Nivran arrives at Starbase 21.   Posted by Relic GM.Group: 0
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Thu 2 Feb 2017
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Nivran arrives at Starbase 21.
Nivran is dropped off at Starbase 21 by hir last ship, the USS Columbia. Several of her crew mates are in the Transporter room to see hir off. Captain Theo Gallivan steps forward and says, "Lieutenant Nivran, it has been an honour seving with you. I speak for all the crew when I wish you all the best in your assignment."

Several of the crew say, "Hear, hear!", a Terran exclamation of approval and move forward to say goodbye.
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Tue 7 Feb 2017
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Nivran arrives at Starbase 21.
Nivran smiles at the Captain and the crew that did come to see her off, as shi knew that doing so was not required especially of the Captain.

"Thank you, sir, and all the rest of you, it's been an honor serving with all of you and aboard this ship aswell, and I'm almost sorry to get reassigned away from here."

Nivran turns to look at a crewman off to one side in security red, and her continued smile and tone of voice would tell the others that shi meant hir words to be humorous.

"And your the one reason I'm actually glad to be going Evan, your pranks where starting to get a bit tiresome, and if it wasn't for the fact that they where always hilarious, I think you would have been canned long before I even got here."

Nivran then still smiling saluted the Captain and stepped onto the transporter pad, with the rest of hir personal belongings.