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Welcome to the City of Jord
Once a secret pirate haven, Jord has grown over the last three centuries into a port city in its own right. At first it served as a secure base from which to conduct raids against Guild merchant vessels bound for Isle, but over time the city has expanded into a true settlement, the northernmost outpost on the lonely strip known as the Lost Coast.

Yet while Jord has grown into a proper city, it remains true to its roots—you can get rich quick in Jord if you’ve got skill and a bit of luck, though for every success story there are a dozen nameless bodies buried in potters’ fields or tossed to the hungry denizens of the sea.

Jord is located in a secluded, rocky harbor situated at the easternmost reaches of the Mountains ridge known as the Teeth of the Sky, where the meandering Witchmoor River meets the sea. Although the site was partially chosen for ease of defense, the original settlers  had something else in mind when they settled into what is now modern day Jord.

Its First Age monuments.

The city proper is tucked in between two rocky ridges, the easternmost rising just over 300 feet in elevation and blocking the city from a tidal swamp of hillocks and mires that serves today as a dumping ground for refuse, derelict ships, bodies, and undesirables. The western ridge ascends swiftly into the Calphiak Mountains themselves. To the north, the Velashu River threads its way between these ridges, leading up into the Velashu Uplands.

While roads from the east and north exist, they are not well-maintained—the most notable access to the city is its harbor. No one who sails into Riddleport by sea can avoid passing beneath the Cyphergate