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List of Items
This section is extremely incomplete and subject to changes.


Temporarily removes Bleeding effect. Must apply a new one each time you make a Move on the World Map (Moves are explained in the map thread) or make actions in battle that surpass 7 AP per Phase. Bleeding dissapears after two Moves on the map with Bandages applied.

Bandages will also restore 3 lost HP after a battle, but only after your character rests.

Bandages are a common item, so all settlements on the map will sell  them. The base cost of a Bandage is 10 gold.

Bloodmite Compound:
A liquid containing symbiotes that temporarily halt both Bleeding and Internal Bleeding for the remainder of a battle, or 2 Moves on the world map. Handy to have in an emergency.

Bloodmite Compound is uncommon and only sold in towns that have a Laboratory. The base cost of Bloodmite Compound is 30 gold.

Surgical Supplies:
Players with Medical Knowledge can also use them to cure disfigurements and enact other procedures (see the Character Skills thread).

Surgical Supplies are uncommon and may only be purchased in towns that have an Infirmary. The base cost of Surgical Supplies is 300 gold.

Aevidra's Tears:
A rare compound wrought from a goddess. This will cure all HP, injuries and any other unwanted effect from a character, and even bring the dead to life. They also raise Sanity by 100.

Aevidra's Tears are an exceptionally rare treasure and highly sought after. Where they can be found is anyone's guess.

A chemical compound derived from microbes found in corrupted life. These are heavily regulated or banned all over for driving people to the brink of insanity through prolonged use. They are most commonly used by militaries to strengthen soldiers of a strong will, or by depraved bandits. Some nefarious groups give these to people to make their souls more vulnerable to their dark callings.

Body Stimulants:
-20 Sanity, adds +6 EHP.

Regenerative Stimulants:
-20 Sanity, removes both Bleeding and Internal Bleeding, and restores HP by 3.

Cerebral Stimulants:
-20 Sanity, adds +1 Precision or Evasion for the remainder of a battle.

Combat Stimulants:
-20 Sanity, +5 of either Focus, Vigor or Stamina for the remainder of a battle.

The Sanity penalty from using a Stimulant increases by 5 the next time you take another.

Stimulants can be in hidden criminal underworlds within towns and cities and the black market. Their base cost is 150 gold.

Travel Items

Supplies: Vital goods to keep one sustained, comfortable, and healthy on the road. More information on this item will be in the 'World Map' thread. ((If you are reading this while in the testing phase of the RP, ignore all mention of supplies as they will not be in effect yet))

Horses can carry up to two people. Actions in combat that drain Stamina drain the Horse's Stamina pool instead of yours while mounted. Supplies to keep a horse fed cost 50g and used each square in the World Map just like normal Supplies for yourself. Not keeping a Horse fed will lower its quality and it may perish.

Riding a horse lowers your own Evasion by 1.
Mounting and Dismounting cost 3 AP.

The base cost of buying a Horse is 500 gold for an Average one.

Lame and Unsteady horses can only carry people with Light Armor and no heavier than that.

Lame: 5 HP, 1 Evasion, 10 Stamina. Every 4 Moves on the map, the next Move does not consume a Move and Supplies. -70% gold cost

Unsteady: 7 HP, 2 Evasion, 12 Stamina. Every 3 Moves on the map, the next Move does not consume a Move and Supplies. -40% gold cost

Average: 10 HP, 2 Evasion, 15 Stamina. Every 2 Moves on the map, the next Move does not consume a Move and Supplies. May carry someone wearing Medium Armor.

Superior: 12 HP, 3 Evasion, 20 Stamina. Every 2 Moves on the map, the next Move does not consume a Move and Supplies. May carry someone wearing Heavy Armor. +40% gold cost

High Bred: 15 HP, 4 Evasion, 25 Stamina. Every 1 Move on the map, the next Move does not consume a Move and Supplies. May carry someone that is wearing Heavy Armor. +70% gold cost

Can carry a large amount of goods you otherwise couldn't yourself but requires two Average quality horses or better. Costs 400 gold.


The gold cost for a weapon is determined by its quality and material. The default cost is 800 for an Acceptable quality iron weapon. Higher and lower materials and quality will alter that by the listed percentages. Its also worth noting that Two-Handed weapons will always cost 40% more.

When buying ranged weapons, the listed firing range of the weapon can be extended by 1 in combat, but each space beyond the listed range incurs a penalty of 2 Precision.

Weapon Qualities:
The Quality of a weapon can either raise of decrease the damage it does.

