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Basic Information
Pure Blood Humans
Long ago, during the first turning in a world where Vampires were a rarity. One of them fell in love with a farmer. The man had been kind to her and hid her from the Hunters that were chasing after her. Not having a place to go she decided to stay and become the man's wife. Out of their love and the blood of his kind heart she conceived and bore the first Pure Blood Human. A Human with the powers of a vampire without the curse. Their blood was sweeter and granted power to other vampires.

Once discovered Vampires and Humans bonded. Hunters laid down their weapons and swore to never hunt again during those peaceful times. Pure Bloods were everywhere, until a time where other Humans thought them a menace. There came a period of time in history where they were even killed with the vampire lovers. That massacre split the foundation of an era long friendship between the races causing them to war against one another.

Yet even then some still fell in love and a few Pure Blood Humans were brought into the world. Kept hidden their existence was only a whisper a myth among the Elders and clans. Pure Blood Humans were ever a rarer species than they were. Some were drained of their blood by the younger vampires. Pure Bloods have an uncanny smell that attracts the opposite gender. Weather male or female they were fated to be used for their empowering blood, yet what the vampires forgot was that when the power faded they would need to drink again in order to let the power awaken within them.

If a Pure Blood is kept alive, those around him, or her, will become more powerful. Love is a powerful feeling and tool and Pure Bloods were created out of both. Their blood can also heal emotional wounds and awaken forms within vampires that they have yet to experience in their curse. The only selfless exchange would be to protect the Human and eventually bear offspring to continue the race.

Yet the relationship between the Vampires and Humans had faded from ages of old and now many live in fear, others hunt the cursed Vampires, while the Vampires drain the Humans of their blood killing, or cursing, them to bring them into their covens to fight a war with no end.  There is a Legend, a whisper among the Covens. One telling of a Pure Blood Human and seven vampire guardians ending the war and bringing peace back to both races. Yet that is nothing but relics of a forgotten past, swept underneath the rug of reality. Or so many think.

Roleplay Info

~~Vampires in this rp are not dead but cursed. Their ancestors drank the blood of a monstrous bat in order to obtain power to save their home. This power cursed them and they soon realized they needed to feed upon the blood of others in order to keep their strength. With so many Humans around it's easy to feed the curse.

~~They do not burst into flames in the sun, nor do they sparkle. The sun drains them of their power and weakens them. It makes them vulnerable, almost reverting them back to when they were Human themselves. During this time is when they take to hiding, less they show their vulnerable to those around them and ruin their pride an honor as a Vampire. Come night time they feed to regain their lost power. Sort of like a battery needed to be recharged after it's been drained. That is why some of them despise the Clergy, because in days of old Priests held sun magic and would use it to weaken and kill a vampire.

~~A simple bite and draining of blood won't change a Human into a vampire. Nor will drinking their blood. A ritual contacting the spirit of the Monstrous Bat is needed and performed to turn a Human into a Vampire. They can still have offspring, and many Vampire Lords will forcefully turn young beautiful Human women into vampires for this reason only. Their offspring will be vampires like themselves, but it is somewhat overlooked. It is much easier to turn a Human rather than to intimately create a vampire. Most Vampires bury their emotions because of their curse or seek new paths because of it.

~~Vampire males and females are different. The men are more noble and tend to desire to surround themselves with women and politics. They are powerful but feel they do not need to show their power until it's necessary. The women are noble as well, but excel in using their newfound strength and magic. They are more warriors than anything else and often fight the battles the Vampire males feel unworthy of their time. Sometimes the women break off and form their own covens. Sisterhood's they forge to fight against the Hunters or find Humans to feed and other females to turn and bring into their Sisterhood.

~~Much like the Pure Blood Humans, hunters have magic. Given to them by a fallen angel they are granted with the power of sunlight to fight against the darkness within the Vampires. They also can coat their weapons with holy water, water mixed with the sun/light magic. More of the novices can be taken down easily, but the more experienced Vampire Hunters can be hard to take down.

~~Vampires can breed, they can have offspring. Vampire children are a rarity seeing that not many vampire women desire to endure pregnancy and childbirth. Mostly it's the Elder Vampires that have offspring. Love is a concept forgotten thanks to the curse but it is still there. In moments of weakness, or deep trust, will a Vampire show love. Some of them are kind, but not all of them are. They are a fallen race who bring fear to the weak-hearted Humans, this very fact is what makes them despise Humans.

~~There will be a total of three Pure Blood Humans in this rp. Chad is one of them, but the other two will not come to pass until the six slots are taken and more people arrive in the roleplay. This rp has harem aspects to it, but is more open. Over time I will add more parts of the city and eventually stop accepting profiles when I think the group is solid and big enough.

~~Once a Pure Blood Human is bitten, the vampire makes a contract. Little do they know this but Pure Blood Humans were created out of the love between a Human and a Vampire. So their scent entices and brings forth seven guardians of the opposite gender to form a small coven like group of their own. The vampires drawn to the Human are chosen by both the spirit of the Monstrous Bat and the Goddess of the Stars. The blood empowers them, and awakens hidden forms and powers granted long ago. Yet the power does not last forever. Many foolish younger vampires think they need to drain a Pure Blood to obtain all the power, but quickly realize their demise when their power vanishing within an hour of the draining. The Human must allow themselves to be fed upon and be brought along with the Vampires to various covens and into their world upon contract. Later in life the Human must choose one of the guardians as their mate and bring more Pure Blood offspring into the world. Sometimes they can breed with multiple guardians, but it is up to them.

~~My goal for this rp is to be a bit of a darker romantic harem story. One that might delve into future offspring chapters later. If it grows big enough that is. ^^;