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 GM, 5 posts
Tue 15 Nov 2016
at 20:10
Please include your:
Character name
Brief History.

Characters will start at level 1
PHB only at this time for Races/Classes

When creating your character's ability scores, you may choose:

 Either roll 4d6-drop-lowest
 Roll for stats 7 times drop the lowest score
 Maximum of three re-roll attempts (all 7 scores not just single scores)

 or use a point-buy with 27 points.

Please see the Overview thread for changes to the system.  PM me with any questions.
 GM, 8 posts
Tue 15 Nov 2016
at 21:10
Looking for 3-4 level 1 characters familiar with DnD 5e rules.  If you're familiar with DnD 2.5 it may be a bonus.

Posting rate of 1+/day (weekdays).

I'll try to keep things moving.  If in combat and you don't respond at the 1/day minimum rate I will NPC your character to the best of my ability.

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