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Master of Ceremonies
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Mon 4 Jul 2016
at 20:28
Welcome to Torchfire, a 5e Shadowrun campaign. A few things to remember:

First, be respectful to your fellow players. We're all here to have fun and write our story together. Second, the thoughts and actions portrayed by the characters do not represent the beliefs of our players. In other words, don't take anything personally, it's just a game. Third, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a PM. I promise I'll read it and respond as best as I can.

Good luck running the shadows! And no mater what happens, never forget: everything has a price.
Master of Ceremonies
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Thu 11 Aug 2016
at 04:16
Now feels like a good time to announce that I will be handing out a little bit of bonus karma at the end of each run to whoever I feel has best portrayed their character. I'll be taking a number of things into account:

1. How well you stay in character.
2. How often you make decisions based on what your character would do, not necessarily what the smart/best thing to do is.
3. How much insight you give us to your character's thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Basically, make your character feel real.
4. How much your character develops/changes over the course of the story. I don't just mean improving your character's skills. I mean I want to see how they change as a person in response to what's happening.