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The Introduction
Mad God Lucan
The world is new. Not to the universe but to the newest inhabitants of the world, and it's only Diety.

The world Isra was not new; her surfaces we marred with traces of civilizations long past, her oceans held many lost treasures, her plains were dotted with ruined statues, her mountains held many a cave, her jungles had mysterious buildings, and her glaciers held the long dead.

Everyone now existing on this plane had only one god to speak of. The previous gods of this realm having been torn apart by each other, and then finished off by the pantheon. His name was Lucan. Lucan the unknown. Lucan the Wall. Lucan the Honorable. Lucan the Just.

His eyes were weary, when he addressed the people. They were of every sentient race possible, but they were now together. "You all will learn to Co-habilitate... Or, I will destroy you. Completely. Absolutely. Without remorse. You have half a millennium. Now, get along children."

He vanished. But his hand still falls on those who betray his rule. He laid out a system, for those that did not understand. Five Tenants that were not to be disobeyed.

Lucan disappeared from view. But he was there. The world didn't know what to do. Chaos reigned, but soon it shall be right, else the world fall to Ruin.

That is how it started, and now it is thirty years later. Groups have formed, bonds have been made, family's had been started, some had been ended, and everything doesn't seem to be going the way Lucan wanted.

Lucan was not a heavy handed god, however, in all the madness of the initial migration to the world many people had broken his tenants. The orcs were some of the worst offenders, having not heeded the commands the greatest almost the whole race had been stripped of any intelligence they'd had and turned into a barbaric nomadic culture, incapable of thinking beyond simple means and societal goals.

There were few orcs who'd escaped the forced turn of their brethren, as they'd partnered up with various guilds and groups. A few were now even higher community and neighborhood leaders and vying for the people to see that they were never to be associated with the turned orcs again.

Farms were made outside of the city, and had been well taken care of by a mixture of elven and human hands. They became important and we're more highly valued than in their previous world, for having knowledge on growing food, and raising livestock to supply the ever growing city.

The docks were occupied by small fishing boats, but no traders at this time. The people only knew so much of the world, and weren't keen on getting lost in the expansive unknown territory. Many fisherman only went out till the could just barely see the city, and no further, as there were dangers of going too far out.

The Dragonborn became different in this world. Very different. No longer were they getting 'old' at the rate they had been. The first thousand or so Dragonborn had expected to die before this time, but instead felt as if they were still nearly hatchlings. Because of this many became guardsman for the first city of Isra. A job they did quite well.

Human aging had also been slowed down, humans that were in their 20s when they first showed up didn't look any year over 30.

Dwarves had taken the mountainscape on the eastern side of the city and begun to build into them. With the stone they quarried they helped with the majority of the renovation of the city that would become their homes too. The mountain would become the area that most resembled the Old world.

The remainder of the city had a mixture of each races old world traits. Human houses were simple, Gnomish houses were small and tightly packed, Halfling houses were cozy and comforting, Elvish houses had simplicity mixed with elegance, Dwarvish houses were spartan and crafted with strength, Dragonborn homes told tales and reeked of honor,High Orcs(as they liked to be called) tried to imitate human and elvish homes but fell just short, Tiefling homes held dark colors and the demonic heritage, and every half home looked like a mixture of the parents' race.

Now, everyone that lived here knew they must try and reclaim a semblance of what they knew. And before they knew what happened most people set out to work, all for the sake of their living spaces. All of them worked with each other to make the city grand. It looked like a place that belonged to everyone, to all that had worked and poured sweat into it after the initial migration.

This was not to last however, As tensions further became higher as each passing year. Many small groups had begun forming cliques. Some shops were only allowing certain racial patrons. Some people were getting into fights for squabbles started about race.

Just when everything was looking so well, everything started falling apart. There were no laws other than the tenants. There was no government.

Who would save the various groups from themselves? Or would someone disobey Lucan, and make the world follow their ruling? Would their greed overcome them? Would they allow anarchy? Would they allow injustice?

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