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Tue 15 Nov 2016
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In my play through of DnD 5e, I was reminded of my days playing 2.5e.  Thus, I wanted to try a meshing of the systems.  No, I'm not bringing back THAC0 and Negative AC (d20 got that part right).  This game will be mostly 5e with a change in the class system.  This may be a little confusing since the terms were actually reversed in the 2.5 era.

1: Only Humans may Multiclass, and they may do so without restrictions.
   -This means that At any time a human character gains enough experience to
    level he/she may add a different class instead of the class they were already

       Example:  A level 1 Barbarian, upon reaching 300 experience may instead of
       becoming a level 2 barbarian become instead a level 1 barbarian level 1

2: At Creation Non-Humans may Dual-Class.  They may only Dual-Class at creation and you can't change your mind afterwards.
   -This means that a non-human may start the game with 2 or even 3 classes at
    at first level.  Any experience you earn is divided by the number of classes
    you have and you only advance when your individual class level has enough
    experience to level normally.

        Example: An Elf starts the game as a Fighter/Monk.  When he completes
        an adventure he is awarded 100xp.  This xp is divided evenly between
        his two classes so each class has 50 xp.  He does not become a level 2
        fighter/monk until he has 600xp (300xp in both classes).

    -If you do not Dual-Class at the start of the game, you may not choose to
     Dual-Class later.  You may not Multi-Class.

          Example: A dwarf starts the game as a Fighter.  He's a fighter for his
          whole career.  He may take any of the fighter sub-classes as normal,
          but may never add a level of another class.

Base Classes are Considered:

Sub-Classes of each are:

-You may not Dual-Class to two of the same Base-Class or Sub-Classes.
-You could be a Bard/Wizard (Since Bard is under the Rogue Base-Class)
-But you couldn't be a Barbarian/Ranger (Since those are both under the Fighter

-Races are restricted to how much and how many sub-classes they are able to be:

-Half Elf/Orc:
Non-Human Races
Half Elves/Orcs Non-Humans may have up to 3 classes.  2 of these classes can be of any sub-class not under the same base class.
If you select 3 classes at least 1 class must be a base-class only.

You could, for example be a Ranger/Druid.  Or a Barbarian/Sorcerer.  Or a Warlock/Bard/Fighter.  You may not have 3 sub-classes.

-All other non-humans:
All other non-humans may have up to 3 base-classes.

You could be a Fighter/Cleric/Rogue, or a Wizard/Rogue/Cleric, but not a Warlock/Fighter/Cleric.

Each other non-human race is allowed to be the following sub-classes if they wish:
Druid or Ranger
Sorcerer or Bard
Sorcerer or Barbarian
Sorcerer or Warlock.

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Thu 5 Jan 2017
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Rule changes:

New Class Options
Class options can be taken from the following UA: http://media.wizards.com/2015/...UA_Waterborne_v3.pdf

I've already allowed for the Storm Origin(because it's cool and made sense for one of our characters).  I'll also allow the Swashbuckler archetype, for similar reasons.  Not sure I'm ready to introduce Minotaurs yet...

Fighting Style Change
Mostly due to a screw up on my part, I am amending the Two Weapon Fighting style to be:
Two Weapon Fighting: Two-weapon fighting no longer requires that both weapons have the light property. When wielding two weapons, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with those weapons.

This does not allow you to use your ability modifier on the off-hand weapon.  If you wish you may opt for the original version of the Two Weapon Fighting: where you may add your ability modifier to the 2nd weapon as long as it is a light or finesse weapon.

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