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This section is extremely incomplete and subject to changes. I plan for there to be MANY more skills, but for now we'll have to use what there is.

Skills are what define your character's performance in various things and can provide abilities. Every Skill has 4 levels. From lowest to highest these levels are called Basic, Advanced, Expert and Master.

A character may have a maximum of 3 skill groups (subject to change).

Taking Basic in a Skill costs 50 Development Points, Advanced also costs 50, Expert requires 200, and Master requires 1000.

To take a higher level in a skill requires you to have learned one that came before. So for example you can't take Advanced Martial Skill without first having had Basic Martial Skill.

When making a new character, you begin with 200 Development Points.


Each level someone is missing in Martial Skill compared to the opponent, they suffer 1 Precision and 1 Evasion in melee combat.

Each level in this skill  provides +1 Precision with Bows

Take Aim cost reduced by 1 AP

Take Aim and Notch cost reduced by 1 AP. Learn Power Draw: Each additional 3 AP spent in a Phase increases a shot's damage by 1.

In melee you can slash enemies with your arrows for 2 AP. This action deals the damage of your arrows plus whatever melee bonuses you might have. Eagle Eye Focus cost reduced by 1.  +1 Range with Bows

All AP costs related to Bows are reduced by 1. The Focus cost on Eagle Eye is reduced by 1 and requires no AP. +1 Range with Bows

Each level in this skill provides +1 Precision with Firearms

Basic: Take Aim and Reload costs 1 AP less to perform.

Advanced:  Take Aim and Reload cost 1 AP less to perform. Learn Precise Shot: For 7 AP the next shot ignores 2 points of Defence the target has and has +1 Precision.

Expert:  +1 Range with firearms. Take Aim costs 1 AP less to perform.

Master: All AP costs related to Firearms are reduced by 1. Eagle Eye Focus cost reduced by 1 and costs no AP. +1 Range with Firearms.

Each level in this skill raises Vigor 5 and HP by 1. Reaching Expert and Master will also raise Sturdiness by 1.

Each level in this skill raises Stamina by 5. Expert will raise it by 7, whereas Master raises it by 10 instead.

Each level in this skill increases Focus by 5. Expert will raise it by 7, whereas Master raises it by 10 instead.

Each level in this skill lets you reroll an undesired roll result on the World Map.


Magic Skills

The leylines were created by Sarynth, who's wish it was to make magic accessible to all races instead of being exclusive to those that naturally tap into arcane channels with little effort. Although these lines have potential to create all manners of energy, a good many mages favor shaping the essence of the leylines into a purer more refined form simply called 'Ley'. This school is the most popular and usually the most legal out of all others for its stability, minimal soul corruption, plus its malleable and versatile nature.


(3 AP) Arcane Bolt: 2 Magic Damage, 2 Range
Gains 1 Damage per skill level above Basic. Gains 1 Range upon reaching Expert.

(7 AP) Ley Flurry: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 Magic Damage, 3 Range.
Spending 2 Spellforce increase the damage on all instances by 1


(5 AP) Ley Glyph: The next source of non-physical damage is reduced by 4.
Spending 1 Spellforce increases the damage of your next spell by 2 when Ley Glyph bursts or grants you 1 Resistance for 2 Rounds.

(6 AP) Arcane Reverb: 50% of Ley magic damage the target suffered last 2 Phases is re-inflicted.
Spending 1 Spellforce also sends this damage to everything within 1 range of the target, allies included.

(6 AP) Invoke Clarity: Gain +5 Focus and +1 Precision next Phase.

(8 AP) Ley Lance: 5 Arcane damage, 2 range.
Spending 5 Focus or 1 Spellforce increases range of this attack by 1
For each bonus range this attack gains, the damage also increases by 1.

(10 AP) Ley Screens: Project 3 forcefields with 10 HP each, or 2 normal ones with 20 HP each, or 1 forcefield with 40 HP. They can be placed within 3 range. A forcefield prevents all movement and projectiles from passing through.
Spending 1 Spellforce, or maintaining the field with 10 AP makes it immune to all damage for a Phase.

Levitate: Your character can ignore terrain effect and fly up to vertical level of 2. This effect must be maintained each Phase with 1 Focus or 2 AP to remain active.

(5 AP) Ley Fusion: For 2 Phases, attacks that successfully deal damage reduce the targets Resistance by 1. These attacks also leave behind Arcane Vapors in that space. Moving through a space with an Arcane Vapor or spending 5 AP to absorb all vapors within 2 spaces heal your character for 3 HP and increase the next source of Ley damage by 1.

Like many forms of magic, practising Fire tends to be discouraged for obvious reasons. Many mages with impulsive and brash temperaments who fail at learning the Ley school find that the realm of Fire works naturally for them, for this energy tends to work in symbiosis with the chaotic ripples of an individual's soul. This is not to say however that cool-headed sorcerers haven't been able to master Fire, for on the contrary those serene enough to create harmony in the chaotic weaves of the Fire realms often ended up being the most prolific and dangerous of magi.[/i]

All spells in this category could potentially inflict the Burning status effect:
<i>Burning: This happens when someone's Resistance does not mitigate 50% of a Fire attack's damage. You will lose 1 Health every Phase and this effect can stack until it makes one lose 3 Health per Phase. Spending 10 AP or the 'Soaked' or 'Chilled' status effect will remove a stack of Burning.

