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Local Lore
Lady Everleigh is the Arch-Baroness of Ratik - she is the unquestioned ruler of Ratik, though there is more contention in her relationships on the fertile plains than among her allies in the heights.


RE: the elfs:
-Selene, is part of the family that holds some authority along the lower Rakers & up into the Timberway Forest.  She is the equivalent of a Countess (though her father, the Earl, is still living at his hold in the Timberway).
-Antonin is her uncle and guardian, youngest brother of the Earl, his rank similar to a Baronet (lower than high nobility, but higher than an esquire, squire or even a knight).
-Zenon (Zan's father) is similar to a Viscount, oversees a small county that is among Selene's father's protectorate.
-Rennar is a scout/ranger and sometime Sheriff in the town of Ratikhill, though he spends more time in the wilds than in Ratikhill.

-Full Pint is a small waypoint at the base of the Rakers.  It suffers no leaders, though the populace meets monthly to discuss (and argue local affairs).

The dwarfs - Dilvhom is a dwarven fortress found in the upper Rakers, a strategic stopping point as well as toll station for folk moving east and west over the mountains to/from Pale.  It's location is north & west of Full Pint and is overseen by a dwarven warlord who is closely aligned with Selene's father and Lady Everleigh.

-Long standing enmity between Ratik and the Barbarians north, and the former states of the Great Kingdom south and east.
-Friendly neutrality between Ratik and Pale.
-Hostility with the Bone March.  Ratik actively ships weapons to enclaves of freedom fighters who use the border mountains as bases of operations and hideouts.  Ratik eagerly defends the borders, but have not sent troops into the Bone March to assist the rebels.