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Herbert Baron Greystock, aka Father
The 27th Baron Greystock, he had high hopes that his wife Susanne would give him a son to be the 28th, but it appears he will have to settle for Hermine instead, a fact that doesn't always sit well with him. He's mostly gotten over the gender thing, but his daughters are both surpassingly strange, and, even in the 21st century, whispers over impropriety can still be terribly socially damaging.

As a father, Herbert was never precisely cold, but he wasn't exactly the pinnacle of warmth. He was never more happy than when his daughter Hermine got married to a respectable man, glad not to have to worry about her nearly as much, and has been loudly hinting to Alice that she really ought to settle down. Alice's fondest experiences with him are his passions - sculpture, hunting, sailing, and miniatures.

In accordance with his father's wishes, he made the Greystock manor his primary residence after his father died, leaving the London townhouse, which he maintains, to keep it in the family. In England, manors may pass to one's primary heir so long as they maintain it as their primary residence, with failure to do so resulting in the assessment of all back taxes. He has no way to pay it off, but he feels it's an important part of his patrimony.

Susanne Greystock, aka Mom
In a bizarre departure from British parenting, Susanne was always warm to her daughters, particularly after Alice's birth, a difficult labor that left her unable to bear any further children. Acutely aware that they would be her only progency, Susanne was vastly overprotective, which, naturally, resulted in her daughters going their own way for a large part of their lives. Their mother bears this with patient humour, always trying to insert herself into their decisions and exercising every weapon in her arsenal to do it.

In her private time, Susanne plays the violin, and had a stint on the London Symphony Orchestra when she was younger. She isn't fond of the manor - she thinks it's creepy and it gives her the shivers.

Hermine Halcyon Greystock, aka Ugh it's my Big Sister
Heir apparent to the Greystock name, Hermine has done everything right. She attended boarding school, Oxford, and got married not long after graduating. Rather than settle down and start having children, though, she advanced her career and started traveling. She hardly ever returns home these days, and her husband, Albert Halcyon, is silent on the matter.

Growing up, Alice remembers her older sister as strong willed, and they clashed constantly, but were always a unified front.