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House Rules (Must Read)
Below are a list of house rules. While some house rules may be new to 3.5 edition, others will be simple story/description alterations.

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House Rules (Must Read)
Base Class Changes and Variant Class Features:

All Casters:

The DC's for all spells will now include the BAB of the caster.

Change in Base Bard
1. Gains the skill Knowledge (Steamworks).

Druid Variant - Steamwork Druid
1. Can use a Steamwork Companion in place of a normal Companion.
2. Spells take on minor changes to match setting (IE: entangle now summons cords/wires)
3. Change Knowledge (Nature) to Knowledge (Steamworks).
4. Loses Heal and gains Repair.
5. Loses Handle Animal and gains Operate Machine.
6. Resist Nature's Lure becomes Resist Steamwork Influence. Instead of fey it is now against constructs.
7. Nature Sense becomes Urban Sense. Gain +2 on Knowledge (Steamworks) and Survival Checks in cities.
8. Wild Shape loses Plant Wild Shape and gains Construct Wild Shape.

Change in Base Fighter
1. Gains the skill Operate Machine.

Change in Base Ranger
1. Prerequisites on combat feats must be met to gain benefits.
2. Combat Style not chosen receives a -2 on all rolls. (IE: A range combat style receives a -2 on melee attack and damage rolls)

Ranger Variant - Steamwork Ranger
1. Companion becomes Steamwork Companion
2. Spells take on minor changes to match setting (IE: entangle now summons cords/wires)
3. Change Knowledge (Nature) to Knowledge (Steamworks).
4. Loses Heal and gains Repair.
5. Loses Handle Animal and gains Operate Machine.
6. Woodland Stride becomes Street Stride. Undergrowth is now replaced with trash, boxes, crowds, uneven cobblestone roads, ect.
7. Camouflage now works only in city settings.

Change in Base Rogue
1. Sneak Attack is a single standard action.
2. Gains the skill Operate Machine.
3. Gains the skill Repair.

Change in Base Sorcerer
1. Can choose to obtain a Steamworks Familiar.

Change in Base Wizard
1. Can choose to obtain a Steamworks Familiar.

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House Rules (Must Read)
Spell Casters now have Replenish Points

Replenish Points start accumulating after a spell has been cast. A caster must choose which spells slots to replenish. Recharged points are not exchangeable and only apply to the spell slot chosen ahead of time.

To find your replenish rate you must first find your total spell capacity. Take the number of times you can cast a spell of a certain level, times that by the level's multiplier, repeat for all spell levels, and then add your results.

Once you have your capacity you can find your replenish rate. Take 480 (the number of minutes in 8 hours) and divide by your capacity. The result will be the number of minutes it takes to earn one Replenish Point.

Example Chart:

Replenish Rate
40 mins/point
Spell LevelCasts/DayMultiplierTotal Points
Capacity Total = 12
480/Capacity = 40

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House Rules (Must Read)
Changes in General Rules

1. Initiative rolls are made with a 1d10.

2. Cart movement per day is doubled.

3. Price changes in Lodging and Food/day (New prices in Facts, Numbers and Figures)

4. Crafting items (excludes Prototypes) is done in days, not weeks.

5. Diplomacy can be used to influence players' attitudes by winning an apposed Will check. Diplomacy cannot be used to win arguments nor force a player's character to perform actions they would not normally do. However it can make a player character more willing to be honest or helpful in matters.

6. Synergies now stack with every five ranks achieved.

7. A critical miss must be confirmed by a second attack roll (using the same bonuses) failing to hit AC.

8. Saves cannot be a critical success or a critical fail.

9. HP is taken from max HD.

1 (one) flaw only - and MUST impact your character if you choose to have a flaw. The DM has the right to deny your character the benefit of the feat of the flaw if the flaw is not actively in use. The feat granted by the flaw CANNOT be a prerequisite for another feat, or prestige class you wish to take.

Characters can freely multi-class into 3 different classes not including prestige classes. The base class exceptions still apply if you multi-class out of first class.
Examples are Paladin and Monk.