Shoddy -3 (-80% base cost)
Inferior -2 (-50% base cost)
Novice -1 (-30% base cost)
Acceptable: No changes, weapons without a tag are Acceptable quality. The base cost for these is 700 gold.
Superior +1 (+300% base cost)
Remarkable +2 (+500% base cost)
Mastercraft +3 (+800% base cost)

Weapon Materials:
Iron: No Change, price is unaltered.
Steel: +1 dmg (+100% base cost)
Mithril: +2 dmg (+300% base cost)
Adamantite: +3 dmg (+600% base cost)
Labradrite: +4 dmg (+1000% base cost)

Weapon Damage Types
Weapon types differ a little bit depending on what they are.

Melee Weapons

-2 to AP cost of offensive actions
-50% off gold cost
Does not benefit from abilities that spend Vigor.
Easily concealed, characters can sneak them into places weapons wouldn't usually be allowed
Can carry many on your person. Unlike other weapons I won't be picky about a character that wants to keep tons of daggers on them.

Base attack value of 4.

No Changes
Two-Handed version gains +2 damage

Base attack value of 6

When buying a Blunt weapon first decide if its a Mace or an Axe. Maces will have +1 bonus damage but incur a 2 AP penalty to all actions, while for 1 Axe the penalty is 1
If attacking with a blunt weapon, the target is affected by 'Internal Bleeding' if atleast 50% + 1 of the attack's damage isn't mitigated by the target's Defence.

Two-Handed Version gains +3 damage and an additional 1 AP cost to actions

Blunt weapons have a base attack value of 6

-40% off gold cost
Defend costs 3 more AP if no shield is present

Base attack value of 5

Always Two-Handed
The first strike against a target has +1 Precision and +1 damage. Effect is reset when moving away one space, switching targets, or using Disengage.

Base attack value of 8

Arcing Weapon
+1 Precision against targets within 2 spaces
-2 Precision if 3 spaces or more away.
-25% gold cost

Base attack value of 4 and base range of 5

Arcing Weapon

Base attack value of 4 and base range of 5

Ignores the target's Defence equal to 50% of the attack's damage.
Straightshot weapon

Base attack value of 4 and base range of 3.

Firing can release up 2-6 bolts at once
Reloading costs 10 AP

Base attack value of 4 and base range of 2


Against targets that have more than 2 Defence, applies damage as though 2 Defence wasn't there.
Straightshot weapon

Base attack value of 5 and base range of 3.

Sniper Rifle:
Straightshot weapon
All weapon related AP costs go up by 2.
Firing beyond base range gives a penalty of -1 Precision for first space over threshold, then 2, and then always 3 for the rest.

Base attack value of 6 and base range 6

Straightshot weapon
Against targets that have more than 1 Defence, applies damage as though 1 Defence wasn't there.
Weapon related AP costs are reduced by 1

Base attack value of 4 and base range of 2



Armor gets modifiers dependant on its weight, material, and quality.

All armor has a base cost of 1000 gold.


Light: +3 EHP (-75% base cost)

Medium: +4 EHP, +1 Def, +1 Con (-40% base cost)
-3 to max Stamina, +1 EHP per tier of Material

Heavy: +5 EHP, +2 Def, +2 Con (base cost unmodified)
-6 to max Stamina, -3 to max Focus and Vigor, +2 EHP per tier of Material

A character cannot wear Medium or Heavy Armor if the penalties wearing them to their stats go below 0.


Armor Materials:

Cloth: no changes

Leather: +1 Def, +2 Con (+200g to base cost)

Iron: +2 Def, +3 Con (+400g to base cost)

Steel: +3 Def, +4 Con (+700g to base cost)

Mithril: +4 Def, +1 Res, +5 Con (+5000g to base cost)

Adamantite: +5 Def, +2 Res, +6 Con (+10,000g to base cost)

Labradrite: +6 Def, +3 Res, +7 Con (+50,000g to base cost)

Armor Quality Levels:

Novice -2 Con, -1 Def, -2 EHP (if there was any) (-20% base cost)
Acceptable: No changes, items without a quality tag are Acceptable by default.
Superior +1 Con, +2 EHP (+100% base cost)
Remarkable +2 Con, +5 EHP, +1 Def (+300% base cost)
Mastercraft +8 Con, +2 Def, +1 Res, +14 EHP (+1000% base cost)


Shields are also a form of armor worn on one hand. When a shield is equipped, your character has +1 Evasion (+1 more per weight level of the shield above Light), +1 Defence and Res at all times so long as it isn't damaged enough that its Con drops to 0. When you defend with a shield, the shield takes the incoming damage.

Having a Medium Shield also adds +2 to your character's EHP, while a Heavy Shield adds +5. Shield's count as armor, so Armor Weight penalty will still apply even if you wear no other items.

A shield costs the same as Armor, except 50% off the final cost after all other cost modifiers factor in.

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