Basic Fire
(5 AP) Flaming Missile: 4 Magic Damage, 2 range.
Gains 1 Damage per skill level above Basic. Gains 1 Range upon reaching Expert.
(7 AP) Ragefire: 4 Magic Damage to all individuals inside your space, including allies.

Advanced Fire:
(3 AP) Scorching Rune: Applies Burning status-effect to target, 2 range. The next Fire spell deals 2 extra damage against the target. Only one Scorching Rune can affect a target at a time, but it does not expire until the target becomes Soaked.
(6 AP) Fireball:  The Precision of this spell is reduced by 2. 7 Fire Damage, 4 range. This spell can also target 1 extra target within the space.

Expert Fire:

(5 AP) Fiery Evocation: A weapon within your space may become enchanted by magical fire for 1 Round, +1 more Round per Spellforce used. That weapon deals +1 Magical Damage, and +1 more if the target is Burning.

Another use for this spell is to target the ground within 2 Range. That space will become ablaze, anyone within the space will suffer 3 Fire Damage (+1 more per Spellforce used).
Flammable spaces such as those containing vegetation or wooden structures can make the area ablaze for a long time, and may even cause the blazed area to spread. How fast this spreads depends on the amount of Spellforce used.
If the area is not flammable, the ablazed space might only last for 1 Round, but 1 round longer per Spellforce used.

(10 AP) Evoke Blue Hellfire: The next spell deals double damage. The AP cost of this is reduced by 3 per Spellforce used.


Burning Soul: Your character is immune to Fire-based damage. Your character's HP is instead healed by 1 for every 3 points of Fire damage it comes in contact with. Weapons your character wields also inflict +2 Fire-based Magic Damage.

Blaze-Form (10 AP): For the next 2 Phases the cost to Move a space only costs 2 AP and you ignore terrain effects. Targets you move through take 5 Fire damage. While moving in this form, you may voluntarily set ablaze flammable areas you pass through.

Inferno (30 AP): Within 5 range, select a space. Everything within that space suffers 12 Fire Damage. All spaces within 1 range of it suffer 7, and all spaces adjacent to those suffer 4. All affected spaces become ablaze.


In contrast to other realms of magic, Demonology cannot be evoked using the leylines or any commonly practised method. It instead draws from rituals involving unholy instruments and forbidden symbology that may require great amounts of blood, flesh and discordant energies left behind by freshly departed souls. The main purpose of Demonology is to rip into lower dimensional planes and harness the potentially infinite powers that lie deep beyond. Demonology is also extremely dangerous to practice for the unprepared and poorly studied, for the demons evoked through this school must be dominated by the caster with a relentless will.

Because all seriously-taken civilisations hunt and punish proven Demonologists by death, the most accomplished Demonologists throughout history operated in complete secrecy within powerful covens and lairs impenetrable to all but the truly heroic.

This magic involves summoning volatile demons from lower planes. A freshly summoned demon must be bound first in order for it to obey your commands.


(5 AP) Demonic Binding: In order for a demon to be placed under your domination, they must first be bound to your will, otherwise they may attack you. Some demon types require multiple bindings before submitting to your commands.

(Full Rounds) Summoning Circle: The space you inhabit can now be used to summon demons. You may sacrifice prisoners during the ritual for the circle to reduce Demonic Binding requirements on demons that are summoned. A healthy prisoner will typically yield one binding for all future summons that emerge from the circle. You may sacrifice 6 points of Health or an additional prisoner to double the amount of demons yielded in one summon. If left unattended by a demonologist for three phases, the summoning circle will fade, or potentially become unstable if its been very active. The circle will also dissipate if taking 8 point of damage from Holy magic.

(10 AP) Summon Lesser Hellspawn: Summon two Fiends (9 HP, 0 Def, 0 Res, 4 melee damage) or one Hellhound (12 HP, 1 Def, 1 Res, 4 melee damage into your space. Fiends require no bindings and automatically follow your commands. Hellhounds require one binding. Hellhounds have two abilities: Track (find hidden foes), and Run Down (fixate on a single target until it is defeated, AP cost to Move becomes 3 instead of 5).

(6 AP) Soul Grip: Spend 4 HP to heal a demon for 8, or drain 4 HP from a demon within 1 range. The healed HP amount increases by 1 for each skill level in Demonology.


Greater Summoning Circle: If you spend an additional Round and 6 additional prisoners trying to create a Summoning Circle, the demons that emerge gain +1 to all stats. To stack the +1 bonus, 2 more Rounds, or 12 more prisoners must be spent. The requirements keep doubling in that pattern for superior circles. Maximum of 5 levels.

(10 AP) Summon Flying Terrors: Summon a Winged Lancer (14 HP, 1 Def, 1 Res, 5 melee damage) or a Floating Watcher (16 HP, 0 Def, 0  Res, 6 magic damage, 2 range). Both these creatures can Fly to up to 6 Height and require one binding to command.