Will not require exp unless the spell used for crafting requires an exp cost.

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House Rules (Must Read)
Steamwork Subtype
Creatures that obtain the Steamwork Subtype gain the following features:

1d10 Hit Dice.
Base attack bonus equal to ¾ total Hit Dice (as cleric).
Poor saving throws.
Skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) per Hit Die, with quadruple skill points for the first Hit Die, if the steamwork has an Intelligence score. However, most steamworks are mindless and gain no skill points or feats.

A steamwork possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

Steamworks Size Bonus
Hit Points

No Constitution score.
Low-light vision.
Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects.
Energy Resistance (10) to fire and electric.
Energy Weakness (20) to acid.
Cannot heal damage on their own, but can be repaired using the Repair skill. A steamwork with the fast healing special quality still benefits from that quality.
Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, or energy drain.
Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).
Not at risk of death from massive damage. Immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less.
Since it was never alive, a steamwork cannot be raised or resurrected.
Because its body is a mass of unliving matter, a large steamwork is hard to destroy. Conversely, a small steamwork is frailer and easier to break. It gains bonus hit points based on size, as shown on the table.
Proficient with its natural weapons only, unless generally humanoid in form, in which case proficient with any weapon mentioned in its entry.
Proficient with no armor.
Steamworks  can only use standard actions for attacks.
Steamworks  do not eat, sleep, or breathe, but must drink water in order to replenish their steam. Should they not intake water every 8 hours they shutdown. To reactivate a Steamwork Creature water must first be reintroduced and then the pilot light has to be started.

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House Rules (Must Read)
Skills and Feats

New Skills:

Craft (Aeronautics) - Building machines capible of flight.

Craft (Automatons) - Building of Automatons.

Craft (Firearms) - Deals with explosive projectiles.

Craft (Generators) - Creation of steam/electric power suppliers.

Craft (Locomotion) - Creation of moving vehicles.

Craft (Steamworks) - Creation of steam powered gadgets.

Knowledge (Steamworks) - History of steam powered creations, names of their makers, and current well known steam powered inventors.

Operate Machine - This allows a person to control and operate machinery or command a Steamworks Creature.

Manufacturing Line10
Special - If this is used on a Steamworks Creature then the DC's are the same as Handle Animal.

Repair - Repairs damage to Steamwork Creatures and functions much the same as Heal's long-term care. Minor repairs can also be made on machines (DC vaires by DM's judgment).

Added Synergies:

Every 5 Ranks in...Gives +2 Bonus to...
Craft (Armorsmithing)Craft (Automatons)
Craft (Weaponsmithing)Craft (Firearms)
Disable DeviceOperate Machine
Disable DeviceRepair
Knowledge (Steamworks)Craft (Aeronautics)
Knowledge (Steamworks)Craft (Automatons)
Knowledge (Steamworks)Craft (Firearms)
Knowledge (Steamworks)Craft (Generators)
Knowledge (Steamworks)Craft (Locomotion)
Knowledge (Steamworks)Craft (Steamworks)
Operate MachineDisable Device
Operate MachineRide (On machines)
RideCraft (Locomotion)

New Feats:

Gunsmithing -

Craft Steamwork Wondrous Items - Same as Craft Wondrous Items in every way except now it has a steampunk skin.

Craft Steamwork Arms and Armor - Same as Craft Magical Arms and Armor in every way except now it has a steampunk skin.

Craft Steamwork Staffs - Same as Craft Staffs in every way except now it has a steampunk skin.

Craft Steamwork Wands - Same as Craft Wands in every way except now it has a steampunk skin.

Altered Feats

Weapon Focus - Now stacks with masterwork weapons and enchants.
Improved Critical - Now only adds +1 to critical threat range. Example: a dagger would go from a crit of 19-20 to a crit of 18-20. This +1 stacks with Keen enchants.

