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Introduction and some rules quick facts
The Elliot Brandenburg Memorial Animal Hospital and Shelter has been oasis in the high desert since 1899, providing care and shelter for all manner of wild and domestic animals. The small, but talented and dedicated staff, does everything they can to heal, rehabilitate, and find new homes for animals.

Unbeknownst to most people, in addition to these services, the Brandenburg Shelter also provides assistance to a wide variety of fera/changing breeds. With the assistance of the all fera/kinfolk staff(many of whom came to the shelter as patients when young), and a wide network of contacts, the shelter takes in orphaned, abandoned, kidnapped, and ostracized young fera. Some of these fera spend the rest of their lives at the shelter, for love of their new family and what it represents, or because they can't find the right place for themselves in the rest of the world. Other fera are rehabilitated and connected with others of their kind, joining the various breeds and tribes across the planet in the fight to protect Gaia, correct and maintain the proper balance of the Triat, and fulfill breed specific goals.

Residents, and former residents, of the shelter tend to form incredibly close bonds. A Gurahl raised at the shelter may be nearly as mistrusting of Garou as any other Gurahl, but they trust the members of their shelter family more than anyone else in their lives. While prejudices remain, most of the residents seem to have at least somewhat, if not fully, incorporated the radical theories of Agnes Brandenburg (owner/operator of the shelter), that the only way to avert the Apocalypses is through cooperation of all fera.

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Rules Quick Facts
  • In scenes where there is combat, initiative will be handled by an initial init roll (1d10+wits+alertness)
  • Characters with highest init go first, but can elect to delay their action
  • If you are taking rage actions, they will happen after all other first turns
  • In some cases you may want to delay your initial action to use with your rage actions at one time.
  • If you want multiple actions in a turn you must split your dice, using the total from the smallest pool. Like: Dex: 3, Brawl: 4, Athletics: 1. If you want to dodge and punch on one turn your pool will be (Dex+Athletics=4). You can split those 4 dice any way you like between the two actions
  • Remember, you can also elect to reserve dice to save for dodging when you make your action, however, if you don't need to dodge you still lose those dice on the main action
  • Ones remove successes, however you only botch when you have zero successes and ones (this does not include soak/damage rolls![they can't botch])
  • When a 10 gets rerolled and turns into a 1, don't remove a success
  • When rolling, if you have a specialty, coming soon
  • For action turns(like combat), start your post narrating your action, then in orange styled text at the end put your sytems. You can include what you think is an appropriate difficulty, if I disagree I'll look at the die roll and adjust (standard difficulty is 6)
  • When you roll an attack and succeed, roll damage as well. If it gets dodged we can ignore it.
  • In non combat/stressful situations if your die pool exceeds difficulty you can take an automatic success, but it is just that, one success.
  • Expect to have increased social difficulties when dealing with fera not at the shelter, they think you're strange... and possibly even corrupted

An example action post:
Buddyboy the Garou eyes the three fomori in front of the building and runs directly at the bloated decomposing heap of what used to be a man in the center. Upon reaching him he jumps and uses his head like a springboard to jump onto the side of the building, on his way up he drops his grenade belt in the middle of the three fomori.

Actions: Spending 2 rage to take 3 actions, first action running up to fomori. Second action using his head as a springboard, Dex+Athletics diff 8. Third action, split dice: toss grenade belt Dex+Athletics diff 5, and grab onto the building Str+Athletics diff 7.

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