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Health and Healing
Recovering a -0 health level takes one hour if bashing,
or one day if lethal.
• Recovering a -1 health level takes 12 hours if bashing,
or two days if lethal.
• Recovering a -2 health level takes one day if bashing,
or three days if lethal.
• Recovering a -4 health level takes two days if bashing,
or five days if lethal.
• Recovery from Incapacitation is up to the Storyteller—
in the case of being knocked out by bashing damage,
it usually happens at the end of the scene, but might happen
in the same scene shortly after the end of combat (if the
Storyteller wants to get the player back into the action),
or could potentially occur hours later. Incapacitation by
lethal damage is usually fatal, though the Storyteller can
allow the character to linger at death’s doorstep for a few
rounds, giving other characters a chance to stabilize
him with emergency medical treatment. In this case, it
might take hours, days, or even weeks before the character
regains consciousness and heals his Incapacitated
health level.
Trait Training Time
Caste/Favored Solar (Ability minimum) days
or Martial Arts Charm
Non-Favored Solar (Ability + Essence minimum)
or Martial Arts Charm days
Spell Two weeks per Circle
New Evocation (Essence minimum x 4)

Trait Training Time
Attribute (new rating) months
Non-Caste/Favored (new rating) weeks
Caste/Favored Ability (new rating) days
Specialty two weeks
Purchased Merit (new rating) weeks
Willpower one month

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