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READ THIS FIRST!  Information for Testing
At this time, this RP is hugely a work on progress, the formatting is a mess, errors are likely abound, and most things are greatly incomplete. What I have so far may even be bloated and deeply flawed. Everything here is subject to change. You testing what is available will greatly help in determining what works, and what will not work.

There are only seven skills and no Magic ones yet even! The final draft for the story and lore isn't even fully complete yet either. However I'm back to working on this 100% and will resolve to complete this to be ready for roleplay fairly soon.

If you wish to test this RP, here are the steps I'll need from you.

1. Spend 200 Development Points to make a character from the pool of skills available in the thread titled 'Skills' and spend 3000 gold on items from the thread titled 'Item List'. PM me the results.

This character doesn't need to have any backstory or even a proper name, but you can make it a proper character with a story if you like. Any amount of RP is always encouraged, but not required right now.

2. Read all the currently visible threads to get an idea of what I'm going for. Leave your thoughts and feedback in the 'OOC Testing' thread. If you also find weird mistakes in what I've written and things that don't make sense, notify me of them.

3. Any threads that have any reference to something called a 'Move' is information that you should ignore for now. Those are meant for World Map interactions, but we do not have a World Map yet.

4. Participate in the scenarios I throw at you in the Combat Testing thread. I'd like for there to be some RP, atleast in a light sort of way, but if you're just there purely for testing numbers that's cool.

The story for the testing phase is that your test character is part of a group organized by the nation of Bells to retake a town called Eastbourne from bandits who are infesting parts of the city. Eastbourne was once part of the kingdom of Maedwen, but the events 5 years ago (when our last RP ended) have made a huge swath of that territory neutral and contested. Bells wishes to make the city operational again, as a Rakdos Warlord has his eyes on the borderlands of Bells, but Eastbourne can act as a defense that could potentially stop the incursion should it become defense-worthy.


You may also be asking yourself right now.. when can I RP as my old character from Heart of Dissonance? You may, if you like, but it'll be strictly RP and no combat (unless its RP-combat), because right now I don't have the skills written to make your Mage, Thief, Blademaster, etc a reality, nor do I have the big list of quirks, traits and secondary skills ready yet or even Racial bonuses! When I have everything complete,  you'll have all you need to remake your old character, they'll even start out stronger than other characters depending on the level of their deeds in Heart of Dissonance.

In the thread titled To-Do List, I'll be keeping track of what I need to finish and will update it whenever I make progress.

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