middle of a much greater plan. It's hard to explain...to normal people, but you will now understand the things I deal with that are outside of mortal perception." he replied.

"You're an aegis. But know that an Aegis is - normally - supposed to be a spiritual intermediary between their patron god and the land that god is tied to from their birth, although you're still more on the god's side rather than the land's. It's why you have access to waves of knowledge that don't come from either yourself or me. But...something bad happened during the process of my imbuing you and I'm only now starting to figure out why. It wasn't intended for you to almost die. I'm starting to see a lot of things I didn't realize until now. Or if I did, couldn't face the reality of until now. But I'm sorry you had to go through that and I'm so, so glad you're alive and Aegis-i-fied." he said with a frown.

"I'm sure you know this or are starting to know this now as you have enhanced knowledge like I do now (but yet different), but here's what I pieced together had happened. I am the First Moon, but yet I am the First False Moon. Because one of the most hidden secrets about Myriad that even I didn't know - I doubt even the Comet that Watches knew this at first - but it turns out that Myriad is not a normal world tree. She functions like one because she's an Arboreal tier being, but she's actually an Arboreal Moon of another world Tree called Taltresin. And apparently, this is part of the reason my aegis attempt got sabotaged." he said dourly.

"While you were out, a manifestation of the Dreaming Dark appeared to me. Most people don't know this, but D-D is actually a facet of Myriad herself. Don't share that flippantly - she went through some stuff and this deserves discretion. But basically, I thought she was the one sabotaging my aegis attempt. But I don't think so anymore. I think this is the first time the being who is the closest I have to a mother actually acknowledged me directly. And she helped me smoothen the aegis process so you'd live. People think the Dreaming Dark is evil, but that's false. It's just...complicated, but never evil." he said.

"But Luna hates me, it turns out. And that's what I think ultimately sabotaged this and nearly killed you. Because Luna isn't really my land. I've been infecting it with my radiance over time, and I rewrote your DNA and evolved you into Lunarians, but Luna was never my godrealm. I don't truly have one. I've simply claimed it. But the mixture of the fact that Myriad is the true First Moon and that I'm the False First Moon because of this Talresin stuff is why Luna hates me and copes with me because I'm too powerful for her to ignore or throw out. So I couldn't get you to interface with the land properly. I...I didn't realize Luna hated me so much. But it's because I'm a real False Moon." he said with a frown.

"So I think the Dreaming Dark interceded on the side of the land, and let you interface with the Nocturne or something instead. The land is a part of Myriad, so it makes sense that she could intercede with the interfacing. But it's the first time Myriad in one incarnation or the other gave me any positive attention. I may be...the black sheep of this entire reality, but I'm not an outsider like a Mad god. I am native to Myriad, which is why D-D helped me smooth this over and I'm grateful for it. But I'm grateful she let me still have you as my Aegis. As for Luna...I will continue to claim it with my radiance, and if it won't love me then it will learn to fear me but it will learn." he said with a cool tone.

"So suffice to say you're a little different than a normal aegis, but you're still my aegis - my Darkmoon angel."
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
She took all of what you had said - and it was quite a lot - and nodded. "Well. Alright. Me being whateverthefuckingthing aside, you wanted an an escort assembled."

And so it was done - a small company of 46 men was assembled, in groups of eight. "Combat effiency," she said. "Sergeant, four infantrymen, marksman, point, and a Piercer - a solider to trained in disbelief. Given the bevy of illusions on Luna, they're essential."

She was all business. If you knew anything about Nian, it was that she was very efficient at avoiding her own problems by solving other people's.

It would be a day's travel to reach the Sea of Serenity, and another day to along the coastline to reach the capital.
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Re: RP ARGENTUM: The Cascading Falls of Luna
Argentum nodded, satisfied.

"I guess I'll leave wondering about my mother for later. I doubt my mother even has a unified view of me yet, but I suppose it  makes sense she reached out to me through the Dreaming Dark. That always was the part of my mother I identified with the most. I am, after all, a mixture of light and darkness, reality and illusion, and sanity and madness myself. I suppose I truly am her child when I put it that way." he said sincerely.

"And you're my Aegis - my beautiful, majestic Darkmoon Dragon Aegis. Your caste is between mine and the Queen's. I don't want you worrying about this - leave the identity crisis to me. You're just...even more special than I initially thought, thanks to mother bypassing Luna and letting you be my intermediary with the tree regardless. And I like special, if a bit transgressive, things. I have issues, but I can no longer fully resent her or think she hates me after what she did for us. As for Luna...the land may hate me, but my radiance will continue to conquer it and if it won't love me, then it will fear me but it will not ignore the Non-Myriad First Moon. And I won't let it stop me from being...well, me." he said.

"And with that said, I am most pleased with the entourage you've assembled. Just make sure your city properly has people assigned to look after it in your absence. As it is the city closest to my Moon-Crystal I am sure we'll be back here again at some point. But for now, I wish to tour Luna more and hunt and prey on those silly mon who reside here as we ultimately make our way to the capital. That will be the start of my grand Lunarian Awe-and-Exasperation tour and I want to see the centers of these three silly factions you told me about." he said with a smile, although in such a way that once again she'd be unsure if he was being dead serious, facetious and playful, or some sort of mix. Probably a mix given his temperament.

"And good call on including piercers. I may not be bothered by illusions, but I cannot be everywhere at once and the troops need some self-sufficiency against such things."

He then floated over to the assembled Lunarians.

"Listen up, my cute feathered friends. I am guessing Nian told you but if not, I will right now. But the purpose of this delegation is that I wish to tour and sight-see the civilization of my people and maybe conquer and subjugate more of Luna itself on the side. I have rested for a long time and will be staying awake indefinitely until further notice, and I wish to see more of how much you all have evolved. My radiance will continue to help you as a species surpass your Raptoran limits but I need to get a better basis for where my people are now currently. I will raise you above the rest of Luna's inhabitants over time as my superior and chosen people. But so far I find myself pleased with your growth."

"I also am aware of this faction war silliness, and am telling you now that I am not aligning with any one faction - you all are my cute feathered people and I grant my radiance to all of you, not just some of you. Mind you, I am sure there are those who will attempt to draw me into their politics...and for those people, I will make sure to exasperate them more than help. Even your queen will be pranked and humbled if she tries it. You all have been warned. Also, I am declaring that while you are acting members of my delegation that your obligations to your queen and faction are secondary to your membership in my delegation. This means that if we encounter other factions you will not automatically be hostile to them, because your obligation to me and your delegation membership takes precedence over the queen and her faction. I want to commune with all of my people, not just 1/3 of them."

He turned to Nian.

"Darkmoon? Let us depart if preparations are complete."

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