(5 AP) Demonbolt: 2 Magic damage, 2 range. Gains 1 damage per demon within 1 range of yourself, but reduces HP from those demons by 4.

(3 In-Character days of complete focus, must RP the ritual) Forge Demonstone: For 25 sacrificed prisoners, can create a Level-1 Demonstone that may be placed into a part of your character's body. Only one can inhabit a place at a time. Placing a new stone destroys the old one. To create a Demonstone of a higher level, double the amount of prisoners from the previous level to forge the stone. A higher level stone has amplified beneficial effects. The ritual required for the forging creates dark energy around your surroundings that can be sensed by practitioners of holy magic from 3 world spaces away. Stronger rituals create noticeable weather changes as well, so it'd be advised to keep the ritual guarded well to avoid intervention. There is no limit to the level of a demonstone's potential power.

choose one
Eldritch Knowledge: +1 Spellforce, +1 more per level
A visible corruption of softly glowing runes mark your face as forbidden power swirls within the mind. In time even the hair begins to morph and swirl in unsettling ways.

Hellvision: Level 1: Gain sight in places without light. Level 2: Sense foes within 4 spaces, even those that are hidden. Level 3: Once a phase, gain Malefic Gaze: Can be cast three times per Round. For 1 AP fire 3 Magical Damage at a target within 1 range. Additional levels will continue to enhance character's ability to sense and damage with Malefic Gaze.
Your eyes take on an unnatural color, the pupils and iris morphing to something visibly inhuman. Only the courageous can bare your unsettling gaze, for within is a well of ever-reaching darkness.


Dark Wings: For each level, may fly to 1 Height.
Whether draconian, raven-like, or darkly angelic in appearance, the sight of these on ones persons is a sure-sign of abandonment to their humanity.

Carapace: For each level, gain +3 maximum HP.
One of the more grotesque rituals involves morphing the flesh to something firmer and durable at the cost of developing a hide that with additional potency closely resembles that of a demon itself.


Engorged Heart:
For each level, gain +1 maximum HP. For 10 AP, heal yourself for 3 HP, AP cost decreases per level.
Heroes in the past found great difficulty in slaying demonic foes bearing hearts of unspeakable power and corruption, for they surged with a never-ending pool of demonic blood that fuelled the creature with persistent lifeforce.


(10 AP) Summon Greater Hellspawn: Summon 2 Ravenous Fiends (13 HP, 1 Def, 1 Res, 6 melee damage) or one Cerberus (16 HP, 2 Def, 3 Res, [5] + [5] + [5]) melee damage into your space. Commanding both the Ravenous Fiends requires a single binding, while the Cerberus require three bindings. Cerberus have two abilities: Track (find hidden foes), and Run Down (fixate on a single target until it is defeated, AP cost to Move becomes 3 instead of 5).

(10 AP) Summon Flying Horrors: Summon a Devil (25 HP, 4 Def, 3 Res, 9 melee damage) or a Ifriit (22 HP, 2 Def, 6  Res, 8 magic damage, 2 range). Both these creatures can Fly to up to 6 Height and require five bindings for obedience.


The sacrificial requirements for Demonic Stone rituals is halved. May now sacrifice health to reduce the AP cost of spells, 1 HP reduces an AP cost by 2. Basic level summons quadruple the amount of demons summoned, and advanced level summons yield double the amount of demons.

(150 AP): Summon Archdemon: This spell can be completed within intervals. Summons a Pit Lord (300 HP, 8 Def, 7 Res, 14 melee damage, damages everything else in the targeted area.) or Helldrake (200 HP, 6 Def, 6 Res, 2 tile long line of 10 magic damage at 2 range that affects all within spaces, can fly up to 10 height.) The AP cost of this Summon reduces by 1 for each summon spell you cast during the battle (+1 per level above Basic level summon) and an additional amount per sacrificed prisoners you use to fuel this spell.


Unlike other schools of magic that tend to operate on dense energies, Holy is drawn from extremely high frequencies on an almost intangible scale that may only be grasped by souls of a great inner strength and harmony. Nearly all Holy practitioners use a benevolent deity as a guide and proxy for assistance into tapping into the mystical weave of this transcendental energy.

Because Holy operates on an extremely high frequency, it tends to vaporise low-plane entities such as demons and creature borne of dark magic.

Holy costs double the amount of DVP to learn unless your character remains devoted to a specific deity that supports this skill.
Demons and the undead always take double damage from Holy magic.


(30 AP) Rites of Protection: For the rest of the battle, all allies within 1 range of yourself have +1 Max. HP. This HP bonus increases by 1 per skill level above Basic.

(10 AP) Sanctify Arms: For the rest of the battle, an ally's weapon does +1 Holy damage. Shields may also be enchanted to inflict 1 Holy damage to an enemy that attacks the target. The Holy damage increases by 1 per skill level above Basic.

(5 AP) Light Ray: 4 Holy Damage, 2 range. Direct-Hits with this reduce the target's Precision by 3 for one Phase. Demons and Undead always have a debuff of 1 Precision when suffering a normal hit. Gains 1 damage per skill level above basic.


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