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Wed 7 Sep 2016
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Give me a concept, maybe a Fact that stands out, and what Words you are interested. From there we will work out your sheets.

You should be from Dulimbai but that covers a big region with a lot of different ethnic groups, tribes, sub-cultures and minor rebellions. Patrian slaves are common and the native Akeh were conquered a thousand years ago by the invading Ren culture. The dominant themes are Asian influenced, with honour, wisdom, swordplay and martial arts weaving stories of magic and adventure from the holy mountains of Shoushan Mountains to the bamboo forests that dot the Jinyue River. You may have come to this lawless region looking for adventure, gold, vengeance, magics, relics of the First Empires or just to escape the mandarins of the Regency.

Tell me why you came to this land and what goals you intend to pursue here.

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