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DM Dread
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Fri 18 May 2018
at 22:52
Burning Ballentyne (Act IV)
The party had scuttled the ship in the shallows of the Eastern end of the lake. A Watchtower to the west. Aldencrossbto the east, then had rowed 3 miles to shore into a forest some 10 miles south of Aldencross. The Kings Road was a couple Mile's inland bisecting the forest and would go right into Aldencross.

Looking at each other the group could see the injuries and blood and Gore apparent on each other and thoughts turned to the next part of the task at hand...Ballentyne Keep had to be taken and the gates thrown open for the horde to advance into the soft lowlands of Talyngarde and they only had 30 days.

The morning fog had hidden the scuttling of The Frosthammer from seeking eyes and this bought them preparation time. This was by far the most difficult task they had faced to date. Well over 100 soldiers manned the keep including Dwarven Seige Engineers, A Sect of Mitran Priests and a Reputed powerful Wizard. Storming it was out of the question...were they  ready...time would tell.
Tomas Barca
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Sat 19 May 2018
at 10:36
Burning Ballentyne (Act IV)
As they rowed back to shore, Tomas said, "I'll look for a quiet place outside of the city to land and clean up. I'm sure the wounded among us could use a breather as well. We should plan our entrance and determine how we will set about our mission within those walls."
Victor Brice
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Sun 20 May 2018
at 21:41
Burning Ballentyne (Act IV)
Once on shore Victor searches for a good spot to stash the oil and rope, He'll come back with a wagon later and pick that stuff up. After hiding his cachet he strips baths in the lake and washes his clothing and armor. Then gets some much needed rest.
Renard D'Vonis
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Thu 24 May 2018
at 18:27
Burning Ballentyne (Act IV)
Using his last but of primary spell energy, Renard as Rene' cast a spell to channel dark necrotic energy into Maria, healing her wounds!

OOC: Casting His last 1st level spell slot for repair undead on maria. She heals 11 hp!

13:18, Today: Renard D'Vonis rolled 11 using 1d8+3.  Repair Undead.

Rene' Helps as best as she can to get all the loot and her party to shore, and then she works with everyone to find a safe place to rest. She doesn't even care if they do it outdoors at this point - she is exhausted from the ship ordeal and needs to rest to restore her spent spell energy.

After waking from a long rest, Rene' has a burst of insight as she discovers new wellsprings of power! (Level to 4).

She then prepares a general purpose magical spell that will allow her to clean the party up! She casts and chants as everyone's dirt, grime, and filth vanishes! She even cleans up their gear and their loot, so not a speck of blood or dirt remains!

"Grumblejack? I need you to carry that safe. I have the key if anyone is asking, and the story is it's what we could recover from our shipment having an accident my cart and such falling into a river or something and me losing most things - the things we have are what we recovered. But there's a lot of gold as well as the whiskey and such so be careful with that safe Grumble!" she said firmly.

She turned and reached into her spell pouch a moment, before chanting more. After a moment, a full-grown horse with a bridle appeared from thin air. Rene' climbed onto it.

"As the lady of the party, I need to ride in style."

ooc: Casting Prestigitation on everyone to do a mass-cleaning of the party and our stuff! Then cast the mount spell.