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Campaign Premise.

Size:  This will be a small campaign, planned for (3) Players.

Combat Resolution:  Solaris Rules will be used for Combat Missions

Affiliation:  Magistracy of Canopus (Periphery)

Timeline:  To be determined

Tech Availability:  Mechs and tech appropriate to the 3025ish Timeline may be encountered.

Modification rules:
1)  Mechs may NOT change engines.

2)  Mechs may DROP jump jets, but may not add them on.

3)  Mechs may add equipment buy purchasing desired equipment.  Old equipment is returned to the Quartermaster.  The only inventory I am tracking is Armor and Ammo.

4)  Kitty rules are in effect for Double Strength Heat Sinks.  (ie.  You are limited to one per body location, except for the arms which may have as many as crit slots will allow.)

5)  Endo Steel and Ferro Fib crits are placed where ever they will fit.

6)  Normal Kitty Modification rules are suspended for players mechs.

7)  Normal Kitty Modification rules are IN EFFECT for NPC mechs.

8)  Players dont start with mechs so this is a moot point

Player Characters are all seasoned Lyran infantryman who have seen and survived all sorts of ugly things from the ground point of view.  They have served with valor and been moved along to special forces and other more important services..

Characters all use the same Archetype, based on Infantry.

Options     ~ (3) + Edge

Option Notes
Since we are using Solaris Rules, CAT is being removed for the campaign, and the cost of Energy Weapons is normal, instead of 'double'.

Starting XP ~ 300xp / 800xp max.
Character Budget ~ 3200 cb

Character Purchases
You may spend up to 300 cb to purchase untapped Potential.  (Saving the character XP, may be purchased up to three times).
You may spend up to 300 cb to purchase Edge (1), Edge may not be reduced below (1)

Equipment Purchase
You may request personal equipment that you wish to own and always have access to.  Money unspent is NOT wasted, and will be used to purchase Unit equipment for a mission on a mission by mission case.

Recommended to save 50%+ of starting budget to use for mission use, and/or liquid cash.

Remember your accuracy and physical skills apply to Infantry combat unless you select X-train for something else.  ie. Accuracy used for small arms / Physical for Drive Conventional or Pilot VTOL.

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