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Wed 7 Dec 2016
at 22:03
Since the group is spreading, I thought it best to keep the upstairs and downstairs separated.

Boxes are piled high in the corners of this dank cellar.  A door leads to the south, covered by an iron portcullis, with a winch next to it.

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Fiona Glintigar
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Wed 7 Dec 2016
at 22:39
Fiona crept into the cellar and glanced about, her eyes passing over the nondescript boxes and settling upon the iron portcullis.  She whispered to Xerra, "Ohh, look!  A portcullis in a cellar is liable to have either something really good behind it, or something really bad."  Approaching the gate quietly she peered between the bars to see what might be seen beyond, then inspected the winch and the portcullis itself for any nefarious devices.  She sighed impatiently, "Suppose we'd best collect the others before opening it up, aye?"  The dwarfess quickly bounded back up the steps, then returned a moment later.

OOC: Fiona is really bad at looking for stuff :(

Perception to see what's beyond the portcullis:
  • 14:31, Today: Fiona Glintigar rolled 3 using 1d20.  Perception.
Checking the winch or the portcullis for traps:
  • 14:31, Today: Fiona Glintigar rolled 9 using 1d20+3.  Investigation.