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Wed 19 Oct 2016
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Starting Level and Gear
You will start at level 7
You are known within the band and some of the land.

4d6 take highest 3 for stats

You will get a list of standard gear that is given to every member when they leave.
For your personal gear you will get 2 options

Test your fate
roll for your gear
weapons - you can pick light, martial, two-handed, or exotic
armors  - pick light medium heavy
magic items - want any?

up to 12000


get 9000 to spend on items of your preference

the reason : the price of trade

You will also receive 500 gold for other gear.

Your starting gear that everyone gets.

Heavy War Horse or War Pony
Track for this mount
 -Saddle, reins, blanket, saddle packs - 45 lbs
Back Pack - 2 lbs
 -Mess kit - tin plate, cup, fork, spoon, knife, bowl leather twine holding it together - 1 lbs
 -Bedroll - 5 lbs
 -Tent - one person
 -blanket - 3 lbs
 -Kit, grooming (personal) -2 lbs
 -Kit, Maintenance (gear) -2 lbs
 -Kit, grooming (animal) -2 lbs
 -Kit, survival - 5 lbs (all items included)
       --flint and steel
       --tinder 10 uses
       --basic maps
       --utility knife