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The Good Guys
When the party reaches 8th level they will be supplying/fixing/stocking/defending a dungeon for near a whole year while a ritual is performed that will seriously mess with Talingarde. During this time you will have minions performing errands, and downtime to create items, as well. But you will also have to face good guys.

To have some fun with of the parties of adventurers you will face will be of your own creation.

I will give each player 1,000 exp and your choice of magic item values under 5000 gold to be placed in Balentyne for your discovery for completing a really interesting and challenging good guy to face you. Each if you will create 1 character. Build one of your favorite past heroes you enjoyed playing as a nemesis...

Submit him like you would an rtj as a concept. I'll add the character to the game complete with character sheet. When you're done with him I'll take control back to the DM from you and he will sit in the archives for a couple levels until he's ready to attack you.
Character Creation

You create a character at 8th level

Choose a Race
You create one of the following races: Aasimar, Catfolk, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Human, Svirfneblin
and no others...

Choose a Class
I will be choosing 6 characters. I wish a balanced party and so will be looking to fill positions. If you want to enhance your chances on being chosen. provide character concepts to fill a couple positions.

Primary Combatant
1. Barbarian
2. Cavalier (Samurai)
3. Fighter
4. Gunslinger
5. Paladin
6. Ranger
7. Slayer
8. Warrior

Primary Arcane Caster
1. Arcanist
2. Kineticist
3. Magus
4. Psychic
5. Sorceror
6. Summoner
7. Witch
8. Wizard

Primary Divine Caster
1. Cleric
2. Druid
3. Inquisitor
4. Occultist
5. Oracle
6. Shaman
7. Spiritualist
8. Warpriest

Primary Skilled
1. Alchemist
2. Bard
3. Expert
4. Hunter
5. Investigator
6. Occultist
7. Rogue (Ninja)
8. Vigilante

Secondary Combatant
1. Aristocrat
2. Bloodrager
3. Brawler
4. Commoner
5. Paladin
6. Monk
7. Ranger
8. Swashbuckler

Secondary Caster
1. Adept
2. Alchemist
3. Bard
4. Hunter
5. Inquisitor
6. Medium
7. Mesmerist
8. Skald

1. All NPC classes must stay NPC classes as they level until 4th level. then they may change at 4th level. The Adepts Level adds to the Caster Level if they go into a Spell Caster Class (Any).

2. Only the classes/archtypes listed in the Pathfinder RPG Reference Document, or in the Way of the Wicked material, are playable.

Ability Scores
We will be using a 25 Point Buy with no ability score may be below an 8 or above an 18 (before racial ability modifiers)
The 4 NPC Classes Adept, Aristocrat, Expert Warrior Gain an additional 5 points (30 points) for the buy
The Commoner gains +10 points for the buy (35 pts).


These are the Saviors of Talingarde from the worst threat the country has ever faced...they are all GOOD.

Available Books for creation

No Wizards of the Coast 3.5 material, nor PF 3rd party material (except the adventure path) is available for use. Only official Paizo Pathfinder material.

Hit Points
We will not roll Hit Dice for Hit Points. Instead you get max at 1st level, and then take average-rounded-up for every other level (e.g. a d6 gets 4, a d8 gets 5, a d10 gets 6 and a d12 gets 7.)

You can take up to 2 traits of your choice. The RP of the traits can be refluffed as necessary for your character concept, however, you must obey the limits of one Trait per category (e.g. you cannot take two Traits that are both listed as "Combat", or two both listed as "Magic", etc) and of any Race traits (unless you spend your Social option on "Adopted")

Note: The Commoner will gain an extra Trait.

Note: Traits that increase initiative or increase starting wealth will not see play

Gold for expenditure on gear is 20,000

You can use this thread for discussion of what each will create. You have a lot of time to create the goody two shoes who will attempt to seize your property...have fun with it

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Lukasz Alazario
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Wed 31 Jan 2018
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The Good Guys
As I mentioned in OOC, gearing my character submission towards the divine role, though uncertain if I will go with the pious devout who works to ease the suffering of those who fight for good or the religious zealot who works to wipe out evil with the might of his blade and convictions.

On that note, DM Dread, to you have any more information on Mitra that I could take a look at?

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DM Dread
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Wed 31 Jan 2018
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The Good Guys
There is no greater god more worshiped in Talingarde than the divine Mitra. In fact, to someone born in Talingarde it might seem that there is only one god. Mitra’s worship is so dominant, so pervasive, that rivals are hardly noted.

Further, Mitra is not one deity. One of the central tenets of the Mitran faith is that while Mitra is one, he is also three. These three aspects have individual names and natures. They are Mitra the Shining Lord, Mitra the Beneficent Sun and Mitra the Fire Undying. Different priests and sects emphasize different facets of Mitra and thus it can seem they are worshiping very different gods.

