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The Storyteller
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Mon 19 Dec 2016
at 16:30
1) All posters are required to post at least one a week - Even if it is in OOC.

2) Posts cannot be one liners. Each post should include some form of action and/or a response to something. This response can be anything from the obvious, like attacking, to the subtle, like shifting your stance.

3) Arguments in OOC will not be tolerated. Disagreements can and will occur, but they will be settled civilly. If at any point the disagreement carries on too long or stops being civil, I will step in as DM and settle it.

4) All players MUST remember that players and their characters are not the same person! Do not take out your frustration on the player over what a character does.

5) You are required to read and familiarize yourself with the world and mechanics of Feam before character creation.

6) Steampunk Tech is heavily used. Players must accept and embrace the presence of it in the world of Feam.

7) Characters will be required to have a profession and/or a skill that can be used to earn gold in a profession.

8) Must be 18+.

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