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Ghost in the Machine
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Fri 14 Oct 2016
at 17:56
Character Creation/ RTJ
Welcome to the Omega Generation. A few quick things.

I will only be accepting 5-6 players MAX.

This is a FOUR COLOR superhero game. All standard tropes apply.

The setting will be 2150. Super abilities appeared 150 years prior. CHaracters will be members of a mid to high tier Super Team. I'd like to leave creation of the team itself for later so the players and GM can work out the details together.

When applying for access to this game PLEASE try to remain flexible. I know many players have favorite characters they would like to play and that's fine, but please be willing and ready to make minor tweaks to help fit characters into the existing structure of the game.

Character Creation- This will be a PL 10 game, However players will start with an additional +50 PP for a total of 200 PPs to build starting characters.

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Ghost in the Machine
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
at 08:04
Character Creation/ RTJ
FYI I have posted the Game Discription in the OCC thread. It doesn't seem to be showing up for most folks.