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DM Dread
 GM, 28 posts
Fri 11 Nov 2016
at 16:25
As I plan on this being a game we can all sink our teeth in, and knowing that people who understand each other and like each other will play together longer this
 Is where we get to know each other. Pbp is by nature more rewarding for roleplay but easier to get distracted and take offense.

So here goes...names Mike, though a lot of folks call me Sarge, as I was a Sergeant in the army during much of my life. I'm 57. Been gaming since 1975 at the tender age of 15 with the original boxed set of D&D. I sell cars for a living and live in Palm Springs CA. I'm into comic books, history, and nature. My dm style is organized and story driven. For combat in pbp I will bend normal gaming convention in the interest of speeding it along,  because I think it's the biggest time sink in pbp.

I like players who understand the innate social contract in pbp that we are here because we love role play and when pvp situations arise, know someone has to realize it's not fun for the group and finds a way for their character to stay true and still make peace. I like players who are organized on their sheet. I'm into players whose characters find ways to impact the game world and make our joint story enjoyable....

I dislike argumentative players, players who look for that one loophole to exploit an advantage.  Players who say "but that's how my character would act" as an excuse for violating the gaming social contract.

I think that's enough from me at the moment...let's get to know each other

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Victor Brice
 Human Rogue, 2 posts
Fri 11 Nov 2016
at 21:51
Hey ya-all I'm 50 + years old my name is John and I'm unlucky enough to call DM Dread my big brother. I've been RPGing since GOD made dirt. My brother say's I'm a tactition, I just love to play does not matter what type of RPG or character class I really don't care as long as the adventure is epic
 Human Fighter, 1 post
Fri 11 Nov 2016
at 22:44
Hey there. I am approaching 40 and have two kids. They are awesome as well!

I like avoiding interpersonal conflict but love a good slugfest so I won't go picking fights just for the fun of it but I won't actively avoid them either. I am not a huge fan of elaborate planning IC. I feel like it gets confusing and slows down the game but that being said, I am sure that will happen here and one thing that might make it easier is to be all the verbose you would like to be IC but bullet the plan out OOC. Just a thought likely inspired by a current in game situation.

I haven't picked the angle yet for my fighter but I have some ideas.
Maria Barca
 Dhampir Swashbuckler, 2 posts
Fri 11 Nov 2016
at 23:01
Heya everyone, well I am a mere 27 years old(though sometimes I act a lot older or younger then that).. I've been doing RPG's for close to 10 years now, I tend to think somewhat tactically when it comes to fights. I live in the Netherlands

I am not against PvP, but I do tend to avoid it as well if at all possible. A bit of inter=party conflict due differing opinions IC or a friendly rivalry of sorts can always be good fun though.

I work at the post sorting centre, hours are weird and fairly inconsistent, but its a job which is a achievement on its own given the fairly shit job market. As for my real name I'll keep that a secret for now, but I tend to respond just fine to my character name and my generic online alias Affectedsafe.