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Dramatis Personae

Notable NPCs.


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Emily Nash
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Wed 8 Mar 2017
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The Beridzes

Jessica Beridze  Jessica is the surviving daughter of Greg and Amanda Beridze.  Whereas her little sister was infatuated with exotic lands and travel, Jessica never had any desire to leave New Mexico or her family's farm.  Jess was married for two years to Billy Riggs, an abusive alcoholic, leaving him in 1996.  For the past two years, she has served on the Village of Hatch town counsel, taking over her father's seat after he was recalled to duty.  Notes: 3 term Farmer, 1/2 term politician (thus avoiding the draft).

Billy Riggs  Jessica's ex-husband, Billy, still resides in Hatch.  A mechanic by trade, he was drafted into the U.S. Army 1998, though he was discharged shortly after entering Advanced Individual Training, when he was diagnosed with stage three liver cirrhosis.  Billy still harbors hope that he can win over Jessica again and he doesn't intend to allow that pesky restraining order stop his second courtship.  Notes: 1 term Technical School, 3 terms Mechanic, plus Army Basic Training.  Under 2013 rules, Billy would have both the Terminal and Addiction [Alcohol] disadvantages.
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Mayor Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez is about 35, born in the U.S.A. of illegal immigrant parents. He ran for mayor of Hatch in '92 and again in 96, believing the local Mexican-American and migrant farm worker populations poorly represented in the municipal government. On both occasions, he was soundly defeated by the incumbent mayor. However, when said mayor was beheaded by Mexican Army deserters less than a after the invasion, for allegedly aiding and abetting 'banditos' (i.e. partisans), no one else would step forward to take the job. Ever since becoming default mayor, Pedro has done the best he can at an extremely difficult and largely thankless job.

Tom Ryan
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Wed 8 Mar 2017
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Jenny-Louise Ryan
Saber Tom Ryan's youngest daughter, Jenny-Lou (or just Jen), was studying veterinary science at the New Mexico State University when the war began. The Mexican invasion pre-empted her impending graduation, and she joined the flood of civilian refugees pouring north from Las Cruces. She decided to stay in Hatch, with a college friend and her family, using what she learned over the course of her interrupted university studies to serve as a freelance, semi-professional veterinarian in the community and its environs. In the past three years, she's becoming quite the local hero. She travels between Hatch and nearby settlements on her horse, Dobbin, given to her as payment for veterinary services rendered, doing the best she can to heal the sick and injured with what limited medical supplies are available.

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