Every priest of Mitra must choose which aspect he chooses to primarily follow.

Mitra the Shining Lord
Alignment: LG
Portfolios: the Sun, Justice, Honor, Charity, Valor
Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Sun, Nobility
Subdomains: Archon, Day, Heroism, Honor, Leadership, Light
Preferred Weapon: Longsword

Mitra the Beneficent Sun
Alignment: NG
Portfolios: the Sun, Healers, Mercy, Serenity
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Protection, Sun
Subdomains: Day, Defense, Home, Light, Restoration, Ressurection,
Preferred Weapon: Quarterstaff

The Fire Undying
Alignment: LG
Portfolios: the Sun, judgment, fire, purification, the destruction of evil
Domains: Fire, Good, Strength, Sun, War
Subdomains: Archon, Day, Ferocity, Light, Resolve, Tactics
Preferred Weapon: Warhammer

The Shining Lord is a god of kings and conquerors. This is the god of righteous might and great civilizations. He is a patron of the strong and the lordly. The Shining Lords bids that those with power use it for the greater good. He is lord of paladins and heroes, true enough, but he is also the patron of scholars and sages.

He urges all to seek a greater purpose and to find within this world the truth. Together we can make a better world and if we will but keep the faith, then one day all will be light. When portrayed in stone the Shining Lord is often portrayed a great king wielding a sword, wearing a crown and resplendent in the finery of kings.

The Beneficent Sun is more passive. Yes, we should help those in need. But it is more important to be at peace and to find within ourselves the light. The sun shines on both the wicked and the worthy. Its blessings extend to all. This aspect is much less anthropomorphic. In fact, it would be easy to say that this aspect is not human at all.

Instead this is the aspect of peace, healing and abundance. Mitra made all life and with his warming light he sustains it. Everything that happen, weal or woe, is his will. Be at peace with this truth even in dark times. The Sun may set but it will rise again. When portrayed in stone, this is the god of healers often clad in a robe with arms outstretched.

The Fire Undying is not so patient as the gentle sun. This is the inquistor’s god – the god of the pyre and the witch hunter. The Fire Undying seeks out evil and burns it from this world. The Fire cares nothing for civilization or serenity unless they aid in this unyielding cause. The fire of war has been lit. It was not Mitra who started it. This war for the souls of all mortals was started in the pits of hell. But now the war cannot be ignored and it is a struggle that the Fire must win. When you extend mercy to evil, you are only allowing it fester. The Fire will burn the rot out and from the ashes, we will at last have peace.’’

The head of the church is the High Cardinal who has complete control of the Knights of the Alerion. The High Cardinal is second only to the King in power, and is served by seven Cardinals. Almost all of these ranking members of the church are of noble birth.

The Church of Mitra touts itself as a non-political organization that does not care to meddle in matters of kings and countries. This is quite frankly a blatant lie. The Church o f Mitra is an immensely political organization deeply involved in the politics of its day. The Church of Mitra has three objectives which inevitably entangle in political matters:
1) Keep House Darius on the Throne of Talingarde
2) Keep Foreign Gods out of Talingarde
3) Limit the Influence of Scholars and Wizards
While the first goal is not controversial, the second and third goal is a cause of much tension. Many are vehemently against such ideals since keeping out foreign religions always means restrictive trade barriers and unfriendly policies on outside merchants.
The third goal is especially contentious. Any scholar who has even a rudimentary necromancy or too much knowledge of the lower planes could find themselves purged at the pyre. Mitran priests willfully spread distrust of arcane magic amongst the people. There are whole hosts of avenues of magical study that are forbidden to pursue under the edicts of the church. Though the church has the upper hand, they have marginalized a powerful group.
Adelia Lionheart
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Wed 31 Jan 2018
at 16:20
The Good Guys
Is it possible for a CG barbarian to worship the Fire Undying?
DM Dread
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Wed 31 Jan 2018
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The Good Guys
Lukasz Alazario
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Wed 31 Jan 2018
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The Good Guys
Name: Felina of Estyllis
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Class: Cleric or Oracle (archetype undecided)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Her father a distant cousin of the High Cardinal of Mitra, Felina showed much promise at an early age, demonstrating strong ability with divine magic and a keen wisdom that assured her a coveted place among the spellcasters that make up the Church hierarchy.  Her benevolent nature and the protective arm of her family ensured that she made her way to follow the Beneficient Sun aspect of the Mitran faith. Indeed, so strong is her belief in the Beneficient Sun that she often leaves the safety of her order to ease the suffering of the less fortunate.

