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Dramatis Personnae
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And just for, as the Brits say, shits'n'giggles, a rogues gallery. I've taken Mac's, Cassy's and Rai's images and put them in a standardised format, and created images for Shione, Argent and Gian. I used a Filipina woman who closely resenbled the image Sione had posted of her working out, a STO Caitian for Argent (a black one, natch) and an image of Tom Welling for Gian, as the avatar he uses is very similar. I hope everyone approves.

Dyson Base - Dyson Station

Dyson Base - Freeman's Island

Dyson Base - Outpost Three

USS Cuyahoga

USS Miramichi

USS Thames II

USS Lena

First Contact Personnel



The Sphere

Starbase 21

USS Enterprise-E

USS Bras D'or

USS Challenger

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Dramatis Personnae
A list of some of the species at Dyson Base: Players' races are shown in Red

Human — TOS
Vulcan — TOS
Andorian — TOS
Tellarite — TOS
Alpha Centaurian (aka Centauran) — TOS
Arcadian — STIV: TVH
Bajoran — DS9
Betazoid — DS9
Betazoid/Vulcan hybrid — TNG/TOS
Bolian — TNG
Caitian — TAS
Chiropteran — Hyperhelion short film
Cygnan — TOS
Efrosian — STII: TWOK
Edoan (aka Edosian) — TAS
Gallamite — DS9
Gorn — TOS
Haliian — TNG
Ktarian — TNG
Kaferian — TOS
Iotian — TOS
Mirak — fannish
Orion — TOS
Pan — original
Saurian — ST: TMP
Trill — DS9
V'gelnian (Vulcanoid Rigelian from Rigel V) — FASA STRPG
Vargr — Traveller RPG
Xenexian — New Frontier novels

Human — TOS
Klingon — TOS/ST: TMP/TNG
Romulan — TOS
Finori — original
Vargr — Traveller RPG
Slarg — Fringeworthy RPG

Human — TOS
Klingon — TOS
H'ranna — original
Vetti — original
Pongo — Planet of the Apes movies

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