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The setting of Crossroad is set in a place of the same name which can be crossed for 2 days if a person walks non stop. The name of crossroads was given to this lands long ago at time where a ancient legendery city existed, but like its name the city vanished from memories. Some say it sank others says the city was destroyed by a spell, but still some say....it was razed to the ground.

Toric Field-Heart of the Crossroads

Endless plains with a farm estate/ crumbled citadel  at the middle of it.
(More info will be added as players progress through the campaign)

Deathguard Forest-The impassable wall.

A forest made of trees taller then a mountain, but unlike a mountain its not a easy feat to pass this forest of giant trees....dare be told impossible.
(More info will be added as players progress through the campaign)

Sofar- City of gobs

At the edge of the Grooner's narrow plains there lies the biggest city build by goblins. A new life to the lifeless crossroads, or the match to start the fire...
(More info will be added as players progress through the campaign)

Dagger Plains- Home of the Daggerfall Knights.

Daggerfall's knight order about 200 years ago came to the crossroads for a mission, clear to nobody. A year after and the first stone of rising human settlement was set by settlers in hopes to earn a coin from service to the knights or even to join their ranks.....
(More info will be added as players progress through the campaign)
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In Crossroads quest the  humans are the  uncommon to be seen in the lands due to fall of the human settlement of Daggerfall . They are usually traders and adventurers which came from far of lands in search of riches and booty or the little group of survivors from Daggerfall attempting to find them self a new home. They have not taken an a side in the power struggle of the lands and are acting as sellswords to everybody, but the legion elfs.
  Most Effective Stats on the race: ALL


As the humans, the dwarfs are not from this land. They came along their allies, The Bog Goblins, with whom they trecked  together in search of a new home after following the goblins who in turn were being chased long ago by a forgotten foe . They took  up a  mining operations offered by the bog Goblins. Due to the Tactonics edgy and aggressive relation with the Bog Goblins, the dwarfs are not too keen with Tactonics, even thought they are among the most friendly people in the Crossorads.
  Most Effective Stats on the race: STR,INT,CHA


The elfs are separated into two faction in the lands of Crosslands.

The Legion elfs see all the other races as pestilence on their world and have launched many campaigns to rid the World of all lesser races,thankfully all their attempts were foiled. They are militaristic, cold and very cunning, but are too close minded and are easilly defeated by untraditional tactics.
 The other factions are the nature loving, friendly  wood elfs which had separated from the Legion due to differences in ideals . The Wood elfs long time ago separated from the legion found a new home in the Ogryn woods while the legion kept crushing everybody in their path with their latest victim being The Human settlements of Daggerfall.
  Most Effective Stats on the race: DEX, MAG

Bog Goblins:

Unlike their cousins from the dungeons and plains, these Gob's are a  race of intelligent thinkers who only want to work on their craft and not be seen as monsters like their mentioned brute counterparts. They came to this land in mass and settled on  a hill since they were chased from their homelands by a foe long forgotten. They brought both Humans and Dwarfs to the Crossroads as mercs and craftman. T
he City of Sofar is now the most major manufacturing centre of the Crossroads littered with workshops and mechanical studios, but their existence is threatened by two dangers. The Tactonics and the Legion Elfs. They are friendly(but cranky) towards all races and will accept any body in their community no matter of their race, even the Tactonics which are not very friendly towards the goblins:
  Most Effective Stats on the race: INT,CHA, DEX


They are  a race of half rock, half humanoid ....Intelligent(yeah right!) beings. At birth they look almost human, but during their growth they start to grow crystal shards on their shoulders, in place of body hair  and head hair, but they still have a human-like appearance. The once ruled over all of the Crossroads, but due to tragic events their empire crumbled and their race was cursed with a plague of stupidity. Ever since they met the Human race they have started to imitate them in cloths and culture forgetting their past one. Lately their lands have been occupied by a race of green skins and a later a bunch of legion Elfs with a chip on their shoulder out for blood and gore.
  Most Effective Stats on the race: STR,CHA ,the race has at all times 0 INT.

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