The Tenants.   Posted by Author.Group: 0
Sun 31 Jul 2016
at 03:04
The Tenants
When the God Lucan first showed himself to the people, he laid down these Five Rules that he was adamant about. He'd never indicated how many times a group, person, or race would be allowed to mess up, but he was adamant that they should NEVER be broken.

1. Outright cruelty would never be allowed. Continuous offences would render your very race or group in this realm robbed of freedoms.

2. Violence is understandable. However desecration of a foe would result in the same of Rule One.

3. If you can live with the consequences, any action is justified.

4. A group or Race shall all be as one unless said otherwise. Groups become family, and their bonds link them as one.

5. I am not all knowing, but I know much.

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