New Craft Mechanics:
Since many enchants are done through the use of feats, specific crafting skills will instead be used to perform research and development in order to create new enchantments and/or wondrous items. This would mean that in order to craft anything new (even with the use of feats) players would first be required to perform a craft check in order to design and build prototypes. Once a prototype has been built successfully a character can then use their feat to built the actual working model.

Creating Tech (enchantments/items) is broken into two main types; changing existing tech and creating new tech. Creating tech only applies to tech not already in use. Basic enchants such as fiery and shocking do not need to be researched. Ask the DM if you are unsure whether or not a tech is available.

Chart for Research and Development DC:

Minor change to existing tech15
Moderate change to existing tech25
Major change to existing tech35
Creating something new - minor20
Creating something new - moderate30
Creating something new - major40

Changes to Existing Tech:
This is a classification where a player changes specification to an item that has already been developed. An example would be adding a scope to a riffle. Most weapon and armor enchants are considered making changes to existing tech.

MinorAdding a tripod to a firearm
ModerateAdjusting a firearm to accept different ammunition
MajorAttaching wings onto a motorcycle

Creating a New Tech:
The creation of something new is harder than modifying existing tech. When a player attempts to build any items that is not already present in the world of Feam it is classified as creating new tech. An example would be creating a steam powered jet pack. Most wondrous items are considered creating new tech.

MinorSteam launched grappling hook
ModerateCybernetic Enhancements

In all cases above, the research and development process is the same. Step one is to use the  DM handbook to calculate the items creation cost (as if it was made by magical means). Once that value is determined you can use it to find the length of research time it will take to manufacture a prototype using the crafting feature outlined in the Player's Handbook.

Behind the Scenes of Prototypes

The reason prototyping is added to item creation feats is to symbolize the complexity of crafting Steampowered items. It will also limit the number of extremely overpowered items that can be built. By having a high craft DC it prevents low level characters from changing existing tech and adding it on their firearms. Many powerful items can be crafted with relatively low magical requirements (IE: cannon). Therefor a higher crafting DC is implemented to balance the rate of item obtainment.

Since crafting the prototype costs one third the base cost, and building a working model requires half the base cost, the total cost would be near the full amount of buying an already manufactured item. The reason a player would choose to perform these crafting would be to gain access to enchantments or items not available for purchase.

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House Rules (Must Read)

New Weapons
Light Wrench - Same stats as a Light Hammer.
Hand Wrench - Same stats as Warhammer.
Great Wrench - Same stats as Maul.
Lead Pipe - Same stats as Club (But now affected by rust effects)

New Exotic Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeDamageRounds HeldReload TimeAmmunition CostWeapon Cost
RevolverOne Handed30 ft2d65 RoundsFull1gp750 gp
ShotgunTwo Handed15 ft2d82 RoundsMove3 gp500 gp
RiffleTwo Handed60 ft2d101 RoundStandard5 pg1000 gp

Characters that have proficiency with Heavy Crossbows gain proficiency with Shotguns.
Characters that have proficiency with Hand Crossbows gain proficiency with Revolvers.

Repair Kit - Same as Healing Kit but with cogs, nuts, and bolts.
Flint & Oil Waterskin - Flint is wrapped around the neck of a waterskin and filled with oil. Striking steel to the neck of the waterskin can ignite oil and counts as a standard action. Poring the oil out is a move action and can coat a 5 foot area. The cost is 3 gold.

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House Rules (Must Read)
New Vehicles

The list bellow represent the Vehicles in common use. Beneath the chart will include example pictures that the vehicles will resemble.

Public Vehicles:

VehicleSizeSpeedDrive TimeHPACCarry CapacityCost
Steam ChairMedium30 ft1 hour2012225 lbs100 gp
Royal's SpeedsterLarge80 ft1 hour2012225 lbs1,000 gp
Industrial TowerLarge15 ft2 hours10016540 lbs200 gp
Royal's CruiserLarge45 ft3 hours5012540 lbs2,000 gp
MotorcycleMedium45 ft30 mins3014225 lbs300 gp
Royal's MotorcycleMedium60 ft30 mins3015250 lbs3,000 gp
Personal Zeppelin (Flying)Large15 m/h8 hours2012225 lbs500 gp
Royal's Zeppelin (Flying)Huge25 m/h8 hours3514540 lbs5,000 gp
Transport Zeppelin (Flying)Colossal40 m/h7 Days50026100 Tons50,000 gp
Special - Towing Capacity is x10 the Carry Capacity.
Special - Ground vehicles can 'run' at 5 times their speed but at 10 times the fuel cost.