Where Lukasz is calculating in the use of his pleasant smile, Felina is sincere.  Where Lukasz works to increase his own power and the influence of his patron, Felina's goal is to bring peace and ease suffering in the world.

More details in the works.
Tomas Barca
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Wed 7 Feb 2018
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The Good Guys
Name: Aegon
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Paladin (Archer)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Mitra

Background: More to come. I'm thinking I'll have him be from House Darius and his magic item will be a Bow that Tomas will use when needed for ranged combat.
Lennias Greystone
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Thu 8 Feb 2018
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The Good Guys
Name: Lennias Greystone
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 30
Class: Wizard (Abjurer)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion: Mitra the Shining Lord

Background: Lennias Greystone comes from the noble house of Greystone, a baronial house in Talinguard. His family is in general on good terms with the church, and they are overall not rife with corruption and generally support the crown. Lennias is the youngest son of the current Baron Greystone (and thus is a baron himself) - with him being among 4 children total. He's considered a bit eclectic, as he chose to study wizardry (and is actually really good at it) instead of focus on purely baronial pursuits. As the youngest child, he could afford to do this.

He is relatively young and idealistic, but firmly a believer in the order of law tempered by goodness. Despite the church's strained views on arcane magic, he actually is a VERY devout follower of Mitra and believes in the Shining Lord aspect the most, and actually is well known for standing up to a cardinal in the church who was in an anti-magic faction and calling him out, saying it was hypocritical for them to expect everyone to be good and law-abiding while making social conditions be tense for mages who choose to use their magic for the good of themselves and others, rather than against others. Yet, this conflict never stopped him from having faith and clerical inspection continues to show he is undeniably good and faithful. The cardinal had to acquiesce, given both the good reputation of the Greystone family in general as well as the fact Lennias is well-known and visible as a devout church goer, and has more than once used his magic for the good of other people.

The truth is Lennias believes in noblesse oblige - that with great power comes great responsibility - and he loves the people of Talinguard, supports the crown, and is so into Mitra you'd think he was a part of the church. He is charismatic and diplomatic, and gets on well with both commoners and nobles alike. He favors abjuration magic as a direct extension of his desire to use his magic to help everyone in Talinguard grow and prosper, and ward off evil forces in the process. He sometimes does use necromancy magic, but only for spells that ward off and disrupt the undead or bolster life forces. He never prepares spells that mentally dominates or tampers with the life energy of others, and as he prefers defensive magic he doesn't do well with evocation or enchantment either but is exceptional with abjuration magic.
Victor Brice
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Thu 8 Feb 2018
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The Good Guys
Name: Salene Cestone
Sex: Female
Race: Drow Elf
Age: 110
Class: Rogue (Scout)
Alignment: Nuetral Good
Religion: None

Background:After a long journey to the surface from the under dark, Salene does her best to build a name for her self as a scout that can be trusted regardless of her heritage.

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Adelia Lionheart
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Fri 9 Feb 2018
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The Good Guys
Name: Adelia Lionheart
Sex: Not yet
Race: Human
Age: Secret
Class: Barbarian (Titan Mauler)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: Mitran (The Fire Undying)

Adelia is a large-framed woman who was terribly rebellious in her youth; she often ran off to adventure in the wilderness by herself and her parents despaired of ever making anything good of her. The turning point in her life came when she was place into the care of the Battle-Sisters of the Sun; they recognized that Adelia's passion should not be eliminated, but constructively channelled, and so they decided to train her to channel her ferocity into fighting prowess. The results were quite impressive; Adelia soon gained fame as a local hero who slew many enemies bigger than herself, emboldened by her fierce belief in Mitra, the Fire Undying, and backed up by her mighty axe arm. She longs to find a great champion of evil and slay it to prove her faith and might...

Recently, she defeated a minor frost giant jarl and recovered a mysterious talking axe from his hoard. Its massive size and heft suits her temperament well, and she's looking for a place to test it out...

Final Justice, the axe which Adelia recovered, appears to be an exquisitely-made weapon of  reddish-black metal, which speaks in dulcet female tones. She claims that her greatest joy is to restore order to the world.

This is a lie, of course. Final Justice was once an axe devoted to Asmodeus. which drank the blood of many dissident and heretic necks in its role as an executioner's blade. It was believed to have been lost long ago, but that is apparently not the case. It sees a vulnerable soul in Adelia, and seeks to urge her into corruption, but time and the dispelling magics of the Mitran faith have diminished her power...
Salene Cestone
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Sun 11 Feb 2018
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The Good Guys
I only have to shop and the Rogue is finished
Salene Cestone
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
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The Good Guys
The rogue is finished you may archive her and give EXP.