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Fri 14 Oct 2016
at 00:34
[Read First] Welcome to the game.

Welcome new comers to the game of Crossroads. This is my third attempt of this setting. The first time I tried to host the game it played outstandingly with players playing for over a year with me and we ended the first chapter are were almost ready to go and play forwards towards the second stage, but sadly the main player(the one who was practically the leader of the party decided to to bail on the party and they slowly dispersed.

Now in this game I am looking for 4 to five players. If we get about 8 or more candidacies I might split the players into 2 parties whom can if happen to fight each other or even help one another. (if things get too complicated I might add a second game master to manage the second party.)  The game is inspired by Dark Souls so expect confusion, mystery and clues which will lead you towards your true self. Your character will start as a empty shell, with no memories and have forgotten all of his previous  skills. As he explores more and more  of your character's past life be reviewed which will give you the player choice. Will your character remember filly his past and try gain everything lost or will he become a new person and shred  off all of his previous deeds as null.

The game takes place in the world of Crossroads in a era of swords and magic with multiple mystical and strange races which inhabit it.
Fri 14 Oct 2016
at 01:14
How to join
For to join the game have in mind that this is not like DnD where you know how the character will progress. Your character will grow as you, the player shapes him and of course some nudges which be offered by the game master. Another little quirk as a Game master I have is that I am not expecting everybody to post  I will make moments where each character could shine and feel as the main hero of the story, but each and every player will get moments in the spotlight.

Here are a few things which I beg from the player before I, the game master, admit you to the game:

1. To post at least once a day. I don't want a tome of text in each post, but it would be nice if the players have a good compass of what they want to do given the situation given to them.
A player who does not post 3 days without warning will be warned and if he does not reply in a week, will be kicked out of the game.
*I will post days where the group will be offered by me days where I can start hours long sessions. It will be nice if players communicate with me if they want sessions on special days and in special hours voted by all the players.
2. Players to be kind, not their characters.Players I wish to play nice with each other, but your characters could scumbags and of course Karma will come and deal what ever is deemed for him.
3. To have fun. Do crazy things even they end up in failing, the important thing is to be creative and not GMod. Nobody likes the new embodiment of superman which you might bring along.

If after reading this and the [Rules] and you think this game is for you, here is how you submit your  RTJ:

Name of character: There are no borders what you can name your characters, but have in mind that this name will not be the name you had before you lost your memory.

Backstory example: Be creative and make something interesting. This will not be your pre-amnesia back story, but a lot of elements will be taken  and written in the new backstory.

Wished archetype of character: Write what kind of Class or archetype of character you wish your character could obtain. I , the game master will give you enough opportunities to achieve it , but due to the random nature of the game you might end as something completely else.

Thank you for reading and hope you join the game.