Steam Chair
The Steam Chair is the most common vehicle available for the everyday Feam citizen. It is light weight and easy to operate. When used correctly, the operator is positioned between two wheels at the side and one wheel at the back. For an additional 25 gp, the Steam Chair comes with a hitch feature - allowing the Steam Chair to tow a small basket (3 cubic feet).

Royal's Speedster
This top of the line speed demon is built by the Royal Manufacturer and costumed tailored for the rich of spirit (and pocket). This stripped down steam powered car is extremely light, agile, and quick to accelerate. The RS is the current land speed holder on the open market at a top speed of 90 miles per hour.

Industrial Tower
The Industrial Tower is a heavy duty brute designed to tow large weights and comes standard with a hitch allowing the operator to tow carts, wagons, sleds, or carriage. This vehicle is mostly used for internal city shipments. While slow, it does provide one of the highest towing capacities.

Royal's Cruiser
Essentially the Royal's Cruiser is a disguised Industrial Tower. With more attention to details and elegance, the Royal's Cruiser comes permanently connected to a passenger carriage. A hired operator sits in front of the RC while the rich lounge comfortable in the back. The carriage of course comes with a standard convertible feature. What's the point of owning class if the commoners don't see you flaunt it?

While there are many different version made by many different manufacturers, all can agree that the motorcycle is the finest in personal transportation. The motorcycle was not designed to attach a hitch, carries very little, small water tanks, and boasts a high price tag. So why buy one? Because nothing can match the feel of flying down the streets of Feam at over 60 miles per hour! (Disclaimer: 60 mph travel can only be sustained for a max of 3 minutes).

Royal's Motorcycle
The Royal's Motorcycle is the ultimate experience of freedom. Built by the prodigious Royal Manufacture the RM is thought to be speed formed into beauty. At almost 70 mph as its top speed it is the fastest you can go on two wheels.

Personal Zeppelin
There are no common manufactures of personal zeppelins due to the high price tag and the relatively few citizens who can barely afford them. Most personal zeppelins are made by enthusiasts and sold at cost to build (Listed in Chart). They are just excited to see their creations flying.

Royal's Zeppelin
The Royal's Zeppelin is the only personal zeppelin manufactured by a major retailer. As usual, the target clientele is the rich and famous.  The RZ is designed in the style of a small but lavish sail boat and is complete with an extra sleeping compartment big enough for two.

Transport Zeppelin
The largest form of flying transportation. While a few Transport Zeppelins are owned by businesses for the sole purpose of cargo and passenger deliveries, most are in the hands of the elite Corporate Families. Not only can they travel in class, a number of the families have turned them into homes away from homes.

Military Vehicles:

VehicleSizeSpeedDrive TimeHPACCarry CapacityCost
Royal's Guard BikeMedium30 ft30 mins10018320 lbs3,000 gp
STC Imperial BikeMedium50 ft30 mins5015320 lbsNFS
STC Personnel TankHuge10 ft2 hours35011540 lbsNFS
STC Imperial War TankColossal20 ft1 day1,0003520 tonsNFS
STC Imperial ZeppelinColossal60 m/h14 days2,0003550 tonsNFS

Royal's Guard Bike
This armored motorcycle is hand crafted by Royal Manufacturer. Although the price tag is the same as the RM, the RGB is half the speed. This trade off grants the RGB a heafty AC bonus and higher carrying capacity; great for carrying an extra passenger in the side cart. Each vehicle is custom built per order from Corporate Families so that every Royal's Guard Bike bares the Families Markings.

Animated Object, Colossal


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