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Mon 23 Jan 2017
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The Crystal Realms
It is five years into the future and virtual reality gaming has taken off. Everyone is playing - young, old, rich, poor, it doesn't matter.  People spend hours every day fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and playing with others half a world away.  Unfortunately, VR technology still has not solved the total immersion problem.  Players still do not truly believe the displayed reality because only a few of their dozen or so senses are being fooled.

All of that is about to change.

eXilion, a previously unknown company, has announced a new way to game Total Sensory Immersion or TSI.  Why use external inputs when you can safely deliver a fully believable reality directly to your mind through the use of a chromed neck band they call the Torc.  Foods that you consume in game will have texture and flavor, warm air will bring with it local scents, and falling from a great height will truly feel life threatening.

Access to the Torc comes with the purchase and subscription to The Crystal Realms, their massively multi-player virtual gaming environment based on the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.  Tested for several years in absolute secrecy, the game is now ready to accept as many people as want to play.  The monthly subscription cost is incredibly expensive (roughly $500 USD in local currency), yet the experience is life changing.

Disclaimer: eXilion does not recommend using the Torc for more than 60 consecutive minutes.  Feelings of hunger, pressure, and pain in the real world are strongly muted by the Torc.  Please make sure that your bodily needs are kept current by eating at least twenty minutes before logging in.  Use of a bathroom before connecting is recommended.  Maximize your enjoyment by ensuring that your real world environment is safe and secure before using the Torc.

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