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DM Dread
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Wed 14 Jun 2017
at 16:58
Creatures Encountered
This will be a comprehensive list of creatures you have encountered

Knot of Thorns

1st-2nd level

Branderscar Guards (2nd Human Warriors)
Branderscar Help (1st Human Commoners)
Sgt Thomas Blackerly ---Watch Sgt. (4th Human Fighter)
Warden Matias Richtor (2nd Aristocrat/4th Wizard Human)
Guard Dogs (2HD)
Giant Frogs

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DM Dread
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Sun 18 Jun 2017
at 17:25
Creatures Encountered
2nd to 3rd Level

Vampiric Mist
Mitheral Cobra
Sir Balin (8th Human Cavalier)

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DM Dread
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Thu 2 Nov 2017
at 02:58
Creatures Encountered
3rd to 4th Level

Captain Sambryl (5th Human Fighter)
Sailors of Talingarde (2nd Human Warriors)
Nerianus (4th Triton Oracle)
Triton Strike Force (3rd Triton Warriors)
Small Water Elementals
Chief White Tusk (5Th Human Ranger)
Joseph Calls Fire from Water (4th Human Druid)
Whale Hunters (1st Human Experts/2nd Warriors)
Small Ice Elementals
Kilketz Ice Mephit

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