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Fri 18 Nov 2016
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Requesting Access
Before requesting access, you are required to read the following:

Game rules may be subject to change.

Applications will not be accepted on a first come-first served basis. Please take some time and give some thought to your answers. Try to provide specific instead of generalised answers.

Please refrain from sending character ideas. I am only interested in gauging whether we would mesh well together as people and players.

  1. Please provide your age and year of birth.
  2. What is your current time zone?
  3. What is your average posting rate?
  4. What is your first language, if not English?
  5. Why do you wish to join this game?
  6. What are your expectations for this game?
  7. What is your experience with gaming in general?
  8. What are the sorts of things do you enjoy? (In terms of games, books, movies, et cetera. I'm interested in hearing about anything, really.)
  9. What are taboo issues for you? (For example, some people are averse to games that depict drug usage in any way. Others feel uncomfortable with current political issues.)
  10. Please provide a writing sample. (I'm mostly looking for correct spelling, adherence to the rules of grammar, good diction, interesting ideas, and so forth.)


After I've read your answers, and if I think we have some rapport as player and GM, I will send you a handout and a second questionnaire. The handout will contain information and worldbuilding relevant to any characters you may conceive, while the questionnaire will be for your character.

Think of this second questionnaire like a pitch. You are pitching your character for the game. Some characters may not fit with the game I'm trying to run. Or perhaps won't fit with the characters other players are running. My philosophy is that there needs to be a synergy between the players, GM, and the characters so that we're all rooting for the same thing.

Which in my opinion, should be "a great game".