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Fri 8 Sep 2017
at 23:34
To-Do List
This RP is currently extremely incomplete.
Unless you want to help test things out and offer feedback, it'd be best to wait until things are all smoothed out and finished.

This is a list of things I need to get done:

1. Add many more Skills. Currently there are tons missing, such as schools of Magic, weapon specialisations, stealth, and all sorts of other stuff. This also includes minor secondary-skills and profession skills for crafting items.

2. Add Racial Traits

3. Add many more items to the Item List.

4. Complete the World Map.

5. Complete the Story and History threads. This RP will take place 5 years after the previous one, so much will have changed.

6. A thread that shows all the available organisations and religions a character can join, and some of the benefits they can gain from serving such things.

7. Somehow make the currently existing threads more readable.

8. Character Alignments. Good and Lawful characters should have very different rules than characters that are Neutral, Chaotic or Evil.

9. Get a Character Sheet template up.

I will be replying to this thread when I've finished something new.

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Mon 11 Sep 2017
at 18:00
To-Do List
The first magic skill (Ley) is added. Many more to go.