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Mon 5 Sep 2016
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Act I, Scene 2: Midnight Realm
At the bottom of the rough hewed stone staircase, the lantern light opens up into a particularly large natural cavern. The walls are damp and natural, but the ground is a well worn series of footpaths and gravel leading off to several side-tunnels. The air is stale and dusty here. Scrapped pieces of armor, all clearly Nazar Ethan crafted, lay scattered about the cavern floor. There is no sign of the bodies which previously inhabited that armor.

It's time for an initial encounter so we can all get used to the system. Gimme some Perception Saves, folks -- using whatever bonuses you may have.
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Mon 5 Sep 2016
at 11:59
Act I, Scene 2: Midnight Realm
13:55, Today: Raven rolled 12 using 1d20.  8+ per save.

The tall vyshe advanced at a seemingly haphazard pace, huge blade drawn but casually resting on one shoulder, eyes peering into the gloom ahead. An unlit cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. He wished he could light it, but alas... underground, unsafe, and the ember would only make him a target. So he pads on along the wall, ready to unleash his strike at whatever might pop up.

Being underground unnerved him. He liked large, open spaces - or the everlasting chaos of the other plane. This, this was like being buried alive.
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Mon 5 Sep 2016
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Act I, Scene 2: Midnight Realm

Chen Zen was quite proud of himself, he'd done it. They'd gotten out of the city. Now they just had to survive.

08:43, Today: Chen Zen rolled 8 using 1d20.  perception save.
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Tue 6 Sep 2016
at 17:43
Act I, Scene 2: Midnight Realm
The "human" sage joined the others, looking about a bit fearfully and sticking to the middle of the group.

OOC: Save successful (she needed a 5+, with her 16 PER).

13:39, Today: Luca rolled 7 using 1d20.  perception save.

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Thu 8 Sep 2016
at 23:29
Act I, Scene 2: Midnight Realm
15:27, Today: Herleifr rolled 10 using 1d20.  Perception Save. Needed 6+.

With sword and lantern in hand, Herleifr steps into the cavern.
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
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Act I, Scene 2: Midnight Realm
The party marches forward with Herliefr and Raven leading the way. Chen Zen and Mordred bring up the read. Luca keeps pace in the middle of the formation.

Not far in the gloom, Raven and Hen*** almost step into a trap. A large and thick spider's web has been spun across the cave floor and between the rocks. After they come to a sudden stop without stepping in the web, a large creature with hair and chitin peaks out from behind a bolder.

Meanwhile behind them, Luca and Chen Zen notice movement. A second large spider is trying to sneak up on them from behind. It crawls across the ceiling as effortlessly as leisurely walking over the solid floor. Mordred, adjusting his lantern, has not noticed the beast yet.

There is no surprise in this encounter. Here is how it will work: the simple version. Your Speed attribute (+Initiative Bonus if you have one) is your initiative score. We start at 20 and count down. These monsters have a Speed of 14. I'll give the PCs the benefit of a tie, this scene. Everyone here has one action phase which means 1 action per combat round.

Chen Zen goes on 20
Raven 18
Luca 16
Herliefr 14
monsters 14
Mordred 10

If your character is holding a lantern, you may attack without penalty. The trade off is that you only have one free arm with which to wield weapons and swords. If you opt not to hold a lantern, you are relying on the light from someone else nearby; you'll fight with the nonproficiency penalty which means you'll use 1/2 your Combat Value (rounded up) instead of the full CV. If you want to smack something, simply roll D20 + your Combat Value.

These are tough monsters, but the PCs have them outnumbered. Also, the PCs have the option of spending Fate Points if they deem it worth the price. These monsters don't have Fate Points.

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