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Wed 19 Oct 2016
at 01:43
These are changes to the base game that are for this game.


Replenish points

All classes start and behave normally with number of spells and allowed spells per day.

Level 5 Sorcerer
Level   spells
0         6
1         6
2         4

Points can only begin replenishing once a caster as used spells, and they cannot exceed the max amount of allowed spells without resting

The replenish rate is (missing spells x spell level) add totals together  / 8. Were 0 level spells are .5 points.
6*.5 = 3
6*1 = 6
4*2 = 8
points 17

to get how many points per hour its
= 2.12 or 2 points per hour

The Sorcerer can choose to put his points in any spell slot that is not already maxed.

The caster has to predetermine where is points will go. Points are not pooled for later use. Points cannot be used in spell levels with max allowed spells.

You cannot use replenish points to change known or learned spells. They can only be used for the spells that you have learned, until you rest a full 8 hours.

Think of it as each spell level has its own mana bar and each hour you rest you can regain some of that mana but never go past its full mark. You can only replenish up to the points lost and will only start once a spell or spells have been used.

This change is done so spells and spell casters can be a little more useful.

-- Replenish points brought to you by the Bard - fellow DM and D&D player

Must meet the pre-reqs for their combat style feats
the opposite of their combat style will take a -2 to attack for not being specialized in.
a ranger taking archery will get a -2 to ALL melee attacks
a ranger taking two weapon will get a -2 on ALL Ranged attacks including spells
these do not grant bonus feats and can not be taken with flaws

1 (one) flaw only
and MUST impact your character if you choose to have a flaw.
The DM has the right to deny your character the benefit of the feat of the flaw if the flaw is not actively in use
The feat granted by the flaw CANNOT be a pre req for another feat, or prestige class you wish to go into


Characters can freely multi-class into 3 different classes not including 1 prestige class.
The base class exceptions still ally  if you multi-class out of

Will not require XP
unless the spell requires an xp cost

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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Sun 23 Oct 2016
at 22:30
Other information that was thought about then added after.

Spell Casters:

Add your Base Attack Bonus to your Spell DC saves.

You can choose to have your points replenish by the minute by 480 / spell points to see how many minutes give you 1 point.



you get up to your one-half Hit Dice in rolls a day to heal your self naturally while resting, resting has to take at least 1 hour.

A human level 7 fighter can heal himself after a battle up to 3 hit dice, (rolled) a day.

A drow level 7 has 5 Hit Dice, so he would only get to take 2 HD points of healing.
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Sun 19 Mar 2017
at 04:36

Potions will deal d4s of healing:
Light    2d4 +5
Moderate 4d4 +10
Superior 8d4 +15


You can loot 20 Longswords from all those people you fought, but dont expect the merchants to want or desire to buy them all at their half price. Some may offer to but some for scrap metal.

In other words Merchants are smart, they understand supply and demand and the way the world works.

Like Selling items, merchants aren't going to have that ultra cool item you saw in the book, or an endless supplies of potions for you to just buy like candy.

People have to make these things, and that takes time, money and